Books beginning with: T

  • Tabby McTat

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Scholastic

    A poetic story of love, adventure and music that demands to be read aloud or possibly sung, depending on the power of the reader's purr.

  • Tacos: An Interactive Recipe Book

    Author: Lotta Nieminen
    Publisher: Phaidon

    Learn how to make delicious tacos with this fun, interactive, pull-out-and-slide recipe book.

  • Ta-Da!

    Author: Kathy Ellen Davis Illustrator: Kaylani Juanita
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    A girl and boy play together with their toys, imagining crystal castles, dragons, pirates and magic wands. This humorous picture book about imaginative play and friendship demonstrates that – with a little give and take – a game shared can be double the fun.

  • Tanglewood Animal Park: Baby Zebra Rescue

    Author: Tamsyn Murray
    Publisher: Usborne

    Zoe loves her new home at Tanglewood Animal Park. But can she find Flash, the baby zebra, who goes missing on the morning of the grand opening? An exciting animal adventure with lots of interesting facts - perfect for animal lovers.

  • Tanglewood Animal Park: The Troublesome Tiger

    Author: Tamsyn Murray
    Publisher: Usborne

    Zoe is bursting with excitement – Tindu the tiger is arriving today at Tanglewood Animal Park, all the way from a zoo in Berlin. But when Tindu arrives, he won’t come out of his crate. Perfect for animal lovers.

  • Tanglewreck

    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    This complex but utterly readable book, encompasses chaos theory and time travel but is also filled with humorous asides and a cast of memorable characters.

  • Tail of the Blue Bird

    Author: Nii Ayikwei Parkes
    Publisher: Vintage

    Nii Ayikwei Parkes' debut novel is a poetic, dreamy story about the influx of technology and modernity into rural Ghana, and the uneasy relationship between science and spirit.

  • Tail-end Charlie

    Author: Mick Manning & Brita Granstrom
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    Mick Manning has carefully recreated the hair-raising tales his father told him about life as an RAF tail-gunner during the Second World War

  • Take Back the Skies

    Author: Lucy Saxon
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's

    As an introduction to other-world fantasy fiction this is engaging and accessible but it will appeal most to younger teens.

  • Takeshita Demons

    Author: Cristy Burne
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    When Miku moved to England from Japan, she never imagined that evil spirits would follow her. But one day an unusual looking supply teacher appears at school, and Miku suspects she may be a demon in disguise.

  • Tales from Acorn Wood: Opposites

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

    Donaldson and Scheffler are already household names for those with young children, and now even the very newest members of the family can enjoy their work in this lovely board book about opposites, full of traditional illustration.

  • Tales from Africa

    Author: K P Kojo Illustrator: Joe Lillington
    Publisher: Puffin Classics

    A collection of nine diverse African folktales reflecting both the good and bad sides of human nature. Rich and humorous, they will resonate in any culture.

  • Tales from India

    Author: Bali Rai
    Publisher: Puffin

    Discover India’s rich folk-tale heritage and ancient cultures, with this captivating collection of both popular and lesser known, mostly secular Indian folk tales – reworked for a modern audience.

  • Tales from Old Ireland

    Author: Malachy Doyle Illustrator: Niamh Sharkey
    Publisher: Barefoot Books

    This stunningly illustrated collection of stories has its roots in oral storytelling and features giants, demons and wicked stepmothers, with a good dose of magic, cruelty and gentle humour.

  • Tales From Outer Suburbia

    Author: Shaun Tan
    Publisher: Templar

    These often thought-provoking stories look at the reactions ordinary people have to the unusual situations they find themselves in and feature a host of different illustrative styles ranging from collage to painterly Edward Hopper-esque scenes.

  • Tales from Schwartzgarten: Osbert the Avenger

    Author: Christopher William Hill
    Publisher: Orchard Books

    A macabre tale full of ghoulish and gruesome escapades.

  • Tales from the Caribbean

    Author: Trish Cooke
    Publisher: Puffin

    Here’s a brilliant collection of tales from all over the Caribbean, perfect for children to read to themselves, but best of all to read together out loud. Some of the stories are famous but each one in this book feels fresh with Trish’s brilliant retelling.

  • Tales from the Celtic Countries

    Author: Rhiannon Ifans Illustrator: Margaret Jones
    Publisher: Y Lolfa

    This unusual story collection features a total of 12 tales from the six Celtic countries. Fabulous, ethereal illustrations capture the magical nature of the narratives which, like all the oldest fables, are rather grisly but also hilarious and quirky.

  • Tales from the Dead of Night

    Author: Cecily Gayford
    Publisher: Profile Books

    Prepare to be scared! Collecting the best of classic ghost stories from E.Nesbit to Ruth Rendell, this anthology is the perfect match to any Halloween party.

  • Tales From Weird Street

    Author: Anne Fine Illustrator: Vicki Gausden
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Interspersed with black-and-white illustrations to complement the super readable text, this masterclass in storytelling from a distinguished author is fascinating, entertaining and just creepy enough to leave readers feeling a little bit uneasy.

  • Tales of Terror from the Black Ship

    Author: Chris Priestley Illustrator: David Roberts
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Deliciously chilling tales of demons, horrors, curses and hauntings.

  • Tales of Terror from the Tunnel's Mouth

    Author: Chris Priestley Illustrator: David Roberts
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    The nine tales are contained within an other tale, each as delightfully horrible as the next, and perfect for dark winter nights, to be read out loud or to oneself.

  • Tales of the Otori: Across the Nightingale Floor

    Publisher: Pan Macmillan

    A taut, compelling tale in the Samurai warrior tradition

  • Tall Story

    Author: Candy Gourlay
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    Engagingly told in alternate chapters by four-foot, thirteen year-old Andi, in the UK, and her eight-foot, sixteen year-old half brother Bernardo, in the Philippines

  • Tall, Thin and Blonde

    Publisher: Walker Books

    Jen and Amy have been best friends forever, but when they start High School, they find themselves growing apart.

  • Tally & Squill: in a sticky situation

    Author: Abie Longstaff Illustrator: James Brown
    Publisher: Little Brown

    A magical adventure story set in a huge, old house, where a fesity young girl and her pet squirrel must use ancient secrets to solve the mystery of a midnight burglary. 

  • Tamar

    Author: Mal Peet
    Publisher: Walker Books

    When Tamar's grandfather dies, he leaves behind a box with her name on it. Inside she finds a series of clues and hidden messages which she and her cousin follow...

  • Tamara Small and the Monster's Ball

    Author: Giles Paley-Philips Illustrator: Gabriele Antonini
    Publisher: Maverick Arts Publishing

    It’s a dark night and Tamara Small is whisked away from her bed by a hairy monster to join the Monsters' Ball

  • Tamburlaine's Elephants

    Author: Geraldine McCaughrean
    Publisher: Usborne

    Rusti, a young nomad, lives on the fringes of the warrior horde of Tamburlaine the Great, a powerful ruler whose brutality is legendary.

  • Tamsin and the Deep

    Author: Neill Cameron and Kate Brown
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    A fantastic graphic novel from the team at children's comic The Phoenix, this is a page-turning adventure with a great main character in brave, athletic and reckless Tamsin.

  • Tanka Tanka Skunk

    Author: Steve Webb
    Publisher: Random House

    • Meet Tanka, the elephant and his friend Skunka.
    • Full of rhythm, great for reading aloud.
    • Enjoy the brightly coloured pictures, this book is bursting with fun!

  • Tape

    Author: Steven Camden
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    In 1993, Ryan records a diary on a cassette tape. Twenty years later, Ameliah discovers an old tape in her grandmother's spare room: a tape with a boy's voice on it, speaking directly to her.

  • Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy

    Author: Andy Briggs
    Publisher: Faber Children's Books

    A classic with a 21st century twist, this riveting adventure overflows with suspense, danger, brutality and beauty

  • Tarzan: The Jungle Warrior

    Author: Andy Briggs
    Publisher: Faber Children's Books

    Reinvented for the 21st-century by Andy Briggs, Tarzan is an eco-warrior - savage and brutal in his dealings with illegal loggers and hunters who plunder his beloved jungle.

  • Tatty Ratty

    Author: Helen Cooper
    Publisher: Random House

    Molly is very upset when she loses her beloved toy, Tatty Ratty. Her parents console her by helping her imagine all the wonderful adventures Tatty Ratty is having while he is away.

  • Teacup House: Meet the Twitches

    Author: Hayley Scott Illustrator: Pippa Curnick
    Publisher: Usborne

    Delightful illustrations, bursting with colour, bring this gentle adventure to life. This is the first title in what promises to be an enchanting series of chapter books for newly confident readers.

  • Teardrop

    Author: Lauren Kate
    Publisher: Doubleday

    Ever since her beloved mother died in an astonishing freak accident, Eureka has had little to live for - but then she meets Anders, a strange boy who insists she too is in terrible danger.

  • Tease

    Author: Amanda Maciel
    Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

    Provocative and thought-provoking, this book is sure to divide readers but will certainly get them talking.

  • Teddy Bedtime

    Author: Georgie Birkett
    Publisher: Andersen

    Colourful, rhyming board book for bedtime.

  • Teddy or Train?

    Author: Anthony Lewis
    Publisher: Child's Play

    This generously-sized sturdy board book is brimful of babies! Babies playing with cars and bricks, babies swinging and babies reading books.

  • Teddy Took the Train

    Author: Nicki Greenberg
    Publisher: Allen & Unwin

    Dot and mummy go shopping and take the train home, but leave Teddy on the train! Oh no! This diverse and heartwarming book encourages children not give in to their fears, especially about separation.

  • Telephone

    Author: Mac Barnett Illustrator: Jen Corace
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    A colour and pattern-filled picturebook which builds its story on the old children's game, Chinese Whispers.

  • Tell me a Dragon

    Author: Jackie Morris
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    Jackie Morris’s lyrical descriptions imagine each child’s relationship with their own dragon, and the reader is invited to imagine their dragon, too, at the end of the book.

  • Tell Me the Day Backwards

    Author: Albert Lamb Illustrator: David McPhail
    Publisher: Walker Books

    In this delightful bedtime story, a young bear tells his mother all about his exciting day - in reverse - inspiring young listeners/readers to do the same

  • Tempest

    Author: Julie Cross
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    This gripping time-travel novel fuses the highs and lows of first love with the elements of a fast-paced thriller

  • Temple Boys

    Author: Jamie Buxton
    Publisher: Egmont Books

    Flea is a pick-pocket, living in Jerusalem in biblical times. When he meets Yeshua and his side-kick Jude, they set off on a dangerous journey.

  • Ten Fat Sausages

    Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Tor Freeman
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Everything in this sausagey counting book works perfectly: from the big, bold illustration to the satisfying rhyme that works well for preschoolers. It will also entertain adults and older children, who will really get the silly humour.

  • Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes

    Author: Mem Fox Illustrator: Helen Oxenbury
    Publisher: Walker Books

    With beautiful illustrations of babies born all over the world and gentle rhyming text, this charming book is perfect for sharing with little ones.

  • Ten Little Pirates

    Publisher: Orchard Books

    A counting adventure with pirates... and a giant squid!

  • Ten Minutes to Bed, Little Unicorn

    Author: Rhiannon Fielding and Chris Chatterton
    Publisher: Ladybird Books

    It’s ten minutes to bedtime, but Twinkle the little unicorn is showing no sign of sleepiness! This bedtime read, which features a rhyming countdown, is just the thing to help little ones wind down at the end of a busy day.

  • Ten Terrible Dinosaurs

    Author: Paul Strickland
    Publisher: Picture Corgi

    A fun rhyming counting book which small children will love. They can learn the words, point at the pictures, count the dinosaurs and copy their comical jigging and jiving. Exuberant and amusing illustrations complement the text in this welcome reprint of a popular classic. 

  • Terra

    Author: Mitch Benn
    Publisher: Gollancz

    Lbbp, resident of the city of Hrrng in the country of Mlml on the distant planet Fnrr, has a problem in the shape of a tiny human baby.

  • Terror Kid

    Author: Benjamin Zephaniah
    Publisher: Hot Key

    A powerful, accessible and revelatory novel with its finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary social and political issues.

  • Terry Perkins and his Upside Down Frown

    Author: Felix Massie
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Books

    This is a funny, quirky and thought-provoking picture book, with appealing rhyming text.

  • Tiara Friends: The Case of the Stolen Crown

    Author: Paula Harrison Illustrator: Michelle Ouellette
    Publisher: Scholastic Children’s Books

    Best friends Princess Millie and maid Jess look so similar that they often trade places. When a crown is stolen, the pair team up to solve the mystery of its disappearance. The first in a series of royal crime capers.

  • Tickle My Ears

    Author: Jörg Mühle
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    Jörg Mühle's Tickle My Ears is a great interactive bedtime story, made to help you bond with your child at bedtime. With an absorbing story and sweet illustrations, this is sure to be a go-to board book for the end of the day.

  • Tickle Time

    Author: Igloo Books
    Publisher: Igloo Books

    Red Monster is out and about, playing with his friends. Racing in the garden, jumping around the park and whooshing through town, they’re playing their favourite game: tickling! Red Monster thinks he’s the best at tickling, but what’ll happen when his friends catch up with him and tickle him too?

  • Tickle, Tickle

    Author: Helen Oxenbury
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Ideal for any time of the day, especially bathtime and bedtime, the language and repetition make this book good to read aloud.

  • Tidy

    Author: Emily Gravett
    Publisher: Two Hoots

    Pete the badger likes to keep everything neat and tidy, but his over-zealous cleaning begins to have a damaging impact on the forest. This entertaining picture book, with its rich illustrations, carries an important environmental message.

  • Tiddler

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Although he looks small and ordinary, Tiddler is a fish who loves to tell tall tales. But one day he is swept up in a fisherman's net and then thrown back in to an unfamiliar part of the sea.

  • Tiger

    Author: Nick Butterworth
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    Tiger may look like a small, stripy kitten, but in his imagination he is as big and powerful as his namesake.

  • Tiger and Friends Pop up book

    Author: Rudolf Lukeš
    Publisher: Scribblers

    Simple text and subject matter, combined with breathtaking artwork will keep young readers engaged as they learn about these interesting animals. 

  • Tiger Days and the Secret Cat

    Author: Sarah Lean Illustrator: Anna Currey
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

    Tiger Days is a shy nine-year-old girl and when her grandmother, May Days, invites her to stay, she is full of trepidation. This is a gentle tale about friendship, love and building self-confidence.

  • Tiger in a Tutu

    Author: Fabi Santiago
    Publisher: Orchard Books

    Max the tiger longs to be a ballet dancer, but when he twirls majestically through the streets of Paris, people flee in terror. It takes a very special friend to help Max realise his dream.

  • Tiger on a Tree

    Author: Anushka Ravishankar Illustrator: Pulak Biswas
    Publisher: Tara Publishing

    A highly original picture book from India, this is the story of a tiger who ventures onto human territory.

  • Tiger Wars

    Author: Steve Backshall
    Publisher: Orion Children's Books

    Saker and Sinter live utterly different lives - until they find themselves unlikely companions on the run. A breathlessly exciting adventure set in India.

  • Tiger, Tiger, Time to Take a Bath

    Author: Jo Lodge
    Publisher: Campbell Books

    With brilliant moving parts made from sturdy, thick card, toddlers will love to wiggle the sliding tabs and help these animal characters with their personal grooming. A fun and useful first book on hygiene and self-care. 

  • Tilt

    Author: Mary Hoffman
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Netta is desperate to help her father figure out the mystery of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in this super-readable story about a girl who won't let anything stand in the way of her dream.

  • Tilly's Moonlight Fox

    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    This sensitively-written story with a touch of time-travel magic has a flavour of classic children's books such as The Secret Garden and Tom's Midnight Garden.

  • Tilly's Promise

    Author: Linda Newbery
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    A touching story by award-winning Linda Newbery about first love, loyalty and the horrors of war, written in dyslexia-friendly language.

  • Time After Time

    Author: Judi Curtin
    Publisher: O’Brien

    Imagine your mum gets together with your best friend's dad - and then you find yourself transported to 1984, before any of it happened. A funny and poignant time-slip adventure looking at family break-up, bereavement and step-parents.

  • Time Between Us

    Author: Tamara Ireland Stone
    Publisher: Doubleday

    Anna is struggling to understand Bennett, the new boy at school, with whom she shares a mysterious connection.

  • Time for a Nap

    Author: Phillis Gershator Illustrator: David Walker
    Publisher: Sterling

    This sweet rhyming book about the tricky business of napping keeps the tone light, with cute and colourful illustrations. It could easily become part of the routine at home: ‘What time is it? Time for a nap!’

  • Time for Bed, Fred!

    Author: Yasmeen Ismail
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books

    Fred is a very naughty dog - and he doesn't want to go to bed one bit!

  • Time for Bed, Miyuki

    Author: Roxane Marie Galliez and Seng Soun Ratanavanh
    Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

    It's time for Miyuki to go to bed, but there are so many things she wants to do with her grandfather before then! One of the most beautiful children's books in recent years.

  • Time for Tea Polly Wally

    Author: Kali Stileman
    Publisher: Red Fox

    Polly Wally has a problem. She’s hungry, but can’t find anything nice to eat. Colourful and comical illustrations accompany this appealing story about a hungry little bird hunting her perfect food.

  • Time Stoppers

    Author: Carrie Jones
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    A spell-binding tale of two children transported to a world of magical creatures and horrifying happenings. This book will grip, scare and delight young fantasy fans.

  • Time to Eat

    Author: Penny Tassoni Illustrator: Mel Four
    Publisher: Featherstone

    Toddlers with ponytails and toddlers with braids enjoy all sorts of delicious snacks and meals in Time to Eat. In addition to the story, there are helpful tips for parents and carers  about how to introduce new food and encourage a healthy and balanced diet.

  • Time to Go with Ted

    Author: Sophy Henn
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Teeny hands will love turning the flaps of this adorable board book about the very keen and creative Ted on his daily outings. A sweetly interactive read-along that really celebrates the fun of imagination.

  • Time Travelling with a Hamster

    Author: Ross Welford
    Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books

    When 12-year-old Al Chaudry learns there is a time machine sitting in the garage, he has to go and get it - then he can travel back in time and save his father's life. The reader roots for Al all the way, in this fantastic, funny and original adventure story.

  • Timeless: Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic

    Author: Armand Baltazar
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    The Time Collision changed everything. A cosmic cataclysm from beyond the stars has reshaped earth. Continents have shifted, timelines have merged, but humanity has endured. 

  • TimeRiders

    Author: Alex Scarrow
    Publisher: Puffin

    Maddy should have died in a plane crash. Liam should have died at sea when the Titanic sank. Sal should have died in a tragic fire. But a mysterious man whisked them away to safety.

  • Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

    Author: Stephan Pastis
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Meet Timmy Failure - a terminally over-confident middle school pupil attempting to make millions by solving local mysteries, such as who ate his classmates’ unattended Halloween candy.

  • Timmy Failure: Now Look What You've Done

    Author: Stephan Pastis
    Publisher: Walker Books

    The clueless, comically self-confident kid detective returns in the sequel to Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made.

  • Timothy Top

    Author: Gud
    Publisher: Lion Forge

    An exciting first volume in an attractive series of graphic novels for junior readers, this tale successfully combines science fiction, humour, family difficulties and environmental concerns in an accessible and entertaining format.

  • Tim's Din

    Author: Monica Hughes Illustrator: Bill Ledger
    Publisher: Pearson UK

    Tim’s Din is a lively and entertaining story about the mischief that little monkeys can get up to when they’re bored.

  • Tinder

    Author: Sally Gardner Illustrator: David Roberts
    Publisher: Indigo

    Award-winning author Sally Gardner teams up with David Roberts to put a new spin on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy-tale The Tinder Box in this dark and gripping tale.

  • Tiny and Teeny

    Author: Chris Judge
    Publisher: Walker Books

    At the edge of Glengadget, the incredibly helpful Tiny lives with her pet fox Teeny. The colourful imagery in this wonderful picture book is deeply appealing, and there's a gentle message about the good things that happen when we do nice things for others.

  • Tiny Infinities

    Author: J H Diehl
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    Thirteen-year-old Alice is trying to stop her family falling apart. A very beautiful and sensitively handled book that touches on themes of mental health, family relationships, friendships and love.

  • Tiny Little Fly

    Author: Michael Rosen
    Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

    Tiny Little Fly zips between the elephant's nose and the tiger's claw, outwitting all of the other animals in this beautifully-designed picture book.

  • Tiny: The Invisible World of Microbes

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Emily Sutton
    Publisher: Walker Books

    This is an original, special and memorable book that sets the bar high for illustrated children's non-fiction.

  • Tinyville Town: I’m a Librarian

    Author: Brian Briggs
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    Kevin the librarian knows lots of things - but when the books about elephants go missing in the library, can he hunt them down and solve the case? Available in a sturdy board book with eye-catching and slightly retro illustrations.

  • Titanic: Death on the Water

    Author: Tom Bradman and Tony Bradman
    Publisher: A & C Black

    This readable story, based on material from the National Archives, offers young readers a fresh take on the well-known tale of the sinking of the Titanic.

  • To Be A Cat

    Author: Matt Haig
    Publisher: Bodley Head

    Barney Willow doesn’t think life could get much worse: his parents are divorced, he hates his new school...

  • To Be Perfectly Honest

    Author: Jess Vallance
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    When Gracie takes a pledge to be totally honest for 50 days, whatever the consequences, she isn’t quite prepared for either the hilarious, or the hurtful, results. An ideal book for teens and young adults looking for a lighthearted yet worthwhile read.

  • To Hold the Bridge

    Author: Garth Nix
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    Beginning with this novella set in the magical world of the Old Kingdom series; this is a fantastic collection of short stories, rich in detail and description, featuring vampires, witches, supernatural and fantasy worlds, science fiction, mystery and adventure.

  • To Market! To Market!

    Author: Anushka Ravishankar Illustrator: Emanuele Scanziani
    Publisher: Tara Books

    Ravishankar's modern nursery rhyme takes us through an Indian market, to experience the myriad sights and sounds to be found there.

  • To Night Owl From Dogfish

    Author: Meg Wolitzer and Holly Goldberg Sloan
    Publisher: Egmont

    Told entirely in emails and letters, this sensitive, often funny book examines what it means to be a family, and what happens when families change. Strong and vivid characterisation makes us feel we really know the characters. 

  • To the Beach

    Author: Thomas Docherty
    Publisher: Templar

    Lovely story of a boy using his imagination to go on a trip to the seaside

  • To The Edge of the World

    Author: Julia Green
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    A beautifully written, evocative tale with gorgeous descriptions of the Scottish Islands. It’s a story about learning to be brave and become your true and best self, with some real adventure along the way. Perfect for more grown-up Katie Morag fans.

  • Toad and I

    Author: Louise Yates
    Publisher: Jonathan Cape

    When Kitty's ball bounces over the fence, she meets Toad. His friends are upset about peculiar incidents involving meteorites and monsters, so brave Kitty helps to investigate. A wacky adventure about having fun and making new friends.

  • Toad Attack!

    Author: Patrice Lawrence Illustrator: Becka Moor
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Leo is astounded when he is hit on the head by a flying toad on his way to school. His best friend Rosa is excited because one of her two dads is a television presenter and plans to make a nature programme about the pale, yellow amphibians with bulging red eyes. However, the toads have an insatiable appetite and as the town of Upper Dab is besieged by these …

  • Toad Rage

    Author: Morris Gleitzman
    Publisher: Penguin

    Limpy, the cane toad, deeply disturbed that motorists appear to swerve their cars specifically to run toads over, is determined to put a stop to this needless loss of life. He sets out on a perilous journey to try to persuade humans that cane toads are loveable, friendly creatures. He decides to endear himself to the public by becoming a mascot for the Austr…

  • Toad Surprise

    Author: Morris Gleitzman
    Publisher: Puffin

    Limpy, the slightly squashed Australian cane toad, is determined to heal the rift between toads and humans.

  • Toby Alone

    Author: Timothee de Fombelle Translator: Sarah Ardizzone
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Winner of the 2009 Marsh Award for Children's Literature in Translation, this exciting adventure has a serious message about the wisdom of using up the Earth’s resources

  • Toby and the Ice Giants

    Author: Joe Lillington
    Publisher: Flying Eye Books

    A charming story with lively illustrations to learn more about the last Ice Age.

  • Today I Feel… An Alphabet of Feelings

    Author: Madalena Moniz
    Publisher: Abrams Appleseed

    Madalena Moniz explores an original emotion on every double-page spread of this lovely hardback, which follows a little boy experiencing each one. Helpful for aiding children to talk about their feelings, this is also a fun and attractive alphabet book.

  • Toddle Waddle

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's books

    An ideal book for sharing - babies will love imitating the sounds in the text and pointing out details in the illustrations.

  • Toffee

    Author: Sarah Crossan
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Allison befriends a woman with dementia, and an unusual friendship develops against the odds. This beautiful, profound verse novel goes straight to the heart and asks the questions teenagers most want to explore: who am I and what’s my place in the world? 

  • Tom and the Siege

    Author: Tony Bradman Illustrator: Stephen Parkhouse
    Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd

    Tom Bailey is always up to mischief and his mother, Lady Eleanor, has had enough. Tom is to go off to Squire School to turn him into a good boy.

  • Tom Fletcher and the Angel of Death

    Publisher: Catnip

    When Brother Benedict is found dead in Saint Wilfred’s Beast House, eaten by Delilah, the lion he kept to terrorise the people of St Agnes-next-the Sea, there is no shortage of suspects. 

  • Tom Gates - Genius Ideas (Mostly)

    Author: Liz Pichon
    Publisher: Scholastic

    The brilliant Tom Gates is back in this, the fourth installment of this award-winning series from Liz Pichon.

  • Tom Gates: Family, Friends and Furry Creatures

    Author: Liz Pichon
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Tom discovers lots of family secrets when he embarks on a school project. Another hilarious illustrated book for older readers from multi-award-winning illustrator and author Liz Pichon.

  • Tom Thumb

    Author: Katie Daynes Illustrator: Wesley Roins  

    This traditional tale from English folklore is carefully retold for young readers.

  • Tomorrow

    Author: Nadine Kaadan
    Publisher: Lantana Publishing

    A touching story about a little boy trapped in his house in Syria because it’s too dangerous outside. This simple picture book effectively reveals what daily life is like for children living in a war zone.

  • Tom's Midnight Garden

    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    With no garden or children to play with Tom feels lonely and unhappy, until one night he hears the clock striking thirteen and discovers a secret garden.

  • Tony Robinson's Weird World of Wonders: World War II

    Author: Tony Robinson Illustrator: Del Thorpe
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    Tony Robinson takes children on a headlong gallop through the history of World War II in this entertaining history book, part of his Weird World of Wonders series.

  • Too Close to Home

    Author: Aoife Walsh
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    If you enjoy books which take a long hard look at family life then this is certainly a book for you.

  • Too Many Carrots

    Author: Katy Hudson
    Publisher: Curious Fox

    Rabbit loves carrots so much that his whole burrow is full of them, and there's no room for him to sleep! Katy Hudson explores the themes of friendship and sharing in this charming and beautifully illustrated picture book.

  • Too Many Toys!

    Author: Heidi Deedman
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Lulu has too many toys, so she comes up with a generous plan to tackle the problem. A gentle, humorous tale about the excesses of modern childhood, with delightful illustrations.

  • Too Much Trouble

    Author: Tom Avery
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

    An original interpretation of the Oliver Twist story reflecting a number of critical and significant contemporary issues.

  • Too Small for my Big Bed

    Author: Amber Stewart Illustrator: Layn Marlow
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Piper has trouble sleeping all by himself at night and usually ends up in Mummy’s bed.

  • Too Small to Fail

    Author: Morris Gleitzman
    Publisher: Puffin Book

    1 boy. 1 girl. 1 camel. Squillions of dollars. A plan that can't fail. Or can it?

  • Toot Toot Beep Beep

    Author: Emma Garcia
    Publisher: Boxer Books

    In the eyes of a child traffic can be endlessly entertaining and varied

  • Tooth Fairy in Training

    Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Briony May Smith
    Publisher: Walker Books

    This funny, bouncy rhyme is silly and surprising with twists that children really won’t see coming. But there is still enough sparkle and magic to keep little fairy fans happy! A perfect gift for someone who has just lost their first tooth. 

  • Top Marks for Murder

    Author: Robin Stevens
    Publisher: Puffin

    This teen murder-mystery, set in an exclusive girls’ school in 1936 is reminiscent of Enid Blyton’s boarding school novels, but with a hefty dose of Agatha Christie’s gruesome, puzzling plotlines. A glorious slice of fantastical escapism.

  • Top Secret Grandad and Me: Death by Tumble Dryer

    Author: David MacPhail Illustrator: Laura Aviñó
    Publisher: Kelpies

    Detective work should be easier with a ghost sidekick – unless that sidekick is your grandad! This story is an absolute delight, from the hilarious characters to the fast-paced, page-turning adventure.

  • Topsy and Tim Start School

    Author: Jean Adamson
    Publisher: Ladybird

    Find out what happens on the twins' first day at school.

  • Toro! Toro!

    Author: Michael Morpurgo Illustrator: Michael Foreman
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    Antonio gives his grandson an account of the hardships of the Spanish Civil War. Readers will empathise with Antonio, while acquiring an understanding of an important European conflict.

  • Toto's Apple

    Author: Mathieu Lavoie
    Publisher: Phaidon

    Toto is a determined little worm. By hook or by crook, he is going to reach the juicy red apple hanging from a low branch. 

  • Touch and Feel Baby Animals

    Author: Dorling Kindersley
    Publisher: DK

    You can explore different textures of the cutest baby animals.

  • Touch and Feel Toys

    Author: Alison Jay
    Publisher: Templar

    A touch and feel board book, and one of a 'nursery collection', this volume looks at the toys inside a toy box.

  • Touch and Tickle

    Author: Sanja Rescek
    Publisher: Chid's Play

    Based on research into the benefits of massage and baby exercise, this is a book which stimulates a baby’s senses

  • Touch Think Learn ABC

    Author: Xavier Deneux
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    A wonderful gift for a toddler or preschooler, this board book is beautifully and sturdily made. Featuring an original and well-thought-out concept for learning the alphabet, this will be a mainstay you’ll return to again and again.

  • Toyetica

    Author: Matt LeGrow
    Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment

    Dollington Academy is a unique school helping ‘bittles’ (a race of tiny beings) learn everything they need to have successful careers as doll models. Toyetica is a fantastical and immersive world, with laugh-out-loud humour and some sophisticated themes.

  • Toys in Space

    Author: Mini Grey
    Publisher: Jonathan Cape

    The toys have been left outside in the garden one summer night. To help to pass the time till morning, Wonderdoll begins to tell a story about the arrival of a mysterious alien spaceship...

  • Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey

    Author: Mini Grey
    Publisher: Jonothan Cape

    The saga of Traction Man reach the beach with the latest in Grey’s series about a small boy’s imaginings of the adventures of the toy who has an outfit (and an answer) for everything

  • Traction Man is Here

    Author: Mini Grey
    Publisher: Random House

    Transformed in an instant from combat cool to sartorial nightmare, can Traction Man ever be a superhero again?

  • Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog

    Author: Mini Grey
    Publisher: Red Fox

    Sartorial action hero, Traction Man, returns! He and Scrubbing Brush dauntlessly scale the compost heap, cross the swampy pond then return, exhausted.

  • Traffic Jam

    Author: Aino-Maija Metsola
    Publisher: Wide Eyed

    There is traffic jam in town, but what is causing it? This beautiful book bursts with fun rhymes and colourful illustrations, and is a fabulous interactive tool for young readers.

  • Train is on Track

    Author: Peter Bently Illustrator: Bella Bee and Lucy Fleming
    Publisher: QED

    An exciting story with a big, fast vehicle and a helpful Dog driver.

  • Train!

    Author: Judi Abbot
    Publisher: Little Tiger Press

    Abbot's bright images, with cartoon animals shouting the name of their toy, help young readers to identify and learn the names of objects.

  • Traitor to the Throne

    Author: Alwyn Hamilton
    Publisher: Faber

    Traitor to the Throne takes place nearly a year after Rebel of the Sands finishes. The plot races along until the explosive conclusion, which will leave readers desperate for the final book in the trilogy.

  • Transformation

    Publisher: Hesperus Press

    Having squandered his wealth, Guido returns to claim the hand of the celestial Juliet, but finds himself censured by her father.

  • Transmetropolitan

    Author: Warren Ellis Darick Robertson
    Publisher: Titan

    After years of selfimposed exile from a civilization rife with degradation and indecency, cynical journalist Spider Jerusalem is forced to return to a job he hates and a city he loathes.

  • Travels with my Sketchbook

    Author: Chris Riddell
    Publisher: Macmillan

    This book pulls together a compilation of some of the thousands of drawings Chris made while Waterstones Children’s Laureate 2015-17. Everyone will enjoy reliving the past two years through Chris’s observant, witty and affectionate eyes.

  • Travels with My Sketchbook

    Author: Michael Foreman
    Publisher: Templar

    Michael Foreman takes us on a truly engrossing trip around the world with this gorgeous collection of sketches, drawings and stories. A book for expanding boundaries: 'Hopefully, children the world over, will feel no horizon is too far.'

  • Treacle Street: Marcel’s Parcels

    Author: Kate Hindley
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    Marcel the postman is a busy elephant indeed. He has parcels for everyone in his trolley and yet there’s one parcel left. Surprise! It’s a treat for our postman. A joyful and brilliantly illustrated book that will excite children as they peep inside the post. 

  • Treason

    Author: Berlie Doherty
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    In the late 1530s, William Montague arrives at Hampton Court as page to Henry’s son, the infant Prince Edward

  • Trial by Fire

    Author: Josephine Angelini
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    The first book in Josephine Angelini's Worldwalker trilogy puts an inventive new spin on the story of the Salem witches.

  • Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle

    Author: Rick Riordan
    Publisher: Puffin

    Greek god Apollo is having a bad day: he's been stripped of all his powers and banished to earth in the body of a 12-year-old boy. He can't quite remember what he's being punished for, but is determined to get it over with quickly so heads to Camp Half-Blood, a sanctuary for demi-gods. Except when he arrives, the camp is in chaos: kids are going missing and …

  • Tribute

    Author: Ellen Renner
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    Zara lives in a world where magic means power and those without are forced to work as slaves - but Zara fights against this.

  • Trickster

    Author: Tom Moorhouse
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Two brother rats must go on an adventure to earn their names and the respect of their clan. Will they return victorious or will the challenges they face be too great?

  • Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars - The Collected Edition

    Author: Jessica Abel; backgrounds and design by Lydia Roberts; colours by Walter
    Publisher: Super Genius Comics

    This collection of Trish Trash: Rollergirl of Mars, issues 1-3, is a fascinating graphic novel, melding a dystopian Mars society with the popular American sport of women’s Roller Derby. 

  • Troll Swap

    Author: Leigh Hodgkinson
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    A little girl called Tabitha decides to swap places with Timothy the hairy troll in this lively picture book.

  • Trollhunters

    Author: Guillermo del Toro and Daniel Kraus
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    This black comedy has a highly visual, cinematic feel. It is wildly imaginative and rich in description, comedy gore and elaborate use of language, but a little light on plot. Contains strong language and graphic violence.  

  • Troubadour

    Author: Mary Hoffman
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books

    Early in the thirteenth century, Elinor's parents attempt to marry her off to an elderly nobleman but she escapes disguised as a boy, with a troupe of travelling entertainers.

  • Trouble

    Author: Non Pratt
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Fifteen-year-old Hannah is in trouble. She's pregnant, and can't bring herself to tell her family or friends the truth.

  • Trouble in Toadpool

    Author: Anne Fine Illustrator: Kate Aldous
    Publisher: Doubleday Children's Books

    A welcome return for Fine’s happy, hapless and immensely entertaining Mountfield family.

  • Trouble Next Door

    Author: Chris Higgins Illustrator: Emily MacKenzie
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Bella isn't keen on her new home, until a new friend, Magda, pops up next door. Unfortunately, Magda's fun ideas have a nasty habit of getting Bella in trouble. A new illustrated series for young readers gets off to a fun start with Magda's naughty antics.

  • Truckers

    Author: Terry Pratchett
    Publisher: Random House

    The first title in the Bromeliad trilogy, this is an enchanting fantasy from favourite author Terry Pratchett.

  • True Stories of Heroes

    Author: Paul Dowswell
    Publisher: Usborne

    From animals to astronauts, and captured spies in World War II, this collection of thirteen short stories celebrates some truly amazing, and amazingly true, heroic acts.

  • Trueman Bradley - Aspie Detective

    Author: Alexei Maxim Russell
    Publisher: Jessica Kingsley

    It is the Aspergers mind which is Trueman’s most powerful asset as a detective and which enables him to develop ingenious crime-solving equation

  • Truly Wildly Deeply

    Author: Jenny McLachlan
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Although a love story, this book is also about peer pressure, family, cultural identity, and having the courage to make one’s own way. Main character Annie is forthright and witty, and has cerebral palsy (although that's not central to the plot). An upbeat story with heart.

  • Trust Me

    Author: Malorie Blackman
    Publisher: Corgi Children's

    Seventeen-year-old Jayna can't wait to go on holiday with boyfriend Andrew - but their trip has unexpected and terrible consequences.

  • Tuesday

    Author: David Wiesner
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    On a Tuesday evening, the sun is setting, and in the distance, an army of frogs on flying lily pads is approaching.

  • Tug of War

    Author: John Burningham
    Publisher: Jonathan Cape

    In this retelling of a traditional African folk tale, wily Hare outwits Elephant and Hippopotamus when he challenges them to a game of tug-of-war

  • Tug of War

    Author: Naomi Howarth
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    Stunning illustrations depict a beautiful African landscape in this story about friendship and realising that everyone is special in their own way, whatever their size.

  • Tumtum and Nutmeg: The First Adventure

    Author: Emily Bearn Illustrator: Nick Price
    Publisher: Egmont

    This well-judged story of a doll’s house-sized world coming to life is very appealing.

  • Tunnel of Bones

    Author: Victoria Schwab
    Publisher: Scholastic

    A claustrophobic, supernatural adventure set in the creepy, underground Catacombs of Paris where the bones (and ghosts?) of hundreds of thousands of long-dead citizens are interred. 

  • Tunnels

    Author: Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams
    Publisher: Chicken House

    The first in a series of fantasy novels, Tunnels starts slowly, introducing us to Will and building a picture of his unusual and dysfunctional family life. But the pace picks up with the discovery of a mysterious subterranean psuedo-Victorian parallel world, and the unpleasant Styx, who appears to have malevolent designs on its 21st century discoverers.


  • Turf

    Author: John Lucas
    Publisher: The Bodley Head

    15-year-old Jay is a member of the Blake Street Boyz gang. But when gang leader Shads decides it's time for him to step up and prove his loyalty, Jay realises he has a difficult choice to make.

  • Turning to Jelly

    Author: Candy Guard
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    Jelly is the flakey, funny heroine in a hilarious new pre-teen series.

  • Tusk Tusk

    Author: David McKee
    Publisher: Andersen

    A fable of human conflict, Tusk Tusk deals with a difficult topic is a wonderfully clear way.

  • T-Veg: the story of a carrot-crunching dinosaur

    Author: Smriti Prasadam-Halls Illustrator: Katherina Manolessou
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    Reg dares to be different - he is a vegetarian T-Rex.

  • Twelve Minutes to Midnight

    Author: Christopher Edge
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    Every night at precisely 12 minutes to midnight, the inmates of Bedlam, London's notorious madhouse, all begin feverishly writing - incoherent ramblings that Penelope quickly realises are in fact terrifying visions of the new century to come.

  • Twilight

    Publisher: ATOM

    Edward seems to hate Bella, but it turns out that he is in love with her and he is afraid of what he might do to her.

  • Twilight Robbery

    Author: Frances Hardinge
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's books

    The irrepressible Mosca Mye returns! Having departed Mandelion under a cloud, she and Eponymour Clent are running out of places to go.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, ABC

    Author: Barney Saltzberg Illustrator: Fred Benaglia
    Publisher: Phaidon

    A mixed-up, mashed-up melody is the perfect description for this clever sing-song board book. Squishing the ABC song into Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, this fun new song will have little ones jumping and howling along.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

    Author: Annie Kubler
    Publisher: Child's Play

    This book is all about signing and singing-along! The clear hand movements encourage signing as well as dancing.

  • Twister

    Author: Juliette Forrest
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Twister's father has gone missing. Her mother is depressed, and people are accusing her father of starting a fatal fire. Even school is horrible now, despite Twister's love for learning, and other than her Aunt Honey and her dog Point she feels that everyone is now against her. Then one day Twister finds a magic necklace with transformative powers. Will this…

  • Twit Twoo School: Mouse's Big Day

    Author: Lydia Monks
    Publisher: Macmillan

    Mouse does NOT want to go to school and feels sad when she gets there... but will her classmates help her see how much fun it can be? A gentle and sensitive book for nervous little ones.

  • Two Can

    Author: Smriti Prasadam-Halls Illustrator: Ben Javens
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

    Maybe playing together is better because two can have twice as much fun as one! This is an adorable book about letting others join in your games - and each page has hidden details that young readers will love to discover.

  • Two Frogs

    Author: Chris Wormell
    Publisher: Random House

    Two frogs are sitting on a lily pad in the middle of a pond; one of them holding a stick.But why?

  • Two Good Thieves

    Author: Daniel Finn
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's books

    This nail-biting thriller is also a challenging story about the lives of the world's poorest children.

  • Two Nests

    Author: Laurence Anholt Illustrator: Jim Coplestone
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    Two birds, Betty and Paul are perched in a tree. Soon they build a nest, lay an egg and Baby Bird is born - but living together in a small nest isn’t easy.

  • Two Shy Pandas

    Author: Julia Jarman Illustrator: Susan Varley
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Although Panda has lots of toys, it’s pretty lonely at Number 1 Bamboo Gardens.  Panda longs to ask Pandora if she’d like to play, but he’s far too shy to ask.

  • Two Sides

    Author: Polly Ho-Yen Illustrator: Binny Talib
    Publisher: Stripes

    Lula and Lenka are the best of friends until they have an argument and neither will say sorry. Will they ever manage to make up? Polly Ho-Yen beautifully explores the complexity of friendships and learning that there are always two sides of a story. 

  • Two Weeks with the Queen

    Author: Morris Gleitzman
    Publisher: Penguin

    When his brother becomes seriously ill with leukaemia, Colin is sent to stay with relatives in England. Determined to get the best help possible, he decides to approach the Queen.

  • Tyrannosaurus Drip

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: David Roberts
    Publisher: Pan Macmillan

    A duckbill dinosaur egg is mistakenly hatched by a fierce, war-loving Tyrannosaurus family.

  • Thanks for the Trouble

    Author: Tommy Wallach
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    Parker Sante hasn't spoken a word in the five years since his father died. However, he's a pretty good writer. This unusual and sensitive love and coming-of-age story features two great lead characters.

  • That Asian Kid

    Author: Savita Kalhan
    Publisher: Troika

    Fifteen-year-old Jeevan witnesses two teachers snogging (and more) in the woods, and films it on his phone. But should he share this on social media? Funny, thought-provoking and very well-written, with some truths about racism amid the humour.

  • That Burning Summer

    Author: Lydia Syson
    Publisher: Hot Key

    In the long hot summer of 1940, planes are doing battle over the channel, and the south coast of England is braced for a German invasion.

  • That Pesky Rat

    Author: Lauren Child
    Publisher: Orchard Books

    Pesky Rat lives in Dustbin Number 3, Grubby Alley. People call him 'That Pesky Rat', but he longs for a real name, a home and someone to care for him.

  • That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown

    Author: Cressida Cowell Illustrator: Neal Layton
    Publisher: Hachette

    Emily and her toy rabbit, Stanley, love to go on adventures together.

  • That's NOT How You Do It!

    Author: Ariane Hofmann-Maniyar
    Publisher: Child's Play

    Lucy is a clever little cat who knows how to do everything. She can eat with a spoon and fork, play the xylophone, even fold fabulous paper stars. In fact, all her friends ask her for help if they cannot do something. When Toshi the panda arrives from far away, Lucy doesn't understand why he does everything differently. She becomes increasingly frustrated wh…

  • That's Not My Baby...

    Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
    Publisher: Usborne

    This book is full of bright pictures with touch-and feel patches.

  • That's Not My Bear...

    Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
    Publisher: Usborne

    A different bear is introduced on each page of this colourful board book, but there is something not quite right about most of them.

  • That's Not My Fairy...

    Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
    Publisher: Usborne

    Lots of different fairies are introduced throughout this book, but none of them are quite right. "That’s not my fairy. Her wings are too fluffy."

  • That's Not My Frog...

    Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
    Publisher: Usborne

    This sturdy touch and feel book features a succession of colourful frogs, from one with silky feet, to another with bumpy spots, to another with shiny toes.

  • That's Not My Kitten...

    Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
    Publisher: Usborne Books

    One of a growing series of touch and feel board books with interesting textures and shapes for inquisitive fingers to explore.

  • That's Not My Monster...

    Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
    Publisher: Usborne Publishing

    This monster-themed book is an entertaining addition to the much-loved That's Not My... series.

  • That's Not My Pirate...

    Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
    Publisher: Usborne

    Lovely, colourful, stimulating book for very young children

  • That's Not My Princess...

    Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
    Publisher: Usborne Publishing

    This sturdy and durable board book is perfect for the very youngest children, with touch and feel images full of interesting textures and shapes that are ideal for small fingers to explore.

  • That's Not My Teddy...

    Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
    Publisher: Usborne

    Touch-feely book with colourful illustrations and simply text

  • That's Not My Tiger...

    Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
    Publisher: Usborne

    Small children will love touching the tiger’s fluffy ears, soft paws and bumpy teeth and will particularly like tracing his soft, stripy tail on the very last page.

  • The 1,000-Year-Old Boy

    Author: Ross Welford
    Publisher: Harper Collins

    Alfie Monk looks like any other 11-year old boy. However, as the title suggests, he is actually 1,000-years old. A truly original read, the plot’s twists and turns are anchored by the warmth, courage and humour of its varied characters.

  • The 100 Society

    Author: Carla Spradbery
    Publisher: Hodder

    Readers who are happy to suspend their disbelief will revel in a plot that races along with thrills, scares and entire shoals of red herrings littering the path to a gripping and tortuous climax. Ideal for lovers of Point Horror.

  • The 10pm Question

    Author: Kate Di Goldi
    Publisher: Templar

    Like his desk, Frankie likes life to be orderly and neat. But then Sydney arrives, and disturbs Frankie's carefully organised world, forcing him to ask a hitherto unspoken 10pm question.

  • The 13-Storey Treehouse

    Author: Andy Griffiths Illustrator: Terry Denton
    Publisher: Macmillan

    Griffiths and Denton create a triumph to engage even the most determined hater of books, which includes hilarious cartoon drawings.

  • The 5 Misfits

    Author: Beatrice Alemagna
    Publisher: Lincoln Children’s Books

    Beatrice Alemagna’s highly original illustration style is a wonderful mix of collage and pencil, and her quirky, lovable story about the importance of being yourself –  especially when you might be regarded as odd by others –  is a jewel among children’s books. 

  • The 5th Wave

    Publisher: Penguin Children's Books

    A few months ago Cassie's biggest problem was that the boy she liked didn't know she was alive. Now she is alone, fighting for survival in a world ravaged by an alien invasion.

  • The 7 Professors of the Far North

    Author: John Fardell Illustrator: John Fardell
    Publisher: Faber Children's Books

    Three children set out to rescue their Professor Ampersand and his six companions from an evil organisation.

  • The 78-Storey Treehouse

    Author: Andy Griffiths Illustrator: Terry Denton
    Publisher: Macmillan

    There’s tons of zany fun in this illustrated novel, which is the fifth in the series. With minimal text per page and brilliant black-and-white illustrations taking up most of the space, the story zips past at lightning speed and is a really easy, funny read.

  • The 91-Storey Treehouse

    Author: Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton
    Publisher: Macmillan

    Best friends Andy and Terry live in an incredible treehouse, but when their publisher's grandchildren come to stay, things soon get out of control. A laugh-out-loud book perfect for Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans.

  • The Abominables

    Author: Eva Ibbotson
    Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books

    The incomplete manuscript of this irresistibly charming story was found amongst Eva Ibbotson's papers at  her death in 2010.

  • The Abominators

    Author: J L Smith Illustrator: Sam Hearn
    Publisher: Atom

    It’s Cecil Trumpington-Potts first day in Year 4 at Grimely East Primary School. In fact, it’s his first day ever at school.

  • The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian

    Author: Sherman Alexie
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    In his first book for young adults, Sherman Alexie tells the story of budding artist Junior, a 14-year-old Native American

  • The Accident Season

    Author: Moira Fowley Doyle
    Publisher: Corgi

    For as long as she can remember, the end of October has been the beginning of the Accident Season for seventeen-year-old Cara and her family: cuts, falls and broken bones. A spooky and psychological modern classic with a twist.

  • The Accidental Prime Minister

    Author: Tom McLaughlin
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Before he knows it, Joe is thrust straight through the limelight and into a seat at Number 10.

  • The Accidental Secret Agent

    Author: Tom McLaughlin
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Kevin's just your everyday 13-year-old, obsessed with phones and becoming a secret agent. The only reason readers will put down this book is because they're laughing too much to hold onto it.

  • The Adventures of Alfie Onion

    Author: Vivian French Illustrator: Marta Kissi
    Publisher: Walker Books

    When Alfie Onion helps his brother Magnifico on a quest to secure a princess wife, things don't quite go as his fairytale-obsessed mother had planned. A hero does rise - just not the one everyone expected.

  • The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

    Author: Dan Santat
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Seeing the world from the imaginary friend's viewpoint, rather than the child's, sheds fresh light on this familiar yet magical friendship. The stylish, striking, images emphasise its vibrancy against everyday drabness.

  • The Adventures of Catvinkle

    Author: Elliot Perlman Illustrator: Laura Stitzel
    Publisher: Pushkin Children’s Books

    Catvinkle's peaceful cat existence is disrupted when her owner brings home Ula the Dalmatian. Against the odds, the pair become pals. But how will the other cats react? A chapter book with the inclusive message that friendship should extend to everyone.

  • The Adventures of Hermes: God of Thieves

    Author: Murielle Szac Translator: Mika Provata-Carlone
    Publisher: Pushkin Children's Books

    This accessible introduction to Greek mythology unrolls in one hundred episodes, focusing on the god, Hermes.

  • The Adventures of John Blake

    Author: Philip Pullman Illustrator: Fred Fordham
    Publisher: Fickling Books

    Like the Bourne films with time travel and a ghost ship, Pullman’s story rockets along at thrilling speed, full of secrets, mysterious baddies and emotional drama. Adventure on the high seas meets spy thriller: a fantastically executed, exciting must-read.

  • The Adventures of Miss Petitfour

    Author: Anne Michaels Illustrator: Emma Block
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    A charming collection of short stories about eccentric Miss Petitfour, who loves adventures and always travels by tablecloth with her sixteen cats. A lovely, quirky collection book, with delightful illustrations, that is immensely entertaining.

  • The Adventures of Pinocchio

    Author: Carlo Collodi Translator: Anne Lawson
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    The story of the wooden puppet who learns goodness and becomes a real boy is famous the world over, and has been familiar in English for over a century.

  • The Adventures of Robin Hood

    Author: Marcia Williams
    Publisher: Walker Books

    A retelling of 11 Robin Hood stories, from his fight with Little John to the firing of his last arrow in humorous comic-strip format.

  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Baker Street will forever be associated with the famous pipe-smoking detective and his amiable sidekick Dr Watson.

  • The Adventures of Tintin

    Author: Hergé Translator: Michael Turner and Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper
    Publisher: Egmont

    Resourceful junior reporter Tintin embarks on a series of exciting international adventures, accompanied by his faithful dog Snowy, in this favourite series.

  • The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon

    Author: Mini Grey
    Publisher: Random House

    We all know that the dish ran away with the spoon but Mini Grey's new book explores what happened to the nursery rhyme characters next.

  • The Adventures of the New Cut Gang

    Author: Philip Pullman Illustrator: Martin Brown
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    The New Cut Gang are a rag-tag group of resourceful young rascals who get up to all manner of adventures on the streets of Victorian Lambeth.

  • The Angel Collector

    Author: Bali Rai
    Publisher: Random House

    This is a thriller suffused with an air of menace, of insecurity, of complex personal tensions and violence.

  • The Ali-A Adventures: Game On!

    Author: Ali-A and Cavan Scott Illustrator: Aleksandar Sotirovski
    Publisher: Puffin

    Ali-A is a popular YouTube gamer and this is his first book, co-written with Cavan Scott. It's a fast-paced, fun read with amazing visuals that gaming fans will love, as well as anyone else that enjoys a good yarn.

  • The Alien Next Door: The New Kid

    Author: A I Newton Illustrator: Anjan Sarkar
    Publisher: Little Bee Books (Bonnier Publishing USA imprint)

    An alien boy tries to fit in at his new school on earth in the first in a new series aimed at early readers. Filled with humour about the yucky stuff Zeke eats, and wonder at the feats he can perform, this inclusive story makes for a very entertaining tale. 

  • The Almost Fearless Hamilton Squidlegger

    Author: Timothy Basil Ering
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Fantastical illustrations complement this exuberant escapade, starring an almost fearless boy who is a tiny bit terrified of the dark.

  • The Almost King

    Author: Lucy Saxon
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Young author Lucy Saxon is sticking firmly with fantasy with her second novel.

  • The All Mine Academy

    Author: Fabrizio Silei Illustrator: Adriano Gon Translator: Denise Muir from Italian
    Publisher: Editrice Il Castoro

    A hilarious story of an unwanted boy's determination to do good despite the efforts of his dastardly parents.

    First is the kindest, most trusting boy on the planet, but is born to Katiuscia and Gregor Smirth, two penny-pinching, egocentric parents who hate children and merely wanted him as an heir. Despite their efforts to teach First that only greed and sel…

  • The Amazing Adventures of Groana Schmitt

    Author: Finn-Ole Heinrich Translator: from German by Katy Derbyshire
    Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag

    Mona's parents call her Groana because she's sometimes grumpy and loses her temper. She and her mother have moved out of their home and into a strange flat on the other side of town. Mona doesn't know why, and plans to put things right as soon as possible. At her new school, she reluctantly makes friends with a boy called Mo. Mo knows why the new flat is so …

  • The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips

    Author: Michael Morpurgo Illustrator: Michael Foreman
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    Moving from the present day to wartime diary and back again, this ultimately uplifting novel illuminates the effects of the fateful events on the lives of those involved and the generations that followed.

  • The Amazing Tale of Ali Pasha

    Author: Michael Foreman
    Publisher: Templar

    The Amazing Tale of Ali Pasha is a wonderful introduction to World War 1 through the story of young seaman Harry Friston and the tortoise he finds in Gallipoli. Based on a true story, this book is beautifully illustrated and gives the horrors of war a human, and animal, heart.

  • The Amber Spyglass

    Author: Philip Pullman
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Lyra and Will, the fiesty protagonists from the first two novels, are reunited to embark on their final, dangerous journey on which the future of all the worlds depend.

  • The Amulet of Samarkand: A Bartimaeus Graphic Novel

    Author: Jonathan Stroud
    Publisher: Random House Children's Books

    The graphic novel adaptation of the first volume in the best-selling Bartimaeus sequence makes the series more accessible to readers without taking away any of the wit and magic

  • The Animal Boogie

    Author: Stella Blackstone Illustrator: Debbie Harter
    Publisher: Barefoot Books

    Boogie along with the jungle inhabitants who flap, shake, flap and slide their way through this colourful book

  • The Ant Colony

    Author: Jenny Valentine
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

    Sam and Bo reveal their pasts in alternate chapters, each gradually facing the dysfunctional relationships and traumatic incidents which have triggered their current unlikely friendship.

  • The Apothecary

    Author: Maile Meloy Illustrator: Ian Schoenherr
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Shifting between spy thriller and enchanting fantasy, The Apothecary is a skilful blend of the magical with the very real nuclear threat of the 1950s.

  • The Apple Tart of Hope

    Author: Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
    Publisher: Orion Children's Books

    Oscar's apple tarts bring hope to the sad or desperate. He is loved and appreciated for this special gift. Meg is his best friend, but just as their friendship is about to blossom into love she has to go to New Zealand for sixth months.

  • The Apprentice Witch

    Author: James Nicol
    Publisher: Chicken House

    When Arianwyn fails her witch's assessment, she thinks her life is over - but, really, the adventure has only just begun. A great adventure story, filled with wonderful spells and mysterious creatures.

  • The Arrival

    Author: Shaun Tan
    Publisher: Hachette

    In this unusual book, we follow a young man as he packs his bags and leaves his family to go and start a new life in another country

  • The Art of Being Normal

    Author: Lisa Williamson
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    David Piper has always been an outsider, labelled a freak by the school bully. Only his two best friends know the real truth – David wants to be a girl.

  • The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse

    Author: Eric Carle
    Publisher: Puffin

    Eric Carle’s first picture book in four years is a bright, colourful celebration of creativity

  • The Ask and the Answer

    Author: Patrick Ness
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Themes of dictatorship, terrorism and privacy reign in Ness’s darker science fiction sequel to The Knife of Never Letting Go.

  • The Astonishing Case of the Stolen Stories

    Author: Anca Sandu
    Publisher: Jonathan Cape

    The little prince is terribly upset; all of his bedtime stories have been stolen! Luckily detectives Cat, Fox and Bear are on the case.

  • The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing

    Author: MT Anderson
    Publisher: Walker Books

    This unusual book tells the dark, often harrowing story of Octavian, a boy in the care of a house of rational philosophers in revolutionary Boston.

  • The Astounding Broccoli Boy

    Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce Illustrator: Steven Lenton
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    Rory Rooney is unremarkable in almost everything, apart from his capacity to attract the attention of the school bully. But when he suddenly and spectacularly turns green, he becomes a superhero!

  • The Atlas of Monsters: Mythical Creatures from Around the World

    Author: Stuart Hill and Sandra Lawrence
    Publisher: Big Picture Press

    The Atlas of Monsters takes the interesting angle of looking at each continent from the point of view of its traditional mythology, and also introduces the book itself as a mysterious source object to be investigated inside a story of strange discovery.

  • The Awesome Body Book

    Author: Adam Frost
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    The vibrant infographics bring these facts about the human body to life, and make the book wonderfully fun and colourful. Have you ever wondered how many muscles you use when you smile, or realised that humans shed three types of tears?

  • The Awesome Book of Animals

    Author: Adam Frost
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    If you have ever wondered which animal moves slowest, is the most deadly, or even poos the most – then this is the book for you! Sure to be a hit with fact lovers and animal lovers alike.


  • The Awesome Book of Awesomeness

    Author: Adam Frost Illustrator: Dan Bramall
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    This is a super cool non-fiction book, a little bit like a small version of the Guinness Book of Records. It’s packed full of strange and fascinating facts – after reading this book, you will be able to wow everyone you know with your crazy knowledge.

  • The Baby

    Author: Lisa Drakeford
    Publisher: Chicken House

    Olivia is in the midst of one of the greatest parties ever - her own 17th birthday party - when she walks in on her best friend Nicola giving birth on her bathroom floor.

  • The Baby and Fly Pie

    Author: Melvin Burgess
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Fly Pie and Sham are rubbish pickers, who go to the tip every day to pick rubbish for Mother Shelly. Then one day they come across a dying man and a baby.

  • The Baby That Roared

    Author: Simon Puttock Illustrator: Nadia Shireen
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    Mr and Mrs Deer don’t have any children, but they would love to have a baby of their own to look after. When a mysterious bundle arrives on their doorstep they are overjoyed.

  • The Baby Who Wouldn't Go To Bed

    Author: Helen Cooper
    Publisher: Random House

    This determined baby refuses to go to bed. Resolved to stay up all night, he takes off in his car to search for like-minded friends.

  • The Baby's Catalogue

    Author: Janet and Allan Ahlberg
    Publisher: Puffin

    This book's packed with lots of baby pictures and baby items. It's great for learning and making up stories - this fantastic book will lead to lots of talk with your child.

  • The Bacteria Book: Gross Germs, Vile Viruses and Funky Fungi

    Author: Steve Mould
    Publisher: DK

    Perfect for fans of the Horrible Science series, this colourful book is full of weird and wonderful facts that will release the science enthusiast inside you. 

  • The Bad Bunnies' Magic Show

    Author: Mini Grey
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    This is a wonderful, inventive and playful picture book about two naughty bunnies and their magic tricks, which will delight young readers and their parents alike.

  • The Bad Guys: Episodes 1 and 2

    Author: Aaron Blabey
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Written like a comic book, this is a very funny story, full of action and crazy characters. It's lots of fun and will probably make you laugh out loud.

  • The Bad Trousers

    Author: Ros Asquith Illustrator: Mairi Hedderwick
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Children will enjoy this cheeky tale thanks to Asquith's charming writing and Hedderwick's familiar illustrations. A lovely way to make learning to read fun.

  • The Bakehouse

    Author: Joy Cowley
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    An elderly Great-Grandfather tells his grandson what happened to him during World War II, and it involves a love affair between Bert's sister and a deserter.

  • The Baking Life of Amelie Day

    Publisher: Curious Fox

    In some ways Amelie Day is a teenager like any other, much of her day-to-day life revolving around her best friend, school, loyal boyfriend and fretful mother.  However, in other ways, she is rather less typical...

  • The Bandit of Barbel Bay

    Author: Sam Bosma
    Publisher: Nobrow

    The second in the Fantasy Sports series starts to unfold a slightly more developed backstory. With more epic sports battles and more tongue-in-cheek humour, this high-action tale of good sportsmanship and friendship is another gem. 

  • The Bare Bum Gang and the Football Face Off

    Author: Anthony McGowan
    Publisher: Red Fox

    As everyone knows, a gang's den is sacred no matter how dirty, dark or smelly it may be so when the Bare Bum Gang's den is at risk they will do anything they can to save it.

  • The Barefoot Book of Children

    Author: Tessa Strickland Kate DePalma and David Dean
    Publisher: Barefoot Books

    This is a beautifully comprehensive and thought-provoking picture of the many different ways in which people live around the world. A book to dip into time and time again; a treasure trove of discussion topics, but also an aesthetic delight.

  • The Barefoot Book of Jewish Tales

    Author: Shoshana Boyd Gelfand Illustrator: Amanda Hall
    Publisher: Barefoot Books

    The eight stories in this thought-provoking collection of traditional Jewish tales combine folklore and scripture, and are retold for children. Gathered from a range of eras and locations, the emphasis of each story is on kindness, compassion and trust in God.

  • The Barefoot Books World Atlas

    Author: Nick Crane Illustrator: David Dean
    Publisher: Barefoot Books

    Full of fascinating facts and figures about the earth and beautifully illustrated with David Dean’s bright and colourful maps

  • The Battle of the Sun

    Publisher: Bloomsbury Childrens Books

    Jack Snap is a 'boy where magic could happen'; and happen it does when he is imprisoned by a darkly powerful Magus, an alchemist who plans to turn Tudor London into gold.

  • The Battlemage

    Author: Taran Matharu
    Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

    The conclusion to the incredibly successful Summoner trilogy has plenty of action, and, while it’s emotional to leave Fletcher and the other well-drawn characters, Matharu ends things on a high with dragons, demons, battles and revelations galore.

  • The Bear

    Author: Raymond Briggs
    Publisher: Penguin

    Young Tilly is delighted when a polar bear clambers through her bedroom window one night - but are mischievous polar bears really ideal domestic pets? The Bear is a warm story about kindness, caring, and letting go.

  • The Bear and the Hair

    Author: Claire Evans
    Publisher: Fourth Wall

    Bear wants a 'cool' new haircut, so off he goes to the hairdressers - but which style will suit him best? A fun story with an attached bear puppet to really bring the tale to life.

  • The Bear and the Piano

    Author: David Litchfield
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    A bear's piano playing makes him a huge star, but he misses the friends and family he has left behind. A moving tale of exploration and belonging from an exciting debut author-illustrator.

  • The Bear Cub Bakers

    Author: Caroline Baxter Illustrator: Kathi Ember
    Publisher: Big Sunshine Books

    A group of young bear cubs go to Miss Betsy Bear's baking school for a week of fun in the kitchen - but who will take home the golden trophy for best baker at the end of the week?

  • The Bear in the Cave

    Author: Michael Rosen Illustrator: Adrian Reynolds
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books

    The lonely bear from Rosen’s classic We’re Going on a Bear Hunt sets off one day to follow the sounds of the city.

  • The Bear Whispers to Me

    Author: Chang Ying-Tai Translator: Darryl Sterk
    Publisher: Balestier Press

    A short, quiet novel that blurs the lines of fantasy and reality in a dream like fable, The Bear Whispers to Me feels traditional and timeless.

  • The Bear Who Went Boo!

    Author: David Walliams Illustrator: Tony Ross
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

    A comical and entertaining book about a little polar bear with a big voice - BOO!

  • The Bear's Sea Escape

    Author: Benjamin Chaud
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    Parents and children alike will enjoy this touching tale of a father's mission to find his son in this stylish picture book.

  • The Beast is an Animal

    Author: Peternelle van Arsdale
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    When unimaginable tragedy strikes her village, Alys is only seven years old, yet she can’t stop thinking that she is somehow to blame. An epic story of triumph over adversity in the style of traditional folk tales.

  • The Beast Player

    Author: Nahoko Uehashi Translator: Cathy Hirano
    Publisher: Pushkin Press

    Elin's mother has a very special job - caring for the magical Toda which protect their kingdom. But when something goes wrong, Elin must flee and discovers an astonishing talent for communicating with creatures. A sophisticated fantasy that will have teen readers gripped.

  • The Beasts of Clawstone Castle

    Author: Eva Ibbotson
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's books

    Madlyn and Rollo are despatched to live for the summer with their reclusive elderly relatives in decrepit Clawstone Castle.

  • The Bee's Knees

    Author: Roger McGough
    Publisher: Penguin

    These, warm, funny poems will amuse children and hopefully get them wanting to share the rhyme and repetition by reading them out loud.

  • The Beetle Collector’s Handbook

    Author: M G Leonard
    Publisher: Scholastic

    A must-have companion for dedicated fans of M G Leonard’s Beetle Boy series, this is the ultimate guide for those who want to find out more about beetles. With illustrations and funny notes in the margins, this is a book for everyone who wants to explore nature.

  • The Beggar Maid

    Publisher: Vintage

    This collection of stories reads like a novel following Rose's life as she moves away from her impoverished roots and forges her own path in the world.

  • The Best Birthday Present Ever

    Author: Ben Mantle
    Publisher: Macmillan

    When Bear sends out invitations to his birthday party, his guests compete with one another to buy the best present in the toyshop.

  • The Best Medicine

    Author: Christine Hamill
    Publisher: Little Island

    Twelve-year old Philip Wright is a comedian in the making. Then one day, he tells his mother a joke, and she breaks down in tears. It's a brave challenge to unite the themes of cancer and comedy - but this is an entertaining and light-hearted read.

  • The Best Mother

    Author: C M Surrisi Illustrator: Diane Goode
    Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers

    Maxine suspects that if she had a different mother, things would be much nicer – until she talks to some other mums. A fun, quirky book for children who might have wondered “what if?”, this story celebrates how perfect our own mothers are just for us.

  • The Best of Pippi Longstocking

    Author: Astrid Lindgren Illustrator: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Pippi is an empowering role model to all young girls; her resourcefulness will inspire all

  • The Best of Times

    Author: Michael Morpurgo Illustrator: Emma Chichester Clark
    Publisher: Egmont

    The Prince invites entertainers to the palace to cheer up the Princess. The puppeteers come too and perform the greatest story – the Christmas Nativity story.

  • The Best Singer in the World

    Author: Ulf Nilsson Illustrator: Eva Eriksson
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    Astrid Lindgren award winner Eva Eriksson provides quirky, soft-focus and humorous illustrations for Ulf Nilsson's story about a boy who loves singing but is too shy to perform.

  • The Bet

    Author: David Grant Illustrator: Garry Parsons
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Ed, Zac, Becca and Kat are all keen to go on a school trip, but then they learn they'll have to earn money to make it there - and soon it's boys versus girls to see who can make the most cash! A dyslexia-friendly book.

  • The Betrayal

    Author: Mary Hooper
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    The final novel in Hooper's At the House of the Magician series, in which Lucy is in London, preparing for the imminent arrival of Dr John Dee, the court alchemist and his family.

  • The BFG

    Author: Roald Dahl Illustrator: Quentin Blake
    Publisher: Puffin

    The BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant, who unexpectedly spirits a little girl named Sophie out of bed, and into the land of the child-eating giants.

  • The Big Adventure of the Smalls

    Author: Helen Stephens
    Publisher: Egmont

    When Paul and Sally Small sneak out of bed to take a peek at the goings-on at the Small Hall Grand Ball, Mr Puddles the teddy bear has a nasty accident - he falls through the banisters and simply has to be rescued.

  • The Big Book of Beautiful Babies

    Author: David Ellwand
    Publisher: Ragged Bears

    This book is full of lovely black and white photos – your child will love looking at the pictures of babies’ faces and expressions.

  • The Big Book of Magical Mixups

    Author: Hilary Robinson Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Scholastic

    If you have ever wished you could turn a weedy uncle into an inflatable fairy or a bad-tempered friend into an exploding pencil case then this is the book for you!

  • The Big Book of the Blue

    Author: Yuval Zommer
    Publisher: Thames & Hudson

    This wonderful, beautifully illustrated book about all things fishy (and ocean-y) has a gentle sense of humour: presenting digestible facts, ideal for lower primary children, with a light-hearted twist. 

  • The Big Question

    Author: Leen van den Berg Kaatje Vermeire
    Publisher: Book Island

    Unusual and atmospheric illustrations complement this philosophical picture book.

  • The Big Sleep

    Author: Raymond Chandler
    Publisher: Penguin

    Californian private eye Philip Marlowe's entanglement with the Sternwood family - and an attendant cast of colorful underworld figures - is the background to a story reflecting all the tarnished glitter of the great American Dream

  • The Big Snuggle-Up

    Author: Brian Pattern Illustrator: Nicola Bayley
    Publisher: Anderson Press

    The beautifully detailed illustrations by Nicola Bayley capture the warmth and magic of this delightful story

  • The Bigger Picture: Women Who Changed the Art World

    Author: Sophia Bennett Illustrator: Manjit Thapp
    Publisher: Tate Publishing

    For thousands of years, the work of brilliant female creatives has gone unappreciated, whether they were taking part in weaving, sewing, embroidery or crockery. This fascinating book profiles wonderful women artists from across the world and gives their work the attention it deserves.

  • The Biracial Butterfly

    Author: Lennox Benson Illustrator: Hari Conner
    Publisher: Pup Ear Books, an imprint of Dog Horn Publishing

    A warm and simple rhyming story that explores mixed heritage and identity in an imaginative, colourful way, and reassures in its acceptance of difference and variety. 

  • The Black Book of Colours

    Author: Menena Cottin Illustrator: Rosana Faria
    Publisher: Walker Books

    A visually impaired boy introduces us to colours as he experiences them – through his senses of hearing, touch, smell and taste.

  • The Black Book of Secrets

    Author: F E Higgins
    Publisher: Pan Macmillan

    An original and fascinating book by a talented new writer, which explores themes of trust, redemption, forgiveness and natural justice in the context of a dark and gripping mystery.

  • The Black Cat Detectives

    Author: Wendy Meddour
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    Auntie Urooj is lonely so Shaima decides to sign her up with the Truly Deeply Muslims online marriage agency. But her new suitor Rasheed isn't all he appears to be...

  • The Black Lotus

    Author: Kierann Fanning
    Publisher: Chicken House

    Three children, each with their own special ability, are plucked from the streets in different cities around the world. They are brought together and trained as ninjas to continue to protect the Moon Sword - a source of great power.

  • The Black Lung Captain: Tales of the Ketty Jay

    Author: Chris Wooding
    Publisher: Indigo

    In the second gripping installment of the adventures of the Ketty Jay, Captain Darien Frey finds himself seeking an alien treasure on a dangerous island.

  • The Blackhope Enigma

    Author: Teresa Flavin
    Publisher: Templar

    When Sunni’s step-brother unwittingly unlocks a passage into an old painting, they are transported to Arcadia and must find a way out of this dangerous and exciting land.

  • The Blackthorn Key

    Author: Kevin Sands
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster

    A young alchemy apprentice seeks vengeance after his master is murdered by a sinister cult.

  • The Blanket Bears

    Author: Samuel Langley-Swain Illustrator: Ashlee Spink
    Publisher: Owlet Press

    Alone in the snow, two little bears are cold, scared and missing much of their fur. Thankfully, help arrives in the form of Tilly, who hopes them to find another home. A gentle and heartfelt story that shows the adoption process in an honest, reassuring way.

  • The Blood Guard

    Author: Carter Roy
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Ronan discovers why his mother has filled all his spare time with classes of every kind, from martial arts to fencing. Think Anthony Horowitz meets Dan Brown and be prepared for a fast and spectacular ride in this first book in a series.

  • The Blood List

    Author: Sarah Naughton
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    In 1646, England is gripped by wild tales of witches, murder and changelings.

  • The Blue Cat

    Author: Ursula Dubosarky
    Publisher: Allen & Unwin

    Columba, growing up in Australia on the eve of the Second World War, knows Europe only as a far-away place where mysterious events occur and threaten her life. A poetic account of the Second World War.

  • The Blue Sword

    Author: Robin McKinley
    Publisher: Firebird

    This teen fantasy, originally published in 1982, is a rip-roaring ride filled with fantasy, girl-power, romance and danger.

  • The Bluest of Blues: Anna Atkins and the First Book of Photographs

    Author: Fiona Robinson
    Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers

    Fiona Robinson’s beautifully blue book about the life of 19th-century born Anna Atkins is an inspiring testament to a father’s commitment to his daughter’s education, and to her passion for the natural world. Young nature lovers will be inspired by Anna’s story.

  • The Bog Baby

    Author: Jeanne Willis Illustrator: Gwen Millward
    Publisher: Puffin

    Two little girls go walking in bluebell wood and rescue a Bog Baby.

  • The Bombs That Brought Us Together

    Author: Brian Conaghan
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Charlie and Pav's friendship becomes something more complex, when the bombs and the Old Country soldiers come. This compulsive teen read successfully achieves a difficult balance: entertainment and social commentary.

  • The Bone Dragon

    Author: Alexia Casale
    Publisher: Faber Children's

    An intriguing blend of psychological thriller and fantasy, this is an impressive and unusual debut.

  • The Bone Sparrow

    Author: Zana Fraillon
    Publisher: Orion Children’s Books

    Focusing on a friendship between two young refugees, The Bone Sparrow is one of those rare, special books that will break your heart with its honesty and beauty - but is ultimately hopeful and uplifting.

  • The Bonehill Curse

    Author: Jon Mayhew
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

    The year is 1868 and Necessity Bonehill lives miserably in a boarding school for young ladies. Overwhelmed by boredom, she is unable to resist temptation when an exotic-looking bottle arrives from her uncle along with instructions never to open it.

  • The Book Case

    Author: Dave Shelton
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    This sniggeringly funny, totally deadpan adventure is a joy to read. Loosely set in the 1930s, it’s a bit like reading a really well-written and funny Famous Five or Secret Seven by Enid Blyton.

  • The Book of Bees

    Author: Piotr Socha and Wojciech Grajkowski Translator: Agnes Monod-Gayraud
    Publisher: Thames & Hudson

    This glorious book will introduce you to the bee world. It is fantastically illustrated in a cartoonish style that is big, bold and great fun.

  • The Book of Blood and Shadow

    Author: Robin Wasserman
    Publisher: Atom

    Translating the letters of sixteenth century alchemist's daughter Elizabeth Weston, Nora finds herself on the trail of a powerful secret encoded in the mysterious Voynich Manuscript

  • The Book of Clouds

    Author: Juris Kronbergs Illustrator: Anete Melece Translator: Mara Rozīte and Richard O’Brien
    Publisher: The Emma Press

    This wonderful book about the magic of clouds is full of surprising and original poems, perfect for upper key stage two children either at school or at home. 

  • The Book of Dust 1: La Belle Sauvage

    Author: Philip Pullman Illustrator: Chris Wormell
    Publisher: Penguin

    Malcolm is drawn into a dangerous world of secrets and intrigue – and a mission to protect baby Lyra, whatever the cost. La Belle Sauvage gives readers a not-to-be-missed chance to be back in the world of His Dark Materials: full of peril, magic and thrills. 

  • The Book of Dust 2: The Secret Commonwealth

    Author: Philip Pullman Illustrator: Chris Wormell
    Publisher: Penguin Books

    The Secret Commonwealth is a deeper, darker beast than the previous His Dark Materials trilogy. Some brilliant and excitingly tense set pieces will keep you breathless and with a knot in your stomach – and desperate to know what happens next. 

  • The Book of Pearl

    Author: Timothée de Fombelle Translator: Sarah Ardizzone
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Joshua Pearl is a fairy prince in a human world, trying to make his way back to his one true love through our history. This sweeping fairy tale of love and memory will bewitch readers who long for epic romance and otherworldly magic.

  • The Book Thief

    Author: Markus Zusak
    Publisher: Black Swan

    A powerful story narrated by Death, about: a girl, an accordionist, some fanatical Germans, a Jewish fist fighter, and quite a lot of thievery

  • The Book with No Pictures

    Author: B J Novak
    Publisher: Puffin

    Demanding to be shared, this is a fresh and enormously funny book that children will want to hear time and time again.

  • The Bookshop Girl

    Author: Sylvia Bishop Illustrator: Ashley King
    Publisher: Scholastic

    When Property Jones's family win the amazing opportunity to take over a huge bookshop in London, they can't wait to move. But Property thinks there's something fishy going on. This crime caper has lots of warmth and laughs.

  • The Borrowers

    Author: Mary Norton
    Publisher: Puffin

    The Borrowers are tiny people who live in the secret places of old houses - behind the mantlepiece, inside the harpsichord, under the kitchen clock.

  • The Boss Baby

    Author: Marla Frazee
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Books

    From the moment the baby arrived, it was obvious that he was the boss

  • The Boundless

    Author: Kenneth Oppel
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    Travelling on a gigantic train, The Boundless, Will witnesses a brutal murder - and it is up to Will to save the train. A rollercoaster of a read, with thrilling turns, dazzling characters and non-stop action.

  • The Box of Delights

    Author: John Masefield Illustrator: Quentin Blake
    Publisher: The Box of Delights

    A magical old man has asked Kay to protect the Box of Delights, a Box with which he can travel through time. But Kay is in danger: Abner Brown will stop at nothing to get his hands on it. The police don't believe Kay, so when his family and the Bishop are scrobbled up just before Christmas, he knows he must act alone...

  • The Boy and the Globe

    Author: Tony Bradman Illustrator: Tom Morgan-Jones
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke Ltd

    When Toby goes to the Globe theatre to thieve, he meets a sad and despairing figure: William Shakespeare. This funny chapter book celebrates the power of art and imagination in all its forms - and has some wonderfully arch illustrations.

  • The Boy at the Back of the Class

    Author: Onjali Q Raúf
    Publisher: Orion Children's Books

    This is the story about how four classmates have a massive impact on the life of Ahmet, a boy that comes to their school as a refugee from Syria. An inspiring and sweet tale that should help children be the best they can be and realise the power of kindness.

  • The Boy from France

    Author: Hilary Freeman
    Publisher: Piccadilly Press

    When Vix’s visiting French exchange student turns out to be a boy, her classmates are jealous. But Vix is regretting being a host – she already has enough to do caring for her disabled mother.

  • The Boy in the Black Suit

    Author: Jason Reynolds
    Publisher: Faber and Faber

    When Matt’s mum tragically dies from cancer, it feels like all the joy is sucked out of his life. Then he meets a girl called Love. This is a profoundly beautiful, open-hearted, funny, tear-jerking, readable and relatable story, which explores grief in the truest sense.

  • The Boy in the Dress

    Author: David Walliams Illustrator: Quentin Blake
    Publisher: HarperCollins Childrens Books

    Despite its sensitive subject matter, this book is filled with humour

  • The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

    Author: John Boyne
    Publisher: Random House

    Bruno is exploring his new home at 'Out-With' when he meets Shmuel, who lives on the other side of a fence which surrounds a large camp in the grounds.

  • The Boy in the Tower

    Author: Polly Ho-Yen
    Publisher: Doubleday

    Taking place in a believable urban, multicultural environment that will be familiar to many young readers, Polly Ho-Yen's debut is an impressively moving and thought-provoking story that will touch children and adults alike.

  • The Boy on the Wooden Box

    Author: Leon Leyson
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    The harrowing story of Leon Leyson, a Jewish boy who was saved by Oskar Schindler is hard to read at times but it’s wonderfully written and sure to move readers to the core.

  • The Boy Who Climbed into the Moon

    Author: David Almond Illustrator: Polly Dunbar
    Publisher: Walker Books

    A child's imagination is a wonderful thing and Paul's is more wonderful and vivid than many. He has a theory - that the moon is not really the moon but a great big hole in the sky.

  • The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43

    Author: Harriet Goodwin
    Publisher: Stripes

    A quirky debut novel laced with humour and a dollop of magic

  • The Boy Who Flew

    Author: Fleur Hitchcock
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    When Athan Wilde’s mentor, Mr Chen, is brutally murdered, he rescues secret plans that should enable him to complete the old man’s spectacular flying machine. But Athan needs help and he’s not sure who to trust. A tense and imaginative historical thriller.

  • The Boy Who Hit Play

    Author: Chloe Daykin
    Publisher: Faber & Faber

    A funny, life-affirming quest for identity that sees 12-year old Elvis Crampton Lucas and his adoptive dad racing across Norway, pursued by a shadowy villain. Captivating and thought-provoking.

  • The Boy Who Loved Everyone

    Author: Jane Porter Illustrator: Maisie Paradise Shearring
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Dimitri is new at nursery, and no matter how many people (and trees) he says 'I love you' to, no one says it back. Dimitri starts to get really sad. Even the guinea pig seems to want to get away!

    When Mum walks him to nursery the next day, she explains that people show their feelings in different ways: the mean old man on the park bench is telling the stray …

  • The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair

    Author: Lara Williamson
    Publisher: Usborne

    Becket Rumsey decides to investigate the reasons behind the strange actions of some of the adults in his life. With the help of his brother Billy and his pet snail Brian, he uncovers some difficult truths - and some beautiful ones.

  • The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas

    Author: David Almond Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Multi-award-winning author David Almond returns with this pleasingly eccentric story of a ordinary boy who embarks on an unusual adventure.

  • The Boy who Switched off the Sun

    Author: Paul Brown Illustrator: Mark O’Hanlon
    Publisher: Fourth Wall Publishing

    Marcel turns off the sun and plunges the world into the cold and dark. Can he find a way to put things back to normal – and quickly? Bright, glossy, humorous and thought-provoking.

  • The Boy Who Went Magic

    Author: A P Winter
    Publisher: Chicken House Ltd

    Everyone in Penvellyn has grown up on the stories of Ferenor, an abandoned land of mages and magic that now lies in myth and ruin. Touches of steampunk and fantasy mix together in this magic-filled adventure.

  • The Boy With Two Heads

    Author: Andy Mulligan
    Publisher: David Fickling

    Richard Westlake is an altogether ordinary boy, until he inexplicably grows another head.

  • The Boy With the Butterfly Mind

    Author: Victoria Williamson
    Publisher: Floris Books

    The complexities of families divided by break-up and reformed as blended versions of themselves will have been experienced by many readers. Elin and Jamie’s story is a compelling and affecting book about acceptance, openness and family dynamics.

  • The Boy with the Tiger's Heart

    Author: Linda Coggin
    Publisher: HotKey Books

    Written, unusually, in the present tense, this dystopian fable expresses an idea about the way the relationship between nature and society could develop.

  • The Boy with the Topknot

    Author: Sathnam Sanghera
    Publisher: Penguin

    The book moves along quickly, never boring, always painting an interesting picture of a family dealing with mental illness and a family dealing with the cultural differences of old and new, East and West.

  • The Boy, The Bird and the Coffin Maker

    Author: Matilda Woods
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Allora is a small town so close to the ocean that fish fly out of the tumultuous sea; it's a town so small that secrets are impossible to keep.

  • The Boyhood of Burglar Bill

    Author: Allan Ahlberg
    Publisher: Penguin

    It is 1953, and in Oldbury Town there is to be a football competition. Rood End Primary enters its two best teams, but there are a few others who want to make their mark too.

  • The Brave Beast

    Author: Chris Judge
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    The Beast is enjoying a lovely bit of peace and quiet when terrified villagers from a nearby island beg for his help in finding the source of a horrifying howling.

  • The Brave Little Grork

    Author: Kathryn Cave Illustrator: Nick Maland
    Publisher: Friendly Dragon

    Grorks are shy, easily frightened creatures, and the one in this story is no exception. When his friend, the greep, suggests going for a walk to the wood, the grork is terrified...

  • The Bride's Farewell

    Author: Meg Rosoff
    Publisher: Penguin

    A gripping, poetic coming-of-age tale, which considers issues as relevant to 21st century teenage experience as they were in Pell’s time; relationships, duty, love and abuse.

  • The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

    Author: Liz Pichon
    Publisher: Scholastic

    This book oozes personality and with so much going on it promises to maintain the attention of young readers for hours at a time

  • The Brockenspectre

    Author: Linda Newbery Illustrator: Pam Smy
    Publisher: Random House

    Tomas sets out to find his father, terrified that the Brockenspectre - a mountain monster which his father had told him about - has got him.

  • The Broken Road

    Author: B R Collins
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Celebrating the 800th centenary of the Children's Crusade, The Broken Road imagines the story of a group of young people to Jerusalem to regain the city from the Saracens for the Christianity, which took place in the 13th century.

  • The Broken Word

    Author: Adam Foulds
    Publisher: Jonathan Cape

    Adam Foulds' stunning poetic sequence follows the experience of Tom, recently returned to his family’s farm in Kenya and propelled into the violence of the Mau Mau uprising.

  • The Bubble Boy

    Author: Stewart Foster
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster

    Joe has always lived in a sterile room in a hospital. He's the 'bubble boy': documented on TV because of a rare condition, affecting his immune system, that keeps him vacuum-packed from the rest of society.

  • The Bubble Wrap Boy

    Author: Phil Earle
    Publisher: Penguin

    Charlie goes in search of something he is good at, that will make him feel better after being picked on at school. When he discovers skateboarding his whole life changes, but can he persuade his overprotective Mum to let him develop his talent?

  • The Building Boy

    Author: Ross Montgomery Illustrator: David Litchfield
    Publisher: Faber & Faber

    The boy loves his grandmother dearly. Best of all, he loves the stories about her life as a prize-winning architect. One day, she promises she'll build him an extraordinary house. Now his grandmother's gone, and he's heartbroken. But in her garden there are bricks and girder and he begins to build….

  • The Bumblebear

    Author: Nadia Shireen
    Publisher: Jonathan Cape

    Norman the bear loves honey, so he thinks up an ingenious plan to get his paws on as much as he can eat - by enrolling at Bee School! An endearing tale about friendship and loyalty.

  • The Buried Crown

    Author: Ally Sherrick
    Publisher: Chicken House

    It's World War Two and Britain is on the brink of invasion. George has been sent to live in the countryside  – but he's far from safe. A fast-paced adventure that zips along and mixes up the facts with tantalising mythical and magical elements.

  • The Bus is for Us!

    Author: Michael Rosen Illustrator: Gillian Tyler
    Publisher: Walker Books

    With bold, easy to read rhyming text and beautiful pictures to fire the imagination, this book, exploring all manner of transport and adventure, is one to be treasured and shared.

  • The Butterfly Clues

    Author: Kate Ellison
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Blending a tense and compelling murder mystery with a thoughtful story of self-discovery , this is an impressive debut novel

  • The Butterfly Heart

    Author: Paula Leyden
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Twins Bul-Boo and Madillo are determined to save their friend Winifred from an arranged marriage with her uncle's friend, who is old enough to be her grandfather.

  • The Butterfly House

    Author: Katy Flint Illustrator: Alice Pattullo
    Publisher: Lincoln Children’s Books

    Inside an imaginary glass butterfly house, we make our way through a variety of butterfly and moth species, all fabulously illustrated by the very talented Alice Pattullo. A very lovely and informative read.

  • The Cake the Wolf and the Witch

    Author: Maudie Smith Illustrator: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Orion

    An imaginative, entertaining story about scary new beginnings, featuring some comical, crazy characters and sprinkled with funny illustrations.

  • The Call

    Author: Peadar O’Guilin
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    The Call masterfully blends fantasy, horror and folklore. The Sídhe are vicious fairy-type creatures, banished by humans to another land. They take their revenge by 'calling' teenagers to the Grey Lands - where they are hunted, tortured or killed.

  • The Cardturner

    Author: Louis Sachar
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Alton has been unwillingly forced by his parents into being his irrascible, blind, bridge-mad uncle’s cardturner, in the hope that the family will be beneficiaries of the old man’s will.

  • The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole

    Author: Michelle Cuevas
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster

    When 11-year-old space mad Stella visits NASA, the last thing she expects is for a black hole to follow her and live in her house as a pet. A heartwarming, sensitively funny and uplifting illustrated story of one girl's journey in confronting her grief.

  • The Carhullan Army

    Author: Sarah Hall
    Publisher: Faber

    Britain is in a bad way. Flooding, fuel shortages and overseas military commitments have taken their toll on the environment and the economy.

  • The Case of the Good-Looking Corpse

    Author: Caroline Lawrence
    Publisher: Orion Children's Books

    P.K. Pinkerton, intrepid 12-year-old Private Eye who (almost) never sleeps, returns in the second book in this lively and original series from Caroline Lawrence, set in America's Wild West.

  • The Castle

    Author: Sophia Bennett
    Publisher: Chicken House

    The Castle is a fast-paced adventure story that is sure to keep readers turning pages. It also touches upon issues of domestic slavery, politics and human rights.

  • The Castle Corona

    Author: Sharon Creech
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Two orphaned peasant children, Pia and Enzio, find a pouch, stolen from the King and dropped in their path. A fairytale about rich and poor.

  • The Castle of Inside Out

    Author: David Henry Wilson Illustrator: Chris Riddell
    Publisher: Alma Books Ltd

    This is a timeless fantastical story about overcoming greed, power and corruption. Lorina is a brave heroine, who fights for what is right against all odds. There are lots of other fun characters, too - all illustrated by the wonderful Chris Riddell.

  • The Cat and the Fiddle: A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes

    Author: Jackie Morris
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

    The bold, earthy colour palate and close observation of the human and natural world make this a striking collection to be treasured – and remembered

  • The Cat and the King

    Author: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Scholastic

    When the royal castle is destroyed in an Unfortunate Incident involving a fire-breathing dragon, the King and his best friend, the cat, are forced to find an alternative home.

  • The Cat in the Hat

    Author: Dr Seuss
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

    When Sally and her brother are left alone on a rainy day, they think they are in for a dull time - but then the Cat in the Hat appears.

  • The Cat Mummy

    Author: Jacqueline Wilson Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Yearling

    A deceptively simple tale which explores the issue of bereavement for younger readers.

  • The Cat Who Ate Christmas

    Author: Lil Chase Illustrator: Thomas Docherty
    Publisher: Little Brown Books for Young Readers

    After causing havoc at home, Jingles the playful kitten disappears, and the family spends Christmas frantically searching for their beloved pet. This amusing festive tale, with comical illustrations, is ideal for newly-confident independent readers.

  • The Cat Who Came in Off the Roof

    Author: Annie M G Schmidt Translator: David Colmer
    Publisher: Pushkin Children’s

    This is a humorous, surreal and satisfying story with an old fashioned feel.

  • The Catlady

    Author: Dick King-Smith Illustrator: John Eastwood
    Publisher: Random House

    Miss Ponsonby is reclusive and eccentric. She is certain that she has living with her, in feline form, not only her dead parents and friends, but Queen Victoria.

  • The Cave

    Author: Rob Hodgson
    Publisher: Francis Lincoln Children’s Books

    There is a cave that is home to a creature: a creature that never leaves its cave… Because of the wolf. A laugh-out-loud story with a very BIG surprise and some glorious artwork: perfect for fans of Jon Klassen and Chris Haughton.

  • The City of Devi

    Author: Manil Suri
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Manil Suri's new novel, The City of Devi, is a weird postmodern dystopia, a thriller and a love story.

  • The City of Secret Rivers

    Author: Jacob Sager Weinstein Illustrator: Euan Cook
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Hyacinth Hayward is on a mission to save her kidnapped Mum. Unfortunately, this involves travelling the length and breadth of London's sewers and meeting some very unsavoury characters... A delightfully silly, surreal and addictive adventure.

  • The Clockwork Crow

    Author: Catherine Fisher
    Publisher: Firefly

    Orphan Seren Rhys has been sent to live with her mysterious Godfather after living for 12 years in an orphanage. The possibility of her first happy family Christmas seems like it might finally be within her reach.

    On her solo journey to Wales, Seren is given a mysterious package to look after by a stranger and ends up feeling obliged to take it with her. But…

  • The Cloud

    Author: Hannah Cumming
    Publisher: Child's Play

    Everyone loves art class; everyone except the little girl who sits alone and draws nothing, a black cloud glowering above her

  • The Cloud Horse Chronicles: Guardians of Magic

    Author: Chris Riddell
    Publisher: Macmillan

    The first in a wildly imaginative fantasy series, in which three brave youngsters join forces against those trying to destroy ancient magic. Packed with beautifully intricate illustrations full of character and passion, it’s absorbing and supremely entertaining. 

  • The Cloud Hunters

    Author: Alex Shearer
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    Many years after an unspecified cataclysm, the Earth has been shattered into a myriad of tiny planetoids floating in a vast ocean of air.

  • The Cloudspotter

    Author: Tom McLaughlin
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Franklin was called 'The Cloudspotter' - and he didn't want to share his clouds with anyone. That's why he pops the infuriating Scruffy Dog into a hot-air balloon and lets her fly away. A charming story about a lonely little boy who finds a friend.

  • The Clubhouse Mystery: Cass and the Bubble Street Gang

    Author: Erika McGann Illustrator: Vince Reid
    Publisher: The O’Brien Press

    Best friends Cass, Lex and Nicholas are the Bubble Street Gang. Humour, adventure, mystery and plenty of innocent childhood antics pepper this comical chapter book for young readers.

  • The Clue is in the Poo and Other Stuff Too

    Author: Andy Seed Illustrator: Claire Almon
    Publisher: Quarto Publishing

    Packed full of fascinating facts and flashes of humour, this non-fiction picture book encourages children to become wildlife detectives. Ideal for any animal enthusiast, this would also be a useful addition to the classroom for use on wildlife projects.

  • The Clumsies Make a Mess

    Author: Sorrel Anderson Illustrator: Nicola Slater
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

    The Clumsies try to solve lots of Howard’s problems, all with hilarious consequences.

  • The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

    Author: Holly Black
    Publisher: Indigo

    Welcome to Coldtown. Once you enter, you can never leave. Delightfully dark and gorgeously gothic, it is certain to enchant fans of all things chilling and supernatural.

  • The Colour Monster

    Author: Anna Llenas
    Publisher: Templar

    An original and entertaining picture book using colour, collage-effect illustrations and a delightfully cute monster to help youngsters identify and understand different emotions.

  • The Colour of Home

    Author: Mary Hoffman Illustrator: Karin Littlewood
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    On Hassan's first day at school he paints a colourful picture of his home and family in Somalia, but then adds soldiers, flames and bullets.

  • The Colour of the Sun

    Author: David Almond
    Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

    David Almond returns to deliver a powerful story centring around the acceptance of loss of one’s childhood after a parent’s death and the journey towards adulthood, which is portrayed beautifully in this coming-of-age novel.

  • The Colour Thief

    Author: Andrew Fusek Peters and Polly Peters Illustrator: Karin Littlewood
    Publisher: Wayland

    Drawing on personal experiences of living in a family blighted by depression, this unusual, yet important, book may help youngsters to make sense of an illness they cannot see.

  • The Colours of History

    Author: Clive Gifford Illustrator: Marc-Etienne Peintre
    Publisher: QED Publishing

    Full of fascinating facts about colour, this book focuses on a topic that is not often covered in children’s books. It offers a wide range of opportunities and new ideas for parents and schools, working across the curriculum through art, history and beyond.

  • The Company of Eight

    Author: Harriet Whitehorn
    Publisher: Stripes

    This adventure book is a total rollercoaster ride that will catch your breath as gutsy Cass weaves in and out of peril. After all, who doesn't want swashbuckling fun and women warriors with the hearts of lions?

  • The Company of Ghosts

    Author: Berlie Doherty
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Over the past year many things have changed in Ellie’s life. When she is told she must go away with her mum and her stepfather on their honeymoon, it’s the last straw and she decides to run away. Fortunately she meets Morag, a friend from orchestra, who says she can stay at her house.

  • The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

    Publisher: Andrews McMeel

    The comic-strip adventures of Calvin, a naughty boy with a philosophical bent, and his soft toy tiger companion Hobbes, delighted readers from 1985 to 1995. 

  • The Conquerors

    Author: David McKee
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    The General of a powerful country sends his troops into the last unconquered territory, but to their surprise, when they march across the border, they meet with no resistance.

  • The Considine Curse

    Author: Gareth P Jones
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Ever woken up to an eerie howl in the night and wondered what it was? This creepy tale about the Considine family might just have the answer

  • The Coral Kingdom

    Author: Laura Knowles and Jennie Webber
    Publisher: Words & Pictures Press

    The great beauty and diversity of the coral reef is explored in this stunningly beautiful picture book, which is a true work of art. The rhyming non-fiction text scans well and the information about coral reef conservation is pitched at the right level.

  • The Covers Of My Book Are Too Far Apart! (And Other Grumbles)

    Author: Vivian French
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke (Picture Squirrels)

    This accessible and diversely illustrated picture book gives helpful suggestions for more or less any reading issue. It's likely to especially interest schools.

  • The Cow That Laid an Egg

    Author: Andy Cutbill Illustrator: Russell Ayto
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    A madcap, yet moving, story about having the courage of one's convictions, even when others doubt you.

  • The Cow Who Fell to Earth

    Author: Nadia Shireen
    Publisher: Penguin Random House Children’s Books

    One night, a little cow falls to earth from the moon, but none of the earth animals speak her language. This lovely book about friendship and belonging is beautifully paced and has all of Nadia Shireen’s recognisable cute characters.

  • The Cradle of All Worlds

    Author: Jeremy Lachlan
    Publisher: Egmont

    Jane Doe appeared on the steps of the mysterious Manor with her sick father as a baby, and ever since the residents of Bluehaven have considered her The Cursed One. But Jane's about to find out who she really is in a storming, funny and gripping adventure romp.

  • The Creakers

    Author: Tom Fletcher Illustrator: Shane Devries
    Publisher: Puffin

    The Creakers is a charmingly written adventure story. Monsters under the bed (AKA The Creakers) are acknowledged as scary, but the warm and humorous narrator will make more nervous children feel they are in safe hands. A really lovely, funny book.

  • The Creeper Files: The Root of All Evil

    Author: Hacker Murphy
    Publisher: Oxford Press

    After reading this brilliantly creepy book, you'll never look at a potato in the same way again.

  • The Creeper Man

    Author: Dawn Kurtagich
    Publisher: Orion

    Kurtagich has created an incredibly assured, claustrophobic horror with a fractured and troubled teen narrator that will have you gripped to the very last page.

  • The Croc and the Sock

    Author: Claire Evans
    Publisher: Fourth Wall Publishing

    Croc wakes up and there’s a sock left on his floor: a smelly, wet, dirty sock. Who has left it, and where is its matching pair? An engaging story with a rhyming text and a fun Croc puppet attached to bring the story to life.

  • The Crocodile and the Dentist

    Author: Taro Gomi
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    When it’s time for the Crocodile’s annual visit to the dentist, which of them is more afraid? Witty, colourful and delightful.

  • The Crocodile Under the Bed

    Author: Judith Kerr
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

    Matty is sick, and very sad because he's too sick to go to the Queen's birthday party! But when he gets an unexpected visitor, it seems that Matty might not miss out after all...

  • The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water

    Author: Gemma Merino
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    Little crocodile doesn't like water. It's cold. It's wet. It's embarrassing.

  • The Crooked Sixpence

    Author: Jennifer Bell
    Publisher: Corgi

    Jennifer Bell has built a wonderful new world in which readers can immerse themselves, in this pacey, magical adventure. There are twists and turns, new creatures and strange, 'uncommon' objects to discover around every street corner.

  • The Crossover

    Author: Kwame Alexander
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Josh and his twin brother JB are mad about basketball. They’re stars of their school team and being on the court is everything. Although different from each other, the two brothers have always been as close as can be. But things are changing. JB’s more interested in spending time with the new girl at school than with Josh, and as the fractures in their broth…

  • The Crow’s Tale

    Author: Naomi Howarth
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    In the dark depths of winter, Brave Crow sets out on a dangerous journey to find the Sun, and beg for warmth. Inspired by a Native American myth, this beautiful picture book shows how courage and kindness are what really matter.

  • The Crowfield Curse

    Author: Pat Walsh
    Publisher: Chicken House

    Will finds a small creature caught in a trap in the woods; a hob. The discovery of this magical creature signals the beginning of an incredible adventure for Will. A more challenging read that really fires the imagination.

  • The Crowstarver

    Author: Dick King-Smith
    Publisher: Random House

    As ‘Spider’ grows up, it becomes apparent that despite his physical and learning disabilities, he has a remarkable gift for communicating with animals.

  • The Cry of the Wolf

    Author: Melvin Burgess
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    The Hunter is a cold, cruel man who lives only to kill rare animals and collect their skins. When the Hunter discovers that a pack of English wolves, long thought to be extinct, live in the Surrey countryside, he resolves to kill them all at any cost.

  • The Crystal Stair

    Author: Catherine Fisher
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    The Crystal Stair picks up after At the World’s End. Caz and Will soon find themselves out in the frozen landscape once again, and it’s even more dangerous than last time. This is a fantastic sequel for this dystopian series.

  • The Cupcake Diaries: Katie and the Cupcake Cure

    Author: Coco Simon
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster

    It's Katie Brown's first day at her new school and she's already feeling miserable.

  • The Cure for Dreaming

    Author: Cat Winters
    Publisher: Amulet Books

    Interspersing her text with archive photos, Cat Winters combines history with the supernatural in her celebration of independent women in early twentieth-century America, and highlights the fight for women's suffrage.

  • The Curiositree

    Author: Amanda Wood and Mike Jolley Illustrator: Owen Davey
    Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

    Natural World is an extremely beautiful reference book that explores the way that habitats, plants and animals are connected, and the way that all elements of nature work in harmony.

  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

    Author: Mark Haddon
    Publisher: Red Fox

    This funny, touching and compelling novel was the winner of the inaugural Booktrust Teenage Prize

  • The Changes Trilogy

    Author: Peter Dickinson
    Publisher: Open Road Media

    Gripped by a strange fear, England closes its doors to the outside world. In a tunnel beneath Wales one man opens a crack in a mysterious stone wall, and all over the island of Britain people react with horror to perfectly normal machines. Abandoning their cars on the roads and destroying their own factories, many flee the cities for the countryside, wh…

  • The Chain

    Author: Keith Gray
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    How often do we wonder if things might have turned out differently but for a single random act or event?

  • The Cherry Pie Princess

    Author: Vivian French Illustrator: Marta Kissi
    Publisher: Walker Books

    When a bad fairy plots to kidnap the baby prince, Princess Peony must act fast to save her brother. Engaging characters, plenty of humour and a smattering of magic combine in this contemporary fairy tale for confident independent readers.

  • The Chicken Nugget Ambush

    Author: Mark Lowery
    Publisher: Piccadilly Press

    Roman has a lot of misadventures, and this book is a non-stop comical disaster ride. Ideal for kids who find bodily functions, scabs, bogeys and toilet humour hilarious.

  • The Children of the King

    Author: Sonya Hartnett
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Brilliantly written, this is an original and exciting story set in England and London during the Blitz.

  • The Children of Willesden Lane

    Author: Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen
    Publisher: Hachette

    Aspiring concert pianist Lisa Jura is just 14 when she is forced to leave Germany behind and travel to England on the Kindertransport. Told by her daughter Mona, it's an eye-opening insight into life as a young refugee during World War Two.

  • The Children who Smelled a Rat

    Author: Allan Ahlberg Illustrator: Katharine McEwen
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Ahlberg and McEwen's fourth fast, funny and improbable story about the Gaskitt family is as ingenious as its predecessors.

  • The Child's Elephant

    Author: Rachel Campbell-Johnston
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    Bat lives with his grandmother in the central African savannah and rears cows. One day he finds an orphaned baby elephant, and so begins a special relationship.

  • The Chinese Emperor’s New Clothes

    Author: Ying Chang Compestine Illustrator: David Roberts
    Publisher: Abrams Books for Young Readers

    This retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic fairy tale incorporates Compestine’s experiences of growing up in the Chinese Cultural Revolution to provide a thoughtful tale about corruption and poverty. 

  • The Chocolate Box Girls: Cherry Crush

    Author: Cathy Cassidy
    Publisher: Puffin

    Cherry’s single Dad has found a new love, but when he and Cherry move to live with her, there are four daughters already in the family, one of whom is not welcoming.

  • The Chocolate Dog

    Author: Holly Webb Illustrator: Sharon Rentta
    Publisher: Scholatic

    Amy is feeling alone: mum is pregnant and tired, dad is cross and little sister Lara is annoying. The only one who seems to have any time for her is her loyal dog, Choc.

  • The Chosen Ones

    Author: Scarlett Thomas
    Publisher: Canongate

    Set in a dystopian world where technology is flawed and magic abounds, this is the second instalment in the Worldquake sequence. This exciting fantasy adventure is peppered with portals into other dimensions, evil plots and monsters. 

  • The Christmas Bear

    Author: Ian Whybrow Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    When Father Christmas sets off to deliver the presents, poor Bear is left behind in the workshop! How will he make it to Tom's house in time for Christmas morning? Lift the flaps to find out, as he chases Santa's sleigh through icy seas and snowy forests, all the way from the North Pole to Tom's cosy bedroom.

  • The Christmas Book

    Author: Dick Bruna
    Publisher: Egmont

    From the creator of Miffy, comes a beautiful edition of Dick Bruna's charming Christmas Book complete with a press-out crib scene. In this delightful title he retells the birth of Jesus using simple text and charming illustrations

  • The Christmas Eve Ghost

    Author: Shirley Hughes
    Publisher: Walker Books

    In 1930s Liverpool, young Bronwen and Dylan find kindness from an unexpected source when they are frightened by what they think is a ghost on Christmas Eve.

  • The Christmas Extravaganza Hotel

    Author: Tracey Corderoy Illustrator: Tiny Neal
    Publisher: Little Tiger Press

    Frog turns up at Bear’s door, looking for a Christmas Extravaganza he’s seen advertised. A lovely tale about friendship, kindness, and valuing the wonderful parts of the festive season that aren’t directly about consumerism.

  • The Christmas Mouse

    Author: Toby Forward Illustrator: Ruth Brown
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    It's Christmas Eve, and two mice are curled up in their mouseholes. One is comfortable and warm with a candied plum to eat, but the other has nothing at all.

  • The Christmas Unicorn

    Author: Anna Currey
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Milly is awakened in the night by a beautiful unicorn who helps to create a magical Christmas for her family.

  • The Christmasaurus

    Author: Tom Fletcher Illustrator: Shane Devries
    Publisher: Puffin

    If you ever doubted that dinosaurs and Christmas would work well together, read this book. It is bursting with loveable characters, fast-paced adventure and, of course, Christmas spirit.

  • The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch

    Author: Tom Fletcher Illustrator: Shane Devries
    Publisher: Puffin

    The much-adored Christmasaurus is back for more magical adventures in this feel-good sequel to The Christmasaurus. The storybook brings together all the joy of Christmas: warmth, happiness and family squabbles. 

  • The Chronicles of Narmo

    Author: Caitlin Moran
    Publisher: Corgi Children's

    Bestselling author and columnist Caitlin Moran wrote The Chronicles of Narmo when she was just a teenager herself

  • The Churki-Burki Book of Rhyme

    Author: Gita Wolf Illustrator: Durga Bai
    Publisher: Tara Books

    An attractive story interspersed with rhymes, telling of two sisters, Churki and Burki, and their dog, based on the artist's own childhood memories in an Indian village.

  • The Dam

    Author: David Almond Illustrator: Levi Pinfold
    Publisher: Walker Books

    This stunning, wild and atmospheric picture book by two giants of children’s literature tells the true story of a musician father and his daughter who enter each house in the valley to play music and dance, so that they will always contain music – and magic.

  • The Dark

    Author: Lemony Snicket Illustrator: Jon Klassen
    Publisher: Orchard Book

    One night, the night-light goes out, and the dark calls Laszlo down into the basement to meet it.

  • The Dark Inside

    Author: Rupert Wallis
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    James and Webster, a pair of unlikely friends, embark on a curious rampage across the Devonshire countryside: one to escape life as he knows it, the other on a quest to lift a curse.

  • The Dark is Rising

    Author: Susan Cooper
    Publisher: Red Fox

    This is probably one of the greatest fantasy sequences ever written. Darkly magical and intense Cooper weaves her storytelling wonder over fully realised characters and worlds, drawing in the reader and leading them on a journey that will leave them clambering for the rest of the series.

  • The Dark Light

    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    This is a gripping and unsettling story with some disturbing characters and a menacing atmosphere which pervades throughout. A dark but compelling read.

  • The Darkest Dark

    Author: Chris Hadfield with Kate Fillion Illustrator: The Fan Brothers
    Publisher: Macmillan

    One night as a boy, Chris Hadfield watches the Apollo 11 moon landing and decides to be an astronaut. This atmospheric book draws on the Commander's childhood fear of the dark, and his realisation that dreams can come true.

  • The Darkest Part of the Forest

    Author: Holly Black
    Publisher: Hachette

    With a refreshing spin on the traditional roles and full of sinister undertones and dark magic, this is a bewitching and exciting modern fairy tale for this generation of readers of YA fiction.

  • The Dawn Chorus

    Author: Suzanne Barton
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    A warm, reassuring tale about individual talents and about belonging, which will appeal to small children everywhere. Glorious illustrations swirl through the pages in a crescendo of appealing, harmonious images.

  • The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish

    Author: Neil Gaiman Illustrator: Dave McKean
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books

    When Mike swaps his dad for his friend Nathan’s two goldfish his mum is not pleased. But when Mike tries to get his dad back, he finds he's already been traded for an electric guitar.

  • The Day I Was Erased

    Author: Lisa Thompson
    Publisher: Scholastic

    A strange turn of events transports Maxwell to a world where nobody, not even his parents or sister, recognise him. The Day I Was Erased captures the vibrancy and buzz of school life and will ultimately leave readers with a warm glow and lots of hope.

  • The Day Louis Got Eaten

    Author: John Fardell
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Fardell creates a variation on the Old Woman who swallowed a fly in this hilarious adventure

  • The Day That Aliens Nearly Ate Our Brains

    Author: Tom McLaughlin
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Freddy and Sal just wanted to watch Wrestlegeddon Smackdown when they tried to hijack next-door’s satellite dish. How were they to know it would pinpoint the exact location of Planet Earth to Alan, the grumpiest alien in the universe?

  • The Day the Crayons Came Home

    Author: Drew Daywalt Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    One day, a surprising stack of postcards arrives for Duncan. They are all from his old forgotten crayons, demanding to be brought home to the crayon box. A captivating, comical sequel to The Day the Crayons Quit.

  • The Day the Crayons Quit

    Author: Drew Daywalt Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    Award-winning illustrator and artist Oliver Jeffers has teamed up with film writer and director Drew Daywalt to create this gorgeously colourful picture book.

  • The Day the Rains Fell

    Author: Anne Faundez Illustrator: Karin Littlewood
    Publisher: Tamarind

    Long ago, when the world was new, Lindiwe gazed down from the heavens, proud of the earth and the creatures she'd created.

  • The Day War Came

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Rebecca Cobb
    Publisher: Walker Books

    A heartbreaking picture book that perfectly explains the displacement of people, and especially children, in war, and the trauma experienced by people forced to leave their homes. 

  • The Dead

    Author: Charlie Higson
    Publisher: Puffin

    Jack and Ed think things are looking up after they escape boarding school in this sequel to The Enemy, but then something terrible happens that will put them in more danger than ever.

  • The Dead House

    Author: Dawn Kurtagich
    Publisher: Orion

    This is an utterly compelling and creepy psychological thriller which has the reader gripped from the very first page.

  • The Dead Men Stood Together

    Author: Chris Priestley
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    In this reinvention of 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' a young boy sets out to sea with his uncle, but the voyage is soon damned by a curse that throws them off course.

  • The Dead Ways

    Author: Christopher Edge
    Publisher: Catnip

    The Government has a plan to clean up the environment – closing down motorways and returning the roads to nature. When Scott Williams' father is found dead in his government office, Scott resolves to find out the truth behind his death.

  • The Deadly Dare Mysteries

    Author: Malorie Blackman
    Publisher: Random House

    This is a bind-up of three books - Deadly Dare, Computer Ghost and Lie Detectives, all featuring best friends Theo and Ricky.

  • The Deadly Seven

    Author: Garth Jennings
    Publisher: Macmillan

    The story has many twists and turns. Through Uncle Pogo we are introduced to interesting inventions and unusual inventions and the monsters help Nelson to become better at making friends.

  • The Death Defying Pepper Roux

    Author: Geraldine McCaughrean
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    For all of his short life, Pepper Roux has been waiting to die. Now, on his fourteenth birthday, he knows he won't have to wait much longer.

  • The Declaration

    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    A chilling story of a future where Longevity drugs have made sections of the population almost immortal. This is a thought-provoking read.

  • The Deep Dark Wood

    Author: Algy Craig Hall and Ali Pye
    Publisher: Orchard Books

    A sweet little girl happily sets off to visit her best friend for tea through a deep dark wood full of lurking witches, trolls and giants.

  • The Demon Collector

    Author: Jon Mayhew
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

    Edgy Taylor has a gift - he can see demons in the crowded streets of Victorian London. A gripping, gothic, horror story lightened by its dark humour and unpredictable characters.

  • The Demon Dentist

    Author: David Walliams Illustrator: Tony Ross
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

    Strange things are happening in the dead of night. Children who put a tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy wake to find... a dead slug; a live spider; or hundreds of earwigs...

  • The Demon Notebook

    Author: Erika McGann
    Publisher: The O'Brien Press

    Have you ever wondered if magic spells actually work? Well, Grace and her four best-friends have.

  • The Demon's Watch

    Author: Conrad Mason
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    Joseph is a half-goblin boy leading a miserable life as a tavern servant. When he finds a mysterious parcel he hopes that by returning it to its owner he might be offered a new, exciting life as a sailor or pirate. But he soon discovers that there are dangerous magical forces abroad that will stop at nothing to regain the package.

  • The Dentist of Darkness

    Author: David O’Connell Illustrator: Claire Powell
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

    Funny and fast-paced, this entertaining story is bursting with mystery, sweets and ancient magic. The enthralling plot, wacky characters and larger-than-life villains are brought to life by witty black-and-white illustrations. 

  • The Detective Dog

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Sara Ogilvie
    Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

    Detective Dog Nell is famed for her sleuthing skills in this witty detail-packed book, full of exuberant rhyming couplets - perfect for sharing and reading aloud.

  • The Deviants

    Author: CJ Skuse
    Publisher: MIRA Ink

    Ella has a secret so toxic she dare not share it - not even with Max, the guy she loves. Soon the couple get caught up in a cycle of revenge and violence, in this pacey and engaging thriller for young adults.

  • The Devil Walks

    Author: Anne Fine
    Publisher: Doubleday

    A chilling, compulsive horror story pleasantly free from vampires and werewolves

  • The Devil's Triangle

    Author: Mark Robson
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Books

    Twins Sam and Niamh accompany their father to Florida each summer while he tries to unravel the mystery of their mother's disappearance at sea nine years ago.

  • The Diamond Girls

    Author: Jacqueline Wilson Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Random House

    Aimed at older readers, this novel deals with adult themes of birth, sexuality, teen pregnancy, gang-culture, abuse and post-natal depression, but all in Wilson's usual credible, accessible style.

  • The Diamond of Drury Lane

    Author: Julia Golding
    Publisher: Egmont

    Winner of the 2006 Ottakar's Children's Book Prize, this is a pacy thriller about a spirited orphan girl employed by Richard Sheridan at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

  • The Diggers are Coming!

    Author: Susan Steggall
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    Watch as a new estate is built, from the demolition of old properties to families moving into their new homes.

  • The Ding-Dong Bag

    Author: Polly Peters Illustrator: Jess Stockham
    Publisher: Child's Play

    The fast-moving and rhythmic text make this great book perfect for reading aloud, and a subtle arm splint on one of the boys is typical of Child’s Play’s inclusive approach to books.

  • The Dinner that Cooked Itself

    Author: J C Hysu Illustrator: Kenard Pak
    Publisher: Flying Eye Books

    This retelling of an old Chinese folk tale is beautifully illustrated in a contemporary, cinematic style and offers a glimpse at the culture and traditions of an ancient civilisation. 

  • The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas

    Author: Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter Illustrator: Garry Parsons
    Publisher: Red Fox

    Danny is greedy and spoilt - he already has so many toys there is no space in his room. When he sends Santa a long list for Christmas, St Nick decides to teach him a lesson.

  • The Dinosaur’s Packed Lunch

    Author: Jacqueline Wilson Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Corgi Pups

    Dinah is having a bad day – nothing seems to be going right: so far she’s made her Dad cross and argued with her best friend

  • The Disappearing Children

    Author: Lars Joachim Grimstad Translator: Don Bartlett and Sian Mackie
    Publisher: Phoenix Yard Books

    This enjoyable and very funny story of adventure and intrigue is a brilliantly witty political satire appealing to a wide age range from early teens to adult.

  • The Disconnect

    Author: Keren David
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Can Esther give up her phone for two months to win a thousand pounds? A short, snappy and entertaining book with a relatable and healthily balanced premise for teenagers: perfect for supporting conversations about social media, friendship and peer pressure.

  • The Disgusting Sandwich

    Author: Gareth Edwards Illustrator: Hannah Shaw
    Publisher: Alison Green Books

    When a boy brings his mouth-watering sandwich to the park, he’s not the only one who thinks it looks rather appetizing.

  • The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree

    Author: Paola Peretti Translator: Denise Muir
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    Nine-year-old Mafalda has a degenerative eye condition. She starts to keep a list of all the things she'll miss when her sight goes, but also the constants that surround her. Tender and thought-provoking, with a powerful but unforced message.

  • The Diviners

    Publisher: Atom

    In this lively and atmospheric tale of 1920s New York, party girl Evie finds herself investigating a sinister string of occult murders.

  • The Dog Runner

    Author: Bren MacDibble
    Publisher: Old Barn Books

    A perilous adventure with dystopian and environmental themes that cut unnervingly close to potential reality, The Dog Runner is a tense, thrilling adventure full of close calls, but also glowing with heart, whether it's the relationship between Ella and Emery or their love for the "doggos" helping them get to where they need to be.

  • The Dog that Ate the World

    Author: Sandra Dieckmann
    Publisher: Flying Eye Books

    The valley was a picture of harmony until the dog appeared and ate everything up. This reads like a myth from an ancient culture and could be seen as a warning against greed and rising extinction rates – though the tone is gentle and the illustration sublime.

  • The Dog That Saved Christmas

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Mike Byrne
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    A sensitive and fascinating portrayal of how Christmas might be experienced by a boy on the autistic spectrum, and how a therapy dog provides reassurance and helps him enjoy the festive season.

  • The Dogs

    Author: Alllan Stratton
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Spooky and atmospheric, The Dogs is everything you could want from a murder mystery and ghost story

  • The Doldrums

    Author: Nicholas Gannon
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books

    A fabulous, funny and heart-warming story of adventure and friendship.

  • The Dollmaker of Krakow

    Author: R. M. Romero Illustrator: Lisa Perrin
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Doll Karolina is saved from war in her native Land of the Dolls and transported to Poland to live with a man known as the Dollmaker - only for their lives to be turned upside down by World War II. An unusual novel blending reality with folklore and fantasy that will have a lasting impact on readers.

  • The Door that Led to Where

    Author: Sally Gardner
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    There's a Dickensian flavour to this satisfying time-travel tale, which takes its teenage hero on a journey from gritty modern-day London, to the city of the 1800s.

  • The Double Life of Cassiel Roadnight

    Author: Jenny Valentine
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

    Jenny Valentine presents another enthralling, perplexing and thought-provoking novel exploring family, friendship and identity.

  • The Double Shadow

    Author: Sally Gardner
    Publisher: Orion Children's Books

    Sally Gardner lives up to her reputation for delivering ambitious and highly imaginative writing for teenagers in this unusual and complex historical novel.

  • The Doughnut of Doom

    Author: Elys Dolan
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    A giant, police-eating doughnut is wreaking havoc in the town square. Will Nancy, ace reporter and peanut butter sandwich, save the day? Dolan’s food-fabulous picture book is full of punny provisions and delectable double entendres.

  • The Dragon and the Nibblesome Knight

    Author: Ella Woollard Illustrator: Benji Davies
    Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

    An uplifting story about a timid baby dragon and a friendly young knight who discover they have much more in common than people think - and refuse to fight.

  • The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

    Author: Stephanie Burgis Illustrator: Freya Hartas (chapter headings)
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    When spirited young dragon Aventurine is tricked into drinking some enchanted hot chocolate, she is turned into a human girl. Dragons, magic and chocolate combine in this captivating fantasy adventure.

  • The Dragon’s Hoard: stories from the Viking Sagas

    Author: Lari Don Illustrator: Cate James
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    In this collection of 11 stories about Vikings, you will encounter sailors, traders and explorers. Elemental, unadorned and compelling, these engaging retellings of the Sagas are illuminated by earth-toned illustrations.

  • The Dragonsitter

    Author: Josh Lacey Illustrator: Garry Parsons
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Eddie's uncle has gone on holiday and he has left his dragon behind for Eddie to look after.

  • The Dragonsitter Takes Off

    Author: Josh Lacey Illustrator: Gary Parsons
    Publisher: Anderson Press

    It had sounded so easy: Edward was going to look after Uncle Morton's unusual pet for a week while he went on holiday. But soon the fridge is empty, the curtains are blazing, and the postman is fleeing down the garden path.

  • The Dreamsnatcher

    Author: Abi Elphinstone
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster

    Moll and her wildcat Gryff must fight dark, magical  forces to protect the world they know. An exceptional debut novel that is packed with adventure, magic and humour.

  • The Dress and the Girl

    Author: Camille Andros Illustrator: Julie Morstad
    Publisher: Abrams

    Emigrating to America, a girl loses the trunk that contains her beloved dress. The dress then embarks on an epic around-the-world journey to find her. A poetic and exquisitely illustrated story about love, loss, the passing of time and the power of memory.

  • The Drum

    Author: Ken Wilson-Max Illustrator: Catell Ronca
    Publisher: Tiny Owl

    This little but lively book is part of Tiny Owl’s "Children. Music. Life" series, which focuses on musical instruments from around the world, created by award-winning picture book author and artist Ken Wilson-Max. In this book, we meet the drum.

  • The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?

    Author: Mo Willems
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Mo Willems’ trademark illustrations and sparse text convey a huge range of emotions in a strikingly minimalist style.

  • The Duff

    Author: Kody Keplinger
    Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

    Seventeen year old Bianca believes her friends are all much more attractive to boys than she is herself. Wesley, a boy whom she hates, confirms this when he tells her she is 'The Duff' - the designated ugly fat friend chosen by other girls to draw attention to themselves.

  • The Dungeon

    Publisher: Harper Collins Children's Books

    A compelling read that paints a vivid picture of a very harsh period in history

  • The Eagle Trail

    Author: Robert Rigby
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Paul Hansen must follow the dangerous Eagle Trail through the Pyrenees Mountains to get to England and escape Nazi persecution in this well-researched historical drama.

  • The Earth Book

    Author: Jonathan Litton Illustrator: Thomas Hegbrook
    Publisher: 360 Degrees

    Learn about the inner workings of our earth, including earthquakes, volcanoes, thunderstorms and tsunamis; animal life on earth; the earth regions and the impact of humans on the planet, including information on migration, population and sustainability in this comprehensive hardback book celebrating the biodiversity and structure of this fascinating planet.

  • The Earth is Singing

    Publisher: Usborne

    Based on true events, this first-person narrative tells the story of the Jews of Riga during World War II. Engaging, harrowing and thought-provoking, this is a story that should not be forgotten.

  • The Edge

    Author: Alan Gibbons
    Publisher: Hachette

    Danny and his mother Cathy are on the run from her abusive boyfriend, Chris. They go back to the Edge, Cathy's childhood home, which she left after having Danny at the age of sixteen.

  • The Edge Chronicles: Beyond the Deepwoods

    Author: Paul Stewart Illustrator: Chris Riddell
    Publisher: Random House

    The first book of The Edge Chronicles which sees Twig start his quest to find out who he really is.

  • The Edge Chronicles: Doombringer

    Author: Paul Stewart Illustrator: Chris Riddell
    Publisher: Corgi

    Cade and his friends are forced into action to defend their beloved home; they must summon the combined forces of the Deadwoods to repel the force of their enemies.

  • The Edge Chronicles: Midnight Over Sanctaphrax

    Author: Paul Stewart Illustrator: Chris Riddell
    Publisher: Corgi

    A storm is brewing far in the open sky, headed straight for the floating city of Sanctaphrax. But, when Twig has lost his memory of being warned of this catastrophe, he must find his crew and save the day.

  • The Edge Chronicles: Stormchaser

    Author: Paul Stewart Illustrator: Chris Riddell
    Publisher: Corgi

    The second part of the Twig Saga follows Twig as he joins the crew of the Stormchaser in a dangerous quest to collect stormphrax to save the floating city of Sanctaphrax.

  • The Edge Chronicles: The Nameless One

    Author: Paul Stewart Illustrator: Chris Riddell
    Publisher: Corgi

    Fleeing the scene of his father's murder in the city of Great Glade, Cade Quarter smuggles himself onto the Xanth Filatine, a floating skytavern that journeys over the vast landscape of The Deadwoods.

  • The Eel Question

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Beth Holland
    Publisher: Graffeg

    A mythic-feeling story about a girl who lives on the flat marshes, fishing for eels, and soon befriends an otter that will help her flee danger. As ever, Davies’ love of the natural world is obvious, and her writing sings with a dark exuberance.

  • The Element in the Room: Investigating the Atomic Ingredients that Make Up Your Home

    Author: Mike Barfield Illustrator: Lauren Humphrey
    Publisher: Laurence King

    Professor Ohms, a scientific detective, takes you on a journey of discovery around the periodic table. Packed with many weird and wonderful facts, it's perfect for any aspiring scientists (or detectives!). 

  • The Elephant and the Bad Baby

    Author: Elfrida Vipont Illustrator: Raymond Briggs
    Publisher: Puffin

    One day, an elephant offers a baby a ride through the town, and the set off on a great adventure.

  • The Elephant in the Room

    Author: James Thorp Illustrator: Angus Mackinnon
    Publisher: Templar

    Someone has smashed Father Giant’s favourite china elephant. Who is the culprit? This is a magnificent magical mystery that keeps you guessing until the very end about who the culprit might be.

  • The Elephant Road

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Annabel Wright
    Publisher: Walker Books

    This story provides an engaging context in which much wider, complex environmental issues are explored.

  • The Elephant that Ate the Night

    Author: Bing Bai Illustrator: Yuanyuan Shen
    Publisher: Everything With Words

    Children and families will enjoy this calming lullaby of a book, with its gentle refrain, muted colours and fairy tale-like charm. It's a great one for children who are scared of the dark, and it's perfect for bedtime and settling down for the night. 

  • The Elephant Thief

    Author: Jane Kerr
    Publisher: Chicken House

    This is a fast-paced story, based loosely on a man's real-life journey from Edinburgh to Manchester, while riding an elephant – an event that captivated even Queen Victoria.

  • The Elephant's Friend and Other Tales from Ancient India

    Author: Marcia Williams
    Publisher: Walker Books

    A foolish greedy lion and a disloyal crocodile are two of the animals who get their just deserts in this quirky and beautifully-presented collection of traditional Indian folk tales.

  • The Elites

    Author: Natasha Ngan
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    In a distant future in which wars, riots and environmental crises have changed the world as we know it, 15-year-old Silver is an Elite, specially chosen to guard the city of Neo-Babel

  • The Elsewhere Emporium

    Author: Ross MacKenzie
    Publisher: Kelpies

    This cracking sequel to the Blue Peter Book Award-winning The Nowhere Emporium is chock full of magic and invention. Detailed and original, yet never sacrificing the human story for fantasy, this is a fabulous book that will enchant and inspire.

  • The Emerald Atlas - Books of Beginning 1

    Author: John Stephens
    Publisher: Doubleday Children's Books

    This new fantasy adventure will appeal to lovers of Narnia and Harry Potter.Kate, Michael and their younger sister Emma  have spent their childhoods in a succession of cruel orphanages but their lives are changed when they discover they are linked to a magic book with the power to transport them into the past. Readers will enjoy immersing themselves in …

  • The Emergency Zoo

    Author: Miriam Halahmy
    Publisher: Alma Books

    An unusual and atmospheric story set in the run-up to World War II. As London's children prepare for evacuation to the countryside, they are horrified to discover that their beloved pets are due to be put down.

  • The Emperor of Absurdia

    Author: Chris Riddell
    Publisher: Pan Macmillan

    The Emperor of Absurdia awakes one morning and can't find his snuggly scarf, so after checking with The Wardrobe Monster, begins to search for it.

  • The Emperors New Clothes

    Author: Marcus Sedgwick Illustrator: Alison Jay
    Publisher: Templar

    This is a satirical story about a very vain Emperor who adores beautiful new clothes and has wardrobes full of them!

  • The Emperor's New Clothes

    Author: Marina Le Ray
    Publisher: Ladybird Books

    The story is told simply, using short sentences and a small number of frequently repeated words

  • The Emperor's Underwear

    Author: Laurence Anholt Illustrator: Arthur Robbins
    Publisher: Hachette

    Witty and well illustrated, this is a superb twist on the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

  • The Empty Stocking

    Author: Richard Curtis Illustrator: Rebecca Cobb
    Publisher: Puffin Books

    Award-winning writer and director Richard Curtis turns his hand to picture books in this magical festive story, beautifully illustrated by Rebecca Cobb

  • The Enchanted Horse

    Author: Magdalen Nabb Illustrator: Julek Heller
    Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books

    A magical tale of a little girl whose enduring love brings a very special horse to life. With a traditional feel and timeless quality, it could be a future family favourite.

  • The Enchanted Wood

    Author: Enid Blyton
    Publisher: Egmont

    When Joe, Beth and Frannie move into a new home, they discover a mysterious wood on their very doorstep.

  • The Enduring Ark

    Author: Gita Wolf Illustrator: Joydeb Chitrakar
    Publisher: Tara Books

    This striking picture book is a retelling of the story of Noah and the ark.

  • The Enemy

    Author: Charlie Higson
    Publisher: Puffin

    When the sickness came, the adults became ill. The lucky ones died but many mutated into brainless, deformed monsters with a seemingly insatiable appetite - for children.

  • The Epic Book of Epicness: The world’s most epic facts in pictures

    Author: Adam Frost
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    In full colour throughout with great, modern design, this book is extremely well written and fun. Every page is full of genuinely fascinating and unusual facts.

  • The Epic Crush of Genie Lo

    Author: F C Yee
    Publisher: Abrams & Chronicle

    It’s a joy that this pacy, funny Buffy The Vampire Slayer meets kung-fu novel is out there: readers will identify with the difficulties of school and family, and love the realistic teen voices and hilarious dialogue.

  • The Ethan I Was Before

    Author: Ali Standish
    Publisher: Orchard Books

    An emotionally powerful story about friendship and grief, family and secrets, with a good dose of mystery and a dramatic, race-against-time conclusion. It's very readable and feels like a future classic.

  • The Everywhere Bear

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Rebecca Cobb
    Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

    This picture book about a missing toy bear somehow seems like a classic already - with a lovely whiff of nostalgia about it all, while also feeling very current and gently inclusive.

  • The Executioner's Daughter

    Author: Jane Hardstaff
    Publisher: Egmont

    The crowds at the Tower of London love nothing better than the grisly spectacle of an execution. But as the executioner's daughter, Moss has seen more than her fair share of horror.

  • The Explorer

    Author: Katherine Rundell Illustrator: Hannah Horn
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Fred, Con, Lila and little Max’s plane is on the way to Manaus when it falls out of the sky. Now, lost in the Amazon rainforest, they must figure out the basics of survival. Rundell’s writing is exquisite and this story is completely, utterly wonderful.

  • The Extinction Trials

    Author: S M Wilson
    Publisher: Usborne

    In Storm and Lincoln’s world, there are two continents... And one is inhabited by vicious, predatory dinosaurs. A tense, brutal fantasy adventure: The Hunger Games meets Jurassic Park.

  • The Extincts

    Author: Veronica Cossanteli
    Publisher: Chicken House

    George loves helping out at Wormestall Farm, a secret sanctuary for exinct and mythical beasts, where unlikely things are always happening.

  • The Extraordinary Life of Katherine Johnson

    Author: Devika Jina Illustrator: Maggie Cole
    Publisher: Puffin

    This biography of brilliant mathematician Katherine Johnson charts her life from early childhood to the present day. Beautifully designed, the book also includes a wealth of information about space exploration and aspects of American history.

  • The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone

    Author: Jaclyn Moriarty
    Publisher: Guppy Books

    A wild quest sends Bronte through a magical, whimsical world. Slowly, she discovers how high the stakes are. This book really has everything: skillfully-spun plot, humour and charm, unforgettable characters and poetry in its language.

  • The Extremely Weird Thing that Happened in Huggabie Falls

    Author: Adam Cece Illustrator: Andrew Weldon
    Publisher: Text Publishing

    An utterly nonsensical but engaging romp through the weirdest town in the world, featuring a warty witch, a creepy scientist, vegetarian piranhas and a dastardly plot that could change the town forever.

  • The Fabulous Fairies ABC

    Author: Nancy Trott
    Publisher: Koala Books

    This is a sparkly, magical ABC - perhaps one for the girls!

  • The Fabulous Foskett Family Circus

    Author: John Yeoman Illustrator: Quentin Blake
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    A simple rhyme introduces each exuberant personality from the Fabulous Foskett Family Circus.

  • The Fabulous Phartlehorn Affair

    Author: M L Peel Illustrator: Hannah Shaw
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Bruno Pockley is an extraordinary boy with an extraordinary musical talent.

  • The Fairytale Hairdresser and Cinderella

    Author: Abie Longstaff
    Publisher: Picture Corgi

    Fabulous hairdresser to the fairy-tale stars Kittie helps Cinderella meet her Prince in this fun and light-hearted reworking of a favourite fairy story.

  • The Fairytale Hairdresser and Father Christmas

    Author: Abie Longstaff Illustrator: Lauren Beard
    Publisher: Picture Corgi

    It's Christmas Eve, but someone has stolen all the presents - Christmas will be ruined!

  • The Fairytale Hairdresser and the Sugar Plum Fairy

    Author: Abie Longstaff Illustrator: Lauren Beard
    Publisher: Picture Corgi

    A retelling of The Nutcracker in an ever-growing series of picturebooks for KS1 girls.

  • The Falconer

    Author: Elizabeth May
    Publisher: Gollancz

    Eighteenth century Edinburgh and a dark faerie underworld collide in this fast-moving, gripping Steampunk fantasy romance.

  • The Falconer's Knot

    Author: Mary Hoffman
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Romance, art, monasticism and murder in Umbria, 1316. Hoffman has specialised in creating atmospheric historical novels, filled with intrigue...

  • The Fall

    Author: Anthony McGowan
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Mog isn’t one of the popular crowd, but at least he manages to get by without being troubled much by the bullies...

  • The Fall

    Author: Bethany Griffin
    Publisher: Hachette Children's Books

    A creepy and unsettling psychological thriller based on Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher.

  • The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Writings

    Publisher: Penguin

    This selection of Poe's short fiction demonstrates his intense interest in aesthetic issues and the astonishing power and imagination with which he probed the darkest corners of the human mind.

  • The Familiars: Animal Wizardry

    Author: Adam Epstein and Andrew Jacobson
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

    Orphaned alley cat Aldwyn is bought by Jack, a likeable young wizard, and has a home and family at last. But when Jack is kidnapped, Aldwyn and his fellow familiars must rescue him.

  • The Family Book

    Author: Todd Parr
    Publisher: Little Brown & Company

    A joyous picture book about the importance of family and all the strength it can give you, this celebrates family in all its wonderful, diverse glory. The message is subtle, but a crucial one: every family is special and the only thing that matters is love. 

  • The Famished Road

    Author: Ben Okri
    Publisher: Vintage

    The Famished Road is the story of a spirit child Azaro. Azaro meaning 'born to die' has been born to his parents many a times only to die shortly after birth.

  • The Famishing Vanishing Mahoosive Mammoth

    Author: Hollie Hughes Illustrator: Leigh Hodgkinson
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Mammoth has a problem. He's terribly hungry. His tiny friend Bug brings him food, but one gulp later, it's gone - and Mammoth is gloomy and starving, all over again. A charming, comical, rhyming tale of two unlikely friends.

  • The Fault in Our Stars

    Author: John Green
    Publisher: Penguin Children's Books

    John Green tackles the subject of teenage cancer with sensitivity in this witty, life-affirming young adult romance.

  • The Fearsome Beastie

    Author: Giles Paley-Phillips
    Publisher: Maverick

    Children quake in the darkness as they hear the terrifying roar of the fearsome beastie as it searches for food...

  • The Feathered Man

    Author: Jeremy De Quidt
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    Long ago in a German town, Klaus, the tooth-puller’s boy, sees his master steal a diamond from the teeth of a dead man in the wicked Frau Drecht’s lodging house.

  • The Fellowship of The Ring

    Author: JRR Tolkein
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    The first part of J R R Tolkien's epic masterpiece The Lord of the Rings, this is the story of young hobbit Frodo Baggins, who finds himself faced with an immense and terrible duty.

  • The Ferry Birds

    Author: Helen Dunmore Illustrator: Rebecca Cobb
    Publisher: Mabecron Books

    Dunmore has spun a magical story to show how a small boy in a remote island setting who misses his Dad is reassured by a make-believe trip to visit him in the Far North.

  • The Fight

    Author: Norman Mailer
    Publisher: Penguin

    Norman Mailer's The Fight focuses on the 1975 World Heavyweight Boxing Championship in Kinshasa, Zaire, between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.

  • The Film of Our Life

    Author: Maite Carranza Illustrator: Iratxe López de Munáin Translator: Laura McGloughlin from Catalan
    Publisher: Editorial Cruïlla

    When crisis strikes, a girl convinces her brother that they are the stars of a film to protect him from the harsh realities of their new life.

    Twelve-year-old Olívia Tancredi lives in Barcelona with her actress mother Íngrid and her little brother Tim. When Íngrid can't find work, money to pay the bills runs out, their furniture is repossessed, and they are …

  • The Fintastic Diary of Darcy Dolphin

    Author: Sam Watkins Illustrator: Vicky Barker
    Publisher: Egmont

    Darcy might be a dolphin, but her daily life at school and home will be incredibly relatable to primary school children.

  • The Fire Chronicle

    Author: John Stephens
    Publisher: Doubleday

    The second in the Books of Beginning fantasy series continues the story of Kate, Michael and Emma.

  • The Fire-Eaters

    Author: David Almond
    Publisher: Hachette

    When Bobby begins a new school and endures sadistic cruelty at the hands of his new teachers, he is drawn away from his old friends and towards newcomer Daniel.

  • The Firework Maker's Daughter

    Author: Philip Pullman
    Publisher: Random House

    A fantasy adventure story of a determined girl called Lila.

  • The First Case

    Author: Ulf Nilsson Illustrator: Gitte Spee
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    A warm, delightful story, charming and perceptive, with appealing whimsical illustrations.

  • The First Christmas

    Author: Jan Pienkowski
    Publisher: Penguin

    Jan Pienkowski's silhouette illustrations lend an air of mystery and drama to this text, taken from the King James Bible.

  • The First Egg Hunt

    Author: Adam & Charlotte Guillain and Pippa Curnick
    Publisher: Egmont

    This original take on how Easter egg hunts really started is a fun, rhyming tale, with plenty of humorous detail in Pippa Curnick’s bright and lovable illustrations. The message is that working as a team is the best way forward.

  • The First Noel: A Christmas Pop-Up

    Author: Jan Pienkowski
    Publisher: Walker Books

    From the moment that Mary conceives Jesus to his birth in a humble stable, the Nativity is depicted simply and with great beauty in this five double-page spread pop-up book. A delightful gift book. 

  • The Fish Who Could Wish

    Author: John Bush Illustrator: Korky Paul
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Deep in the ocean lives a very special fish whose wishes come true.

  • The Five of Us

    Author: Quentin Blake
    Publisher: Tate Publishing

    This book is testament to Blake's belief that all children need to be able find themselves in books.

  • The Flask

    Author: Nicky Singer
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

    When her new baby brothers are born critically ill, Jess becomes convinced that the strange and beautiful flask in Aunt Edie's desk has the power to help them.

  • The Flute

    Author: Ken Wilson-Max and Catell Ronca
    Publisher: Tiny Owl

    In a bright meadow full of fruit and flowers, a boy plays a flute that sounds full of magic. This poetic book is the second in a series of books for babies and toddlers about musical instruments from around the world and how they make us feel and move. 

  • The Fly

    Author: Petr Horacek
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Energetic illustrations and some lift-the-flap sections add interest as the humble housefly buzzes through this lively book

  • The Flyaway Blanket

    Author: Allan Peterkin Illustrator: Emmeline Pidgen
    Publisher: Magination Press

    Soft pastel illustrations accompany this gentle tale about a much-loved comfort blanket

  • The Foggy Foggy Forest

    Author: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Walker

    Who's lurking in the foggy forest? Look through the trees and guess the shapes to find out.

  • The Foreshadowing

    Author: Marcus Sedgwick
    Publisher: Hachette

    17-year-old Sasha travels to France as a volunteer nurse in an attempt to rescue her beloved brother Tom from a terrible death. But can she really change the future?

  • The Fork, The Witch, and The Worm: Tales from Alagaësia

    Author: Christopher Paolini with Angela Paolini
    Publisher: Puffin

    This volume comprises three new short stories set in the fictional world of Alagaësia, the setting for the Eragon books: EragonEldestBrisingr and Inheritance. Existing fans will adore the extra world- and character-building that this book lends.


  • The Four Branches of the Mabinogi

    Author: Siân Lewis Illustrator: Valériane Leblond
    Publisher: Rily

    Enchanting, engrossing and beautifully illustrated, this is a wonderfully accessible retelling of the most ancient of recorded legends, and a great introduction to the ancient storytelling heritage of Wales.

  • The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie

    Author: Kirsty Murray
    Publisher: Allen and Unwin

    An engrossing fantasy adventure that will appeal to a wide audience.

  • The Fourth Horseman

    Author: Kate Thompson
    Publisher: Random House

    What will happen when the fourth and final rider appears, will his appearance signal the end of the world?

  • The Fowl Twins

    Author: Eoin Colfer
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    The Fowl twins are completely unlike each other, but they make the perfect team when the evil ACRONYM attacks them. Readers will find a well-developed fantasy world with a plot that is full of clever, satisfying twists and turns. 

  • The Fox and the Ghost King

    Author: Michael Morpurgo Illustrator: Michael Foreman
    Publisher: Harper Collins

    This sweet story weaves Morpurgo's effortless storytelling with ancient and very recent history: Leicester City's win of the Premiership title. Beautiful illustrations make it a lovely gift: football fans, history fans and fox fans are all taken care of here.

  • The Fox Girl and the White Gazelle

    Author: Victoria Williamson
    Publisher: Kelpies

    Told in dual narrative, this story follows Reema and Caylin as they negotiate a shaky friendship: one, an asylum seeker from Syria, and the other, a girl whose mum is struggling to cope. A truly excellent and ultimately uplifting book with plenty of heart.

  • The Frank Show

    Author: David Mackintosh
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    A clever and thoughtful picture book showing how much fun the older generation can be and the valuable contribution they can make to young lives.

  • The Frog Prince Continued

    Author: Jon Scieszka
    Publisher: Penguin

    After the Princess kissed the frog, he turned into a handsome prince, and they lived happily ever after… or did they?

  • The Front Room

    Author: Michelle Magorian Illustrator: Vladimir Stankovic
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Hannah and her brother Benjy are on holiday. But instead of relaxing, Hannah is terrified: convinced there's something dreadful in her room. The suspense builds chillingly in this pared-down, atmospheric ghost story.

  • The Frozen Sea

    Author: Piers Torday
    Publisher: Quercus Children's Books

    This brilliant sequel to The Lost Magician is a nail-biting adventure of twists and turns from award-winning author Piers Torday. Readers will flit between hiding under the covers during battle scenes to laughing hysterically at the antics of Jewel's hamster, Fizz. 

  • The Funny Life of Pets

    Author: James Campbell Illustrator: Rob Jones
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Is it fiction or non-fiction? You decide! This highly interactive book mixes together real and made-up facts about pets, with hilarious results. Packed with cartoon-style illustrations, The Funny Life of Pets is a comical take on how to choose and care for a pet.

  • The Further Adventures of the Owl and the Pussy-Cat

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Charlotte Voake
    Publisher: Puffin Books

    At the end of Edward Lear's much loved poem, the happily married Owl and the Pussy-cat are dancing hand-in-hand on the edge of the sand... but what happened next?

  • The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit

    Author: Emma Thompson Illustrator: Eleanor Taylor
    Publisher: Frederick Warne

    Oscar-winning actress and screenwriter Emma Thompson has turned her hand to children's books in this new continuation of Peter Rabbit's adventures.

  • The Fury

    Publisher: Faber Children's Books

    Cal, Brick and Daisy are three very different teenagers, living very different lives, but one horrific day they are thrown together in unimaginable circumstances.

  • The Galloping Ghost

    Publisher: Catnip

    This gently humorous chapter book was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2009; black and white line drawings add to its appeal and the length is perfect for emerging readers.

  • The Game of Finger Worms

    Author: Hervé Tullet
    Publisher: Phaidon

    This lovely new series of baby books includes games with art, patterns and light, all designed to get very young children to have fun with exploring and using their imagination.

  • The Game of Lines

    Author: Hervé Tullet
    Publisher: Phaidon

    Learn how to create crazy patterns and have fun with all the combinations you can create!

  • The Game of Tops and Tails

    Author: Hervé Tullet
    Publisher: Phaidon

    The Game of Tops and Tails is a book to inspire the imagination.

  • The Garbage King

    Author: Elizabeth Laird
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's books

    This pacy coming-of-age adventure concentrates on the private hopes, dreams and feelings that drive its characters along, but also keeps enough sense of the gritty realities of street life.

  • The Genius Aged 8¼

    Author: Jeremy Strong Illustrator: Jamie Smith
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Alfie's parents are very silly, and it's no time at all until young Alfie shows common sense beyond his years. Soon, he is headteacher, town mayor and prime minister of the country - all before his ninth birthday. Giggles and guffaws aplenty.

  • The Get Rich Quick Club

    Author: Rose Impey
    Publisher: Orchard Books

    Banksy is dedicated to his ambition to become mega-rich through his various money-making schemes. His business partners - and next-door neighbours - are the Baxter Brothers. Billy has boundless confidence and enthusiasm, and Sam is six going on sixty. And then there's Dingdong, their cousin, who is reluctantly allowed to join in, especially if she can help t…

  • The Getaway

    Author: Ed Vere
    Publisher: Penguin

    Notorious cheese thief Fingers McGraw is on the run (or rather, on the moped) from chief law enforcer The Elephant.

  • The Ghost Box

    Author: Catherine Fisher
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    This spooky thriller is a short and simple read ideal for reluctant and struggling readers.

  • The Ghost Bride

    Author: Yangsze Choo
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    Set in 1890s Malaysia, this is the story of seventeen-year-old Li Lan, whose quiet life with her father is dramatically altered when he returns one evening with a proposition for her. 

  • The Ghost of the Trenches

    Author: Helen Watts and Taffy Thomas
    Publisher: A&C Black

    This slim volume includes 14 'war stories' made up of poems, songs and re-tellings of ghostly sightings and mysterious coincidences, themed around World War One.

  • The Ghosts and Jamal

    Author: Bridget Blankley
    Publisher: Hope Road Publishing

    Jamal wakes to find that everyone in his West African village have been killed. He alone has survived because of how others perceive his epilepsy. This is a powerful, moving and mesmerising story, set in a violent world and seen through a 13-year-old's eyes. 

  • The Ghosts of Creakie Hall: Ace Ghosts

    Author: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Catnip Publishing Ltd

    Creakie Hall is falling down but there is no money in the bank so Aunt Gardenia Bogey-Mandeville needs to come up with a money-making scheme pretty quickly...

  • The Ghosts of Heaven

    Author: Marcus Sedgwick
    Publisher: Indigo

    The Ghosts of Heaven is an excellent book that will open up new avenues of thought and future reading and introduces teenage readers to a more inventive understanding of storytelling.

  • The Giant of Jum

    Author: Elli Woollard and Benji Davies
    Publisher: Macmillan

    The illustrations brim with jokes and delightful details, the rhyming text is breezy fun, and the line between darkly gruesome and good-hearted is deftly maintained.

  • The Giant Turnip

    Author: Henriette Barkow Illustrator: Richard Johnson
    Publisher: Mantra Lingua

    The children in Miss Honeywood's class decide to grow vegetables in their school garden. What a shock they get when they discover a huge turnip that they are unable to move.

  • The Giants and the Joneses

    Author: Julia Donaldson
    Publisher: Egmont

    Jumbeelia, a young girl giant from Groil, the Land of Giants, loves the stories of the iggly plop who climbed up the bimblestonk and was chased back down again by a giant.

  • The Giant's Loo Roll

    Author: Nicholas Allan
    Publisher: Red Fox

    A giant is caught short when his loo roll drops to the floor and rolls away. As it rolls through the town the people make use of the enormous sheets to devise all sorts of useful creations.

  • The Gift of Dark Hollow

    Author: Kieran Larwood Illustrator: David Wyatt
    Publisher: Faber

    This is the masterly sequel to the The Legend of Podkin One Ear. We are taken right back to the action, with Podkin, his sister Paz and the poor rabbits they rescued sheltering in the Dark Hallow warren. A modern-day classic.

  • The Girl at Midnight

    Author: Melissa Grey
    Publisher: Atom

    Everything about this book is exquisite. When seven-year-old Echo, a runaway and thief, is discovered in the library by a mysterious lady covered in feathers her life is changed for ever.

  • The Girl Guide: 50 lessons in learning to love your changing body

    Author: Marawa Ibrahim Illustrator: Sinem Erkas
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    This is a book all tween girls should have. Like a chat with a friend with an excellent sense of humour, The Girl Guide is precisely the straight-talking and empowering read girls need at what can be a confusing and awkward time.

  • The Girl of Ink and Stars

    Author: Kiran Millwood Hargrave
    Publisher: Chicken House

    When her closest friend disappears into the island's Forgotten Territories, Isabella Riosse volunteers to guide the search. A stunning debut, full of myth, magic and mapmaking.

  • The Girl Savage

    Author: Katherine Rundell
    Publisher: Faber Children's Books

    When Wilhelmina Silver's home is sold, she is torn from her best friend, her adopted monkey and her pet horse, and banished to an inhospitable boarding school in England.

  • The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

    Author: Catherynne M Valente
    Publisher: Corsair

    When the Green Wind turns up and carries September away to Fairyland, she soon finds herself battling to stop the evil Marquess.

  • The Girl Who Drank the Moon

    Author: Kelly Barnhill
    Publisher: Piccadilly

    When babies are left in the forest as an offering, the witch Xan protects them and feeds them on starlight. But one day, Xan feeds a baby the moon by mistake – and fills her with a dangerous amount of magic. A thoughtful book about belonging and fear. 

  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

    Author: Yasutaka Tsutsui Translator: David Karashima
    Publisher: Alma Books

    The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is the story of 15-year-old schoolgirl Kazuko, who accidentally discovers that she can leap back and forth in time after a strange encounter with a shadowy figure at school.

  • The Girl Who Speaks Bear

    Author: Sophie Anderson
    Publisher: Usborne

    Found in a bear cave when she was a baby and raised by her foster mother, Yanka has always wondered who she really is. Readers will be gripped by her quest to find out in this marvellous tale inspired by Russian folklore.

  • The Girl Who Stole an Elephant

    Author: Nizrana Farook
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    Against the backdrop of a stunning South Asian landscape, three youngsters are on the run from the King’s guards – on an elephant! With themes of morality, friendship, teamwork and loyalty, this exciting adventure book also has lots of tension and jeopardy.

  • The Girl Who Thought Her Mother Was a Mermaid

    Author: Tania Unsworth Illustrator: Helen Crawford-White
    Publisher: Head of Zeus

    Stella sets out to discover if her mother really was a mermaid. A beautifully written story with some tense, nailbiting moments and giddy splashes of magical realism. 

  • The Girl Who Walked on Air

    Author: Emma Carroll
    Publisher: Faber and Faber

    Louie is a feisty heroine, loyal to her friends and determined to succeed in this engaging historical adventure.

  • The Girl with No Nose

    Author: Georgia Byng Illustrator: Gary Blythe
    Publisher: Conkers

    Life is tough in Victorian times, the world into which Alice Peasbody is born - and Alice is a girl with no nose. A wonderful, thoughtful book that teaches compassion, celebrates difference and tackles some weighty issues with a gentle touch.

  • The Girl with the Bird's-nest Hair

    Author: Sarah Dyer
    Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books

    Hollie's hatred of the hair brush results in her tangled curls attracting a range of nesting birds.

  • The Girl With the Parrot on her Head

    Author: Daisy Hirst
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Daisy Hirst has created a fun and funky picture book.

  • The Girl with the Shark’s Teeth

    Author: Cerrie Burnell
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    When mysterious men kidnap her mother, Minnow has to set sail alone for the magical, dangerous and beautiful Wild Deep. This book is full of lyrical, breathless prose and Burnell’s imagination is marvellous.

  • The Girl, the Cat and the Navigator

    Author: Matilda Woods
    Publisher: Scholastic

    When Oona Britt is born, she is made to feel like a disappointment, but she doesn’t let this stop her achieving her dream of joining her father on one of his voyages. Readers will become utterly engrossed as they join Oona on her adventure of a lifetime.

  • The Girls

    Author: Lauren Ace Illustrator: Jenny Lovlie
    Publisher: Caterpillar Books

    Four friends find a tree that becomes their Secret Meeting Place. As they grow into four very different young women, their friendship stays as strong as the tree. This touching picture book perfectly encapsulates the value and joy of female friendship. 

  • The Glass Children

    Author: Kristina Ohlsson
    Publisher: Jonathan Cape

    After the death of her father, Billie and her mum are moving to a new town for a fresh start. But the house - or somebody in it - is trying to drive them out.

  • The Glass Demon

    Author: Helen Grant
    Publisher: Penguin

    Legend has it that Bonschariant, the demon, haunts a medieval stained glass window and emerges from it to bring death and destruction to anyone who sees him.

  • The Glass Mountain

    Author: Jan Pienkowski and David Walser
    Publisher: Walker Books

    A wonderfully entertaining collection of Polish fairy tales, with striking illustration by Pienkowski.

  • The Glass Mountain: Favourite Tales from Poland

    Author: Retold by David Walser Illustrator: Jan Pienkowski
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Jan Pienkowski was born in Poland, a land replete with folk tales and with a cultural tradition of paper cutting, which he has utilised in his artwork for this beautiful book of darkly wonderful Polish fairy tales.

  • The Glory

    Author: Lauren St John
    Publisher: Orion

    Part gripping adventure, part love story, this powerful novel travels through an exhilarating yet terrifying landscape.

  • The Goat

    Author: Anne Fleming
    Publisher: Pushkin Press

    A mountain goat, a girl called Kid and a boy who speaks in spoonerisms are the main characters in this quirky novel about love, fears and friendship. Surprising, tender and engaging.

  • The Gobbledegook Book: A Joy Cowley Anthology

    Author: Joy Cowley Illustrator: Giselle Clarkson
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    Joy Cowley is one of New Zealand’s most popular children’s writers and this delightful volume is a perfect introduction to her poems, if you haven’t read them before. If you liked Chris Riddell and Michael Rosen’s A Great Big Cuddle, you’ll love this.

  • The Goggle-Eyed Goats

    Author: Stephen Davies Illustrator: Christopher Corr
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Al Haji has three wives, seven children and an assortment of animals including five goggle-eyed goats. But his goats eat everything in sight and Al Haji's family have had enough.

  • The Golden Cage

    Author: Anna Castagnoli Illustrator: Carll Cneut Translator: Laura Watkinson
    Publisher: Book Island

    A spoilt princess sends her servants far and wide to bring her the most beautiful, impossible birds - but what will happen when she decides she wants one that talks? A gothic tale with astonishing illustrations.

  • The Golden Unicorn: Secrets and Legends

    Author: Selwyn E Phipps Illustrator: Aitch Oana Befort and Rae Ritchie
    Publisher: Michael O’Mara Books

    The first book in The Magical Unicorn Society series was immensely popular, and this attractive follow-up volume is perfect for any unicorn-hungry child desperate to delve deeper into the myths and stories associated with these most elusive creatures.

  • The Goldfish Boy

    Author: Lisa Thompson
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Matthew has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Can he help an investigation into the abduction of a child, perhaps without even leaving his house? A captivating read, combining a compelling whodunit with an engaging protagonist.

  • The Goldsmith's Daughter

    Author: Tanya Landman
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Landman’s latest novel is much more than a mere account of the bloody encounter between the Aztecs and the invading Spanish Conquistadors.

  • The Golem’s Eye

    Author: Jonathan Stroud
    Publisher: Corgi Children's

    The Golem’s Eye is the second of the Bartimaeus trilogy, and is set in an alternate Europe in which magicians and their otherworldly servants, the reluctant djinni, hold power.

  • The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ

    Author: Philip Pullman
    Publisher: Canongate

    Jesus is a passionate, charismatic preacher, while Christ is his cynical and introspective twin, with an eye for posterity.

  • The Good Morning Game

    Author: Hervé Tullet
    Publisher: Phaidon

    The finger puppets are back for another adventure. This time the finger puppet experiences various morning rituals: waking up, having a shower, having breakfast, getting dressed, and going to school.

  • The Good Thieves

    Author: Katherine Rundell
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    If you try to steal back something that has been taken from your family by trickery, is that a crime or is it justice? A thrilling adventure, set in 1920s New York, rich in period detail and tensely dramatic moments.

  • The Goodnight Star

    Author: Amy Sparkes
    Publisher: Red Fox Picture Books

    A glittering shooting star helps a little girl overcome her fears of the dark at bed time.

  • The Goozillas! Escape from the Monstrous Maze

    Author: Dexter Green Illustrator: Jake Dash
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    In this second adventure in the series, Max and the Goozillas must navigate through the monstrous maze, avoiding the pixelated ghosts. This fast-paced, accessible series will appeal to fans of computer games, comics and all things slimy.

  • The Goozillas!: Trapped in the Bog of Beasts

    Author: Dexter Green Illustrator: Jake Dash
    Publisher: Oxford Univerity Press

    While Max is playing on his favourite game on his tablet, he manages the impossible. With just one sneeze, Max manages to transport himself into the game itself, World of Slime.

    There, he meets a slimy and gross cast of characters called the GOOZILLAS. This gang of slimeballs need Max's help. Their world is being take over by the obnoxiously sweet and fluffy…

  • The Graces

    Author: Laure Eve
    Publisher: Faber and Faber

    Like everyone else in town, River is obsessed with the Graces: attracted by their glamour and apparent ability to weave magic. But are they really what they seem? A beautifully written, deliciously dark YA fantasy with a fresh take on witches.

  • The Grave Robber's Apprentice

    Author: Allan Stratton
    Publisher: Faber and Faber

    Orphan Hans is running away from a life of grave-robbing; Countess Angela wants to avoid death at the hands of the evil Archduke and his Necromancer. Together, can they escape?

  • The Graveyard Book

    Author: Neil Gaiman Illustrator: Chris Riddell
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    After his family are killed, Bod is brought up in a graveyard by ghosts.

  • The Great and Dangerous

    Author: Chris Westwood
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

    Ben and his friend Becky work for the Ministry of Pandemonium, guiding recently dead souls safely to the afterlife. But the enemy, the Lords of Sundown, are never far away and have unfinished business.

  • The Great Animal Escapade

    Author: Jane Kerr
    Publisher: Chicken House

    With an intriguing plot, shadowy characters and a collection of marvellously exotic animals, this exciting Victorian escapade – set in a zoo – is a compelling read. 

  • The Great Balloon Hullaballoo

    Author: Peter Bently Illustrator: Mei Matsuoka
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Simon the squirrel and his friends head to outer space in a hot air balloon in this lively picture book.

  • The Great Big Body Book

    Author: Mary Hoffman Illustrator: Ros Asquith
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    How does the human body develop and change in a lifetime? Hoffman and Asquith explore these questions and more in this honest, entertaining and fact-filled celebration of the human body, which also reflects the diversity of the world we live in.

  • The Great Big Book of Families

    Author: Mary Hoffman Illustrator: Ros Asquith
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    The Great Big Book of Families is about the diversity of families. The simple message is that every family is unique and special and that there is no such thing as "normal" or "abnormal". Books simply don’t get much more inclusive than this.

  • The Great Big Book of Feelings

    Author: Mary Hoffman Illustrator: Ros Asquith
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    How are you feeling today? This warm-hearted and thoughtful picture book explores a whole range of emotions that children might experience.

  • The Great Big Green Book

    Author: Mary Hoffman
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    The Great Big Green Book is filled with facts about our planet, and asks lots of questions to help children think about green issues. The book also gives simple tips on how you can save the environment.

  • The Great Cat Conspiracy

    Author: Katie Davies Illustrator: Hannah Shaw
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Books

    Tom's cat likes to kill small animals. When it kills the Vicar's expensive Koi carp, Mum is so cross that the cat is locked out of the house. But then it goes missing...

  • The Great Cheese Robbery

    Author: Tim Warnes
    Publisher: Little Tiger Press

    Patrick thinks Daddy Elephant is not scared of anything until a mouse comes to call.

  • The Great Cheese Robbery

    Author: Chris Mould
    Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

    When the skirting board mice kidnap the ship's cat for a cheese ransom, the pirates are ready for action. An easy-to-read and exciting adventure story, which is perfect for readers starting to read alone.

  • The Great Dog Bottom Swap

    Author: Peter Bently Illustrator: Mei Matsuoka
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    A cheeky, rhyming picture book for curious dog lovers.

  • The Great Dragon Bake Off

    Author: Nicola O'Byrne
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Flamie Oliver is a terrifying dragon with a secret: he's passionate about pastry! But he must kidnap a princess and eat her in order to pass Ferocious Dragon Academy!

  • The Great Explorer

    Author: Chris Judge
    Publisher: Anderson Press

    Tom’s explorer father is lost somewhere near the North Pole...

  • The Great Galloon

    Author: Tom Banks Illustrator: John Kelly
    Publisher: Hot Key Books

    The Great Galloon is an enormous airship, built by Captain Meredith Anstruther and manned by his crew, who might seem like a bit of a motley bunch but who are able to fight off invading marauders whilst drinking tea and sweeping floors!

  • The Great Gatsby

    Author: F Scott Fitzgerald
    Publisher: Vintage

    Jay Gatsby is the man who has everything. But one thing will always be out of his reach ...

  • The Great Hamster Massacre

    Author: Katie Davies Illustrator: Hannah Shaw
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster Children's Books

    According to Anna's mum, hamsters are BAD NEWS. But that doesn't stop Anna and her friends from hatching a plan to persuade Mum to let them get a hamster.

  • The Great Ice Cream Heist

    Author: Elen Caldecott
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Shy Eva lives a quiet life with her protective Dad - until the noisy McIntyre family move in next door.

  • The Great Paper Caper

    Author: Oliver Jeffers
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books

    This is an intelligent and entertaining picture book, with unique and fascinating illustrations.

  • The Great Rabbit Rescue

    Author: Katie Davies Illustrator: Hannah Shaw
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster Children's Books

    Davies attracts young readers with her familiar plot, engaging characters, and understanding of nine year-olds' minds.

  • The Great Race

    Author: Nathan Kumar Scott Illustrator: Jagdish Chitara
    Publisher: Tara Books

    Kanchil, the mouse deer, boasts he is the fastest animal in the forest - but Pelan the snail believes he can beat him in a race.

  • The Great Race: The Story of the Chinese Zodiac

    Author: Christopher Corr
    Publisher: Quarto

    The Great Race gently introduces and celebrates Chinese culture in a fun and vibrant way. This read-aloud story also provides a great stepping stone for introducing other cultural ideas to young children.

  • The Great Sheep Shenanigans

    Author: Peter Bently Illustrator: Mei Matsuoka
    Publisher: Anderson Press

    Lou Pine is one hungry wolf who cunjurs up a cunning plan to catch a sheep for his dinner. But the sheep are not as dumb as they first appear…

    This hilarious romp from the award-winning creators of The Great Dog Bottom Swap, which was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize will have you rolling in laughter.

  • The Great Shelby Holmes: Girl Detective

    Author: Elizabeth Eulberg Illustrator: Matt Robertson
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    Detective genius, Shelby Holmes, may be small but she comes up trumps when the police are flummoxed by a 'dognapping' in a wealthy part of New York.

  • The Great Unexpected

    Author: Sharon Creech
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    In the little town of Blackbird Tree, friends and fellow orphans Naomi and Lizzie are startled when a strange boy, Finn, falls out of a tree.

  • The Great War

    Author: Various Illustrator: Jim Kay
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Each story is inspired by a different object from World War I, from a soldier's writing case to the nose of a Zeppelin bomb.

  • The Greatest Magician in the World

    Author: Matt Edmondson and Garry Parsons
    Publisher: Macmillan

    A sweet story about believing in yourself with a series of fantastic magic tricks included in various ingenious slots, boxes and envelopes – all engineered to provide an exciting book full of brilliant activities, as well as a storyline.

  • The Greatest Show of All

    Author: Jane Eagland
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Kitty's predestined role is to marry, have children and keep house, but her dream is to work with horses. So she disguises herself as a boy and runs away to join the circus. Kitty's story is about following your dreams and staying true to your values.

  • The Green Bicycle

    Author: Haifaa Al Mansour
    Publisher: Dial Books

    Wadjda's dream is to ride through Riyadh on a green bicycle.  She develops plans, schemes and enlists the help of her friend Abdullah to help her achieve her dream.

  • The Green Ship

    Author: Quentin Blake
    Publisher: Random House

    Two bored children climb over a neighbour's wall in search of adventure...

  • The Grimm Legacy

    Author: Polly Shulman
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Blending fairy-tale elements into a modern-day adventure,  this fantastically-written and superbly researched debut novel will enchant readers from the opening paragraph.

  • The Grindle Witch

    Author: Benjamin J Myers
    Publisher: Orion

    Bravery and loyalty take on ancient evil in this shocking, breath-taking thriller.

  • The Grotlyn

    Author: Benji Davies
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    Atmospheric illustrations with a nostalgic feel help build suspense in this delightful rhyming story about how your mind can play tricks on you.

  • The Gruffalo

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    In this much-loved picture book, a little mouse walks through the woods and encounters a fox, an owl and a snake.

  • The Gruffalo Song and Other Songs

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Pan Macmillan

    The ever-popular Gruffalo returns in musical form in this book of songs to sing and play from Julia Donaldson.

  • The Gruffalo's Child

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's books

    Five years after the publication of multi award-winning The Gruffalo, author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler return with a much-awaited sequel.

  • The Grunts All at Sea

    Author: Philip Ardagh Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    The Grunts are back and as disgusting as ever! 

  • The Grunts In Trouble

    Author: Philip Ardagh Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    Meet deliciously disgusting duo The Grunts in the first of an irreverent series from Philip Ardagh

  • The Guard Dog

    Author: Dick King-Smith Illustrator: Jocelyn Wild
    Publisher: Random House

    Join the little Guard Dog on his search to find a new home

  • The Guggenheim Mystery

    Author: Robin Stevens (based on an idea by Siobhan Dowd)
    Publisher: Puffin Books

    When Ted Spark's Aunt Gloria is framed for the theft of a painting from the Guggenheim Museum, he must race through the streets of New York to find the real culprit. An exciting and heartwarming tale from Robin Stevens, continuing the legacy of late author Siobhan Dowd.

  • The Gun

    Author: Bali Rai
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke Ltd

    Deep down, Jonas knew that he shouldn't have taken the gun home: shouldn't have hidden it, shouldn't have shown it to Kamal and should definitely not have let him take it away.

  • The Hackney Martian

    Author: Paul Brown Illustrator: Rowena Blyth
    Publisher: Fourth Wall Publishing

    Sam and his new friend Max the Martian decide to steal a diamond from the Tower of London. They need to power Max's spaceship back to Mars, in this exciting tale of bravery and friendship.

  • The Harder They Fall

    Author: Bali Rai
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    Bali Rai once again hits home with a current and unfortunately necessary book. As always, the characters are fully fleshed out, the dialogue both believable and accessible, and the plot well paced and worthy of its subject matter.

  • The Hat

    Author: Carol Ann Duffy Illustrator: David Whittle
    Publisher: Faber & Faber

    Bubbling over with humour and life, the poems in The Hat paint pictures, evoke smells, conjure sounds and encapsulate events both contemporary and historical.

  • The Hate U Give

    Author: Angie Thomas
    Publisher: Walker

    The Hate U Give is rightly named by many critics as one of the most important books of 2017. It's a profound, deeply compelling modern-day classic that explores race in America.

  • The Haunted Mobile

    Author: Robert Dodds
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    When Jake receives a mysterious text, he assumes his friend Roddy is just playing tricks. But the increasingly desperate messages are from an unknown girl called Alice.  And they seem to come from his own phone.

  • The Haunting of Charity Delafield

    Author: Ian Beck
    Publisher: Bodley Head Children's Books

    The Haunting of Charity Delafield is a heart-warming tale of friendship, family and love with an uplifting, magical twist

  • The Hawkweed Prophecy

    Author: Irena Brignull
    Publisher: Orchard Books

    Strong characters, complex relationships, and important themes of family, belonging, identity, love and loneliness, drive this absorbing story of magic and painful family secrets.

  • The Heart and the Bottle

    Author: Oliver Jeffers
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    An inquisitive little girl, who is enchanted by the world around her, is badly shaken when she loses someone she loves.

  • The Hello Atlas

    Author: Ben Handicott Illustrator: Kenard Pak
    Publisher: Wide Eyed Books

    The Hello Atlas is the ideal book for children eager to learn more about the world around them (and parents, too). Teach your little ones useful phrases in over 100 different languages, while finding out more about people from all over the globe.

  • The Herd Boy

    Author: Niki Daly
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

    Malusi lives in rural South Africa, where he spends his days tending his grandfather’s flock, and wishing for a dog to keep predators away. One day, a baboon injures a baby lamb, and as Malusi carries it home, a large car stops.  The elderly man inside asks Malusi what he hopes to do in the future, and  Malusi tells him that one day he will b…

  • The Here and Now

    Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

    An exciting thriller, including time travel, romance and even climate change and plague.

  • The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

    Author: Rick Riordan
    Publisher: Puffin

    Percy has been missing for three days, and Jason has mysteriously found himself transported into the Camp where he grapples with a variety of malevolent supernatural challenges.

  • The Hidden Princess

    Author: Katy Moran
    Publisher: Walker Books

    The sequel to Hidden Among Us, this is an absorbing and chilling tale of magic, love and loyalty and the importance of family.

  • The Hidden Star

    Author: K Sello Duiker
    Publisher: Cassava Republic Press

    Part mystery, part quest, this book uses magic realism to tell an absorbing story about friendship and courage, which is filled with talking dogs, renegades who occupy the space between good and bad, and evil night riders that must be defeated.

  • The High Street

    Author: Alice Melvin
    Publisher: Tate

    Sally has a list of 10 items she needs to buy

  • The Highway Rat

    Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
    Publisher: Alison Green Books

    This rhyming tale of a villainous Highway Rat is the latest book from Children’s Laureate Julian Donaldson and her Gruffalo collaborator Axel Scheffler. The Highway Rat, gallops along the highway stealing food from other animals – clover from a rabbit, nuts from a squirrel and even his own horse’s hay, until he encounters a cunning duck! Ea…

  • The Hippo at the End of the Hall

    Author: Helen Cooper
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    Ben and his mother's ordinary life is disturbed when Ben receives an invitation to a museum of curiosities. With exquisite descriptions ratcheting up tension along the way, this book will convince you that magic really does exist. 

  • The History Keepers

    Author: Damian Dibben
    Publisher: Doubleday

    A wonderfully imaginative adventure thriller giving an excellent introduction to fantasy fiction

  • The History Keepers: Circus Maximus

    Author: Damian Dibben
    Publisher: Doubleday Children's Books

    In this exciting installment of the History Keepers series, Jake must embark on risky missions to 18th century Sweden and Ancient Rome.

  • The Hit

    Author: Melvin Burgess
    Publisher: Chicken House

    Melvin Burgess has gained a reputation for dealing with shocking and controversial issues in books like Junk, and The Hit is no exception.

  • The Hobbit

    Author: JRR Tolkein
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's

    This well-loved fantasy story has delighed readers ever since its first publication in 1937.

  • The Hog, the Shrew and the Hullabaloo

    Author: Julia Copus Illustrator: Eunyoung Seo
    Publisher: Faber and Faber

    Harry the Hog is fast asleep until a strange noise wakes him up.

  • The Honest Truth

    Author: Dan Gemeinhart
    Publisher: Chicken House

    Mark has cancer. He can't bear more doctors, so he runs away with his dog Beau for company.

  • The House in Poplar Wood

    Author: K E Ormsbee
    Publisher: Chronicle Books

    Thirteen-year-old twins, Felix and Lee, live in the same house but lead very separate lives. Skilfully combining a gripping plot, intriguing characters and a convincing alternative world, populated by sinister beings, this is a dark and compelling novel.

  • The House in the Tree

    Author: Bianca Pitzorno Illustrator: Quentin Blake Translator: Stephen Parkin from Italian
    Publisher: Alma books

    A totally surreal story that puts a new spin on a magical faraway tree – Pitzorno’s story is full of surprises and delightfully silly scenes.

  • The House of Light

    Author: Julia Green
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    A wonderfully imaginative and beautifully written story about a climate change-wrecked world that feels very timely and shows us the power of hope and resilience. 

  • The House on Hummingbird Island

    Author: Sam Angus
    Publisher: Macmillan

    At the age of 12, Idie Grace learns that she has inherited a large estate on Hummingbird Island: a tropical but remote island in the West Indies, full of exotic wildlife and secrets.

  • The House Rabbit

    Author: Lesley White
    Publisher: David Fickling

    In a dark, old house upon a hill, the House Rabbit wakes up with a terrible thought, ‘What if the house falls down?’ and suddenly a crash sends him scurrying from his bed.

  • The House With Chicken Legs

    Author: Sophie Anderson
    Publisher: Usborne

    A story of death, magic and the afterlife told by Marinka, who is desperate not to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and wants to find her own destiny. Loosely based on the Slavic myth of Baba Yaga, this story is delightfully macabre and utterly engrossing.

  • The Hug

    Author: Eoin McLaughlin
    Publisher: Faber & Faber

    Tortoise and Hedgehog are both feeling sad, and they both want a hug - but Tortoise's shell is putting the animals off, and Hedgehog is too prickly. Will they ever find a squeeze? A clever, touching flip book.

  • The Hunger Games

    Author: Suzanne Colins
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Welcome to Panem: its Capitol repressively rules twelve satellite Districts, enslaving the populations as workers and controlling them through hunger.

  • The Humpback's Wail

    Author: Chrissie Gittens Illustrator: Paul Bommer
    Publisher: Rabbit Hole Publications

    A variety of funny, thoughtful, playful and sensual, image-rich poems, probably most suitable for primary school-age children.

  • The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog

    Author: Jeremy Strong Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Penguin

    Trevor’s mother offers him £30 if he’ll walk the dog every day for summer. It sounds easy enough, but the dog - Streaker - has other ideas.

  • The Hunt

    Author: Andrew Fukuda
    Publisher: Simon & Schuster

    A lone human living among vampires, Gene must contain his emotions and physical reactions to blend in and stay alive. Then he is chosen to participate in The Hunt - a game that threatens to expose his true nature.

  • The Hypnotist

    Author: Laurence Anholt
    Publisher: Corgi

    As a young black boy living in the American Deep South in 1963, expectations for 13-year-old Pip aren't great. Jack, his tutor, soon realises the danger that Pip is in... This is a gripping novel looking at a turbulent period of American history.

  • The Icarus Show

    Author: Sally Christie
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    This is an original, heartfelt and powerful story that sensitively looks at issues of loneliness, depression and bullying, but also the power of friendship.

  • The Ice Bear

    Author: Jackie Morris
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln

    In icy northern lands, a great white bear gives birth to tiny cubs. But raven the trickster steals one cub away, dropping the creamy bundle of fur in a hunter’s path.

  • The Ice Monster

    Author: David Walliams
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    The Ice Monster is an epic, loosely historical adventure that is funny, easy to read and shoots along at a rocket pace. Tony Ross’ glorious cover and artwork on almost every page are also a joy. 

  • The Iliad and The Odyssey

    Author: Marcia Williams
    Publisher: Walker Books

    Marcia Williams’s brilliant wheeze of depicting classic myths and legends in humorous comic-strip format has introduced to very young readers some of the most famous stories.

  • The Illustrated Mum

    Author: Jacqueline Wilson Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
    Publisher: Random House

    This is a moving yet unsentimental account of two children coming to terms with their mother’s depression, mental instability and alcohol problem.

  • The Imaginary

    Author: A F Harrold Illustrator: Emily Gravett
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    This is young fiction of the very best quality, showcasing inspiration, inventiveness and an intoxicating passion for storytelling. The Imaginary has the potential to be a family favourite and a future classic.

  • The Imagination Box

    Author: Martyn Ford
    Publisher: Faber & Faber

    When fate throws together a lonely youngster and an eccentric scientist, the result is an Imagination Box.

  • The Immortal

    Author: Ricard Ruiz Garzón Illustrator: Maite Gurrutxaga Translator: Rahul Bery from Spanish
    Publisher: Edebé

    A coming of age story about chess, tolerance, immigration and what it means to be a true champion.

    Judit is an 11-year-old girl who lives in Geneva with her mother and grandfather. A keen artist, she draws in charcoals by the giant chess boards in her local park, practicing for a prestigious art competition. She gradually becomes interested in chess, until o…

  • The Immortals: Evermore

    Author: Alyson Noel
    Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

    In the first book of The Immortals series, find out what Ever will do after discovering she can read auras and hear thoughts

  • The Impossible

    Author: Mark Illis Illustrator: Bimpe Alliu
    Publisher: Quercus Children's Books

    Hector Coleman, your average teenager living a normal boring life in a dull town with, let's face it, a rubbish name. Until he and his mates start genetically mutating ... and everything changes. Everything that is, other than his rubbish name and his girl troubles, oh and his embarrassingly low number of social media followers. All those things, unfortunate…

  • The Impossible Knife of Memory

    Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
    Publisher: Scholastic Children's Books

    This is a gripping and powerful story about the effects of PTSD on families as seen through the eyes of a typical teenager.

  • The Incredible Book Eating Boy

    Author: Oliver Jeffers
    Publisher: HarperCollins

    Henry loves books. However, his pleasure isn't derived from reading them but from eating them instead, and the more he eats, the smarter he gets.

  • The Incredible Ecosystems of Planet Earth

    Author: Rachel Ignotofsky
    Publisher: Wren & Rook

    This huge world we live in, with its infinitely varied regions, countries and communities, is – so we learn in Rachel Ignotofsky’s amazing new book – actually an interconnected series ecosystems, working together to make the best of our planet’s limited resources.

  • The Incredible Luck of Alfie Pluck

    Author: Jamie Rix Illustrator: Craig Shuttlewood
    Publisher: Orion

    What do a worried prime minister, a chicken dropped from a skyscraper window, a bully called Fox and an alien invasion have in common? All are ingredients in Jamie Rix's riotous tale.

  • The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day

    Author: Christopher Edge
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    On Maisie's birthday, she finds that her family have disappeared and her house is being consumed by darkness. A brilliant introduction to physics wrapped inside a great story.

  • The Inquisition

    Author: Taran Matharu
    Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

    The perfect balance of excitement, adrenaline-rich action, magic, fantasy and gaming, the second in the Summoner series is perfect for fantasy fans, gamers and action-loving kids (and adults).

  • The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf

    Author: Ambelin Kwaymullina
    Publisher: Walker Books

    The first in a four part series, this imaginative and engrossing story is a clever spin on the dystopian genre. The author expertly creates a believable, alternative world featuring a strong, moral heroine.

  • The Invention of Hugo Cabret: A Novel in Words and Pictures

    Author: Brian Selznick
    Publisher: Scholastic

    This book inspired the recent Martin Scorsese film, Hugo. Orphan, clock keeper, and thief, twelve-year-old Hugo lives in the walls of a busy Paris train station, where his survival depends on secrets and anonymity. But when his world suddenly interlocks with an eccentric girl and her grandfather, Hugo's undercover life and his most precious secret, are put i…

  • The Invincible Tony Spears

    Author: Neal Layton
    Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

    After Tony moves house, the kitchen in his new place turns into a spaceship called The Invincible. Amid all the zaniness, there's an important message tucked in here about just trying your best.

  • The Iron Man

    Publisher: Faber Children's

    Subtitled 'a children's story in five nights' this powerful, moving and beautifully-written fable from poet Ted Hughes is a true modern classic.

  • The Iron Man

    Author: Ted Hughes Illustrator: Chris Mould
    Publisher: Faber & Faber

    Whether you’re already a fan of this classic children’s story or a new reader, this wonderful version is a real treat. Chris Mould’s mechanical Iron Man has a great deal of personality and this luxury hardback would be a delight to share at home or at school.

  • The Iron Witch

    Author: Karen Mahoney
    Publisher: Corgi Children's

    In an American society which unknowingly exists alongside the world of Faerie, dark elves are resentful of humans, and desperate to regain both their eternal life and their kingdom.

  • The Island

    Publisher: Allen and Unwin

    This chilling picture book about prejudice, intolerance and the plight of refugees will spark classroom discussions with older readers.

  • The Island at the End of Everything

    Author: Kiran Millwood Hargrave
    Publisher: Chicken House

    Amihan lives on the secluded island of Culion with her sick mum, who has leprosy. But when the government decides the island must be quarantined, Ami and all the children who don’t have the disease are forced to leave – while her mum must stay behind, along with everything Ami has ever known.

  • The Isobel Journal

    Author: Isobel Harrop
    Publisher: Hot Key

    Subtitled ‘Just a Northern Girl from Where Nothing Really Happens’, this beautifully-presented book from 18-year-old debut author Isobel Harrop is a vivid scrapbook of teenage life.

  • The It Girl: Superstar Geek

    Author: Katy Birchall
    Publisher: Egmont

    Anna Huntley just moved to London and isn’t the most popular girl at school. But when her dad gets engaged to one of the most famous actresses in the world, Anna is thrust into the spotlight. A funny book about friends, family and learning to be yourself.

  • The Jade Boy

    Author: Cate Cain
    Publisher: Templar

    What is Count Cazalon's sinister plan - and can Jem and his friends stop him?

  • The Jam Doughnut That Ruined My Life

    Author: Mark Lowery
    Publisher: Piccadilly

    Roman loves jam doughnuts, but bringing a secret doughnut on a school trip brings about all sorts of mayhem.

  • The Jamie Drake Equation

    Author: Christopher Edge
    Publisher: Nosy Crow

    Jamie’s dad is an astronaut on the International Space Station. One day, Jamie's phone picks up a up a weird signal. Could it be a message from his father? Filled with Christopher Edge's trademark combination of wit, pathos and hilarity.

  • The Jolley-Rogers and the Cave of Doom

    Author: Jonny Duddle
    Publisher: Templar

    Nugget and her big brother Jim Lad Jolley-Rogers are off on an expedition with their pirate parents when they happen on the enchantingly dangerous Cave of Doom, and find themselves in a bit of a pickle.

  • The Jolley-Rogers and the Monster's Gold

    Author: Jonny Duddle
    Publisher: Templar

    The Jolley-Rogers are just your everyday pirate family, doing everyday pirate family things. This clever series serves up lots of nautical giggles, and will be enjoyed by all children.

  • The Jolly Christmas Postman

    Author: Allan Ahlberg Illustrator: Janet Ahlberg
    Publisher: Puffin

    Follow our favourite jolly postman as he delivers Christmas cards and gifts to fairytale folk

  • The Jolly Postman or Other People’s Letters

    Author: Allan Ahlberg Illustrator: Janet Ahlberg
    Publisher: Penguin

    Brilliantly designed with lots of little details to spot, this old favourite will be enjoyed time and time again

  • The Journey

    Author: Francesca Sanna
    Publisher: Flying Eye Books

    What is it like to leave everything behind and travel somewhere strange? This incredibly poignant story introduces the concept of refugees with straightforward language, tackling this difficult subject with truth, clarity and strikingly beautiful illustrations.

  • The Jungle

    Author: Pooja Puri
    Publisher: Ink Road

    Mico is a young African boy who's lost his family and livelihood, and is trying to get to safety in England. Stuck in the notorious, makeshift refugee camp at Calais that became known as the Jungle, Mico never has enough to eat, and like many refugees, has no money either. Hunger and difficult circumstances make the lure of joining the gangs and turning to c…

  • The Key to Flambards

    Author: Linda Newbery
    Publisher: David Fickling Books

    After a car accident and her parents' divorce, Grace spends the holidays at Flambards, a quiet countryside arts centre. It’s a summer that will slowly change Grace’s feelings about her past, her future and her very place in the world. Readable and engaging. 

  • The Kick Off

    Author: Dan Freedman
    Publisher: Scholastic

    Packed full of footballing tips, fumbled free kicks and nail-biting penalties, every reader will be on Jamie's side.

  • The Kids Who Knew Too Little

    Author: Gitty Daneshvari Illustrator: James Lancett
    Publisher: Little Brown

    When Jonathan's parents are framed and arrested by the CIA, he and his fellow spy Shelley will have to pull together to find the real villains... if they can stop eating junk food and come up with some kind of plan. Another fun adventure in the League of Unexceptional Children series.

  • The King and the Sea

    Author: Heinz Janisch and Wolf Erlbruch Translator: Sally-Ann Spencer
    Publisher: Gecko Press

    The King and the Sea is a collection of 21 extremely short stories that each feature the same little king. Each story is presented on one page with beautiful minimalist illustrations on the other.

    The heart of each story is a funny yet puzzling little thought that will spark the imagination. Beautiful, surreal, funny and philosophical, this book will deli…

  • The King Arthur Trilogy

    Author: Rosemary Sutcliff
    Publisher: Vintage Children's Classics

    One volume combines Rosemary Sutcliffe's three classic books2 about King Arthur and his knights. Beginning before Arthur's birth and ending with the disintegration of the brotherhood of the Round Table, this mystical retelling of the ancient legends takes readers on a magical journey through the England of the Dark Ages. The story of the Sword in the Stone a…

  • The King of Birds

    Author: Alexander Utkin Translator: Lada Morozova
    Publisher: Nobrow

    Gamayun, the magical human-faced bird of Slavic mythology, narrates this vibrant and luxurious graphic novel for younger readers. The story is magical and full of the strangeness of the original fairytale that inspired it.

  • The King of Tiny Things

    Author: Jeanne Willis Illustrator: Gwen Millward
    Publisher: Puffin

    Two little girls and are very excited about camping in the garden but when bedtime comes and all the nighttime bugs come out, the idea doesn't seem so appealing.

  • The King Who Wouldn't Sleep

    Author: Debbie Singleton Illustrator: Holly Swain
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    The King is determined not go to sleep until he's found the perfect prince for his daughter to marry. But the Princess wants to make up her own mind - can a farmer with a flock of sheep provide some help?

  • The Killer Cat Strikes Back

    Author: Anne Fine Illustrator: Steve Cox
    Publisher: Puffin

    This is Tuffy's third adventure, in which he takes exception to Mum's art class, and ruins almost all of her new masterpieces.

  • The Killing Woods

    Author: Lucy Christopher
    Publisher: Chicken House

    When Emily's father stumbles from the woods one night carrying the dead body of Ashlee Parker, Emily's life changes forever. 

  • The Kite Rider

    Author: Geraldine McCaughrean
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Haoyou feels powerless when the man responsible for his father's death demands to marry his mother. Determined to support her himself, the young boy joins a travelling circus.

  • The Kites are Flying

    Author: Michael Morpurgo Illustrator: Laura Carlin
    Publisher: Walker Books

    This dual narrative tale of a modern day conflict is both tragic and joyful. An accessible portrayal of the human consequences of political strife.

  • The Knife of Never Letting Go

    Author: Patrick Ness
    Publisher: Walker Books

    The first in a series, this enthralling sci-fi/fantasy novel grips readers throughout, presenting them with tough questions about identity, ethics and the nature of truth.

  • The Knife That Killed Me

    Author: Anthony McGowan
    Publisher: Definitions

    Paul isn't one of the tough kids, but when he ends up delivering a message from Roth, the terrifying school bully, he finds himself drawn into a dangerous rivalry.

  • The Knights of the Drop-Leaf Table

    Author: Kaye Umansky Illustrator: Ben Whitehouse
    Publisher: Barrington Stoke

    To celebrate their new round drop-leaf table, the Knights decide to hold a party, and the French Knight, who has a hankering for yucky snails, volunteers to do the food. What could go wrong? A perfect, Monty Python-esque introduction to Camelot for kids.

  • The Ladybird Big Book of Dead Things

    Author: Ned Hartley Illustrator: Binny Talib
    Publisher: Ladybird

    Welcome to the Museum of Dead Things! Discover fascinating facts about dinosaurs and learn about fossils, plus much more. This wonderful hardback is full of fun and interest for young readers, with a genuine sense of discovery and excitement. 

  • The Language of Cat

    Author: Rachel Rooney
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

    A wonderful testament to the scope and versatility of language which youngsters will enjoy reading and which is likely to inspire them to be creative in their own poetic endeavours.

  • The Land of Green Ginger

    Author: Noel Langley
    Publisher: Faber and Faber

    Noel Langley's pantomime-esque adventure story is reprinted in its 'much-celebrated longer text' for a new edition included in Faber's list of children's classics.

  • The Land of Neverendings

    Author: Kate Saunders
    Publisher: Faber & Faber

    Emily’s sister Holly has died, and nothing will ever be the same at home: Holly’s bedroom is an empty cave that Emily is scared to walk past at night. Emily’s also just started at secondary school, and she doesn’t understand why her best friend Maze is ignoring her, just when she needs her the most.

  • The Land of Roar

    Author: Jenny McLachlan Illustrator: Ben Mantle
    Publisher: Egmont

    Is the Land of Roar real or imaginary? You’ll have to make up your own mind in this exciting and tense coming-of-age adventure that has echoes of Jumanji and Peter Pan.

  • The Last Chance Hotel

    Author: Nicki Thornton
    Publisher: Chicken House

    A magical murder mystery tale set in a crumbling hotel at the heart of a remote and sinister forest. A fabulous cast of weird and wonderful characters and a plot that reveals its secrets very gradually will draw readers in and keep them hooked. 

  • The Last Dragonslayer

    Author: Jasper Fforde
    Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton

    Times are tough for Jennifer Strange, manager of Kazam Mystical Arts - then predictions of a new Dragonslayer coming to slay the Last Dragon begin...

  • The Last Duchess

    Author: Laura Powell
    Publisher: Macmillan

    Pattern may only be a lady’s maid, but when it comes to protecting her employer, a grand Duchess, she’s determined to offer her very best service. A mystery with magic and friendship at its heart and a sharp dagger in its tail.

  • The Last Kids on Earth

    Author: Max Brallier
    Publisher: Egmont

    Jack Sullivan is 42 days into the monster zombie apocalypse and doing pretty well, but that's all thrown into jeopardy when a monster called Blarg becomes intent on killing him off... A fast-paced, funny story that's a mix between Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Shaun of the Dead.

  • The Last of the Spirits

    Author: Chris Priestley
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    This book is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who has watched and loved a film adaptation of A Christmas Carol but who isn't quite ready for Dickens himself just yet!

  • The Last Summer of Us

    Author: Maggie Harcourt
    Publisher: Usborne Books

    After her mother’s funeral, Limpet is only too glad to get away for a few days and join her best friends Steffan and Jared on a summer road trip.

  • The Last Taboo

    Author: Bali Rai
    Publisher: Random House

    A story of powerful emotions and strong language, which provides no easy answers to the fact that racism exists in communities of all kinds.

  • The Last Tiger

    Author: Rebecca Elliott
    Publisher: Lion Children's

    Luka lives in a drab, grey world where there are no more trees, flowers or animals - or so Luka thinks, until he meets the last tiger.

  • The Last Wild

    Author: Piers Torday
    Publisher: Quercus Books

    In a world where animals no longer exist, twelve-year-old Kester Jaynes sometimes feels like he hardly exists either. Locked away in a home for troubled children, he's told there's something wrong with him.

  • The Last Wolf

    Author: Michael Morpurgo Illustrator: Michael Foreman
    Publisher: Random House

    Powerful illustrations underline this captivating tale of loyalty and bravery.

  • The Last Wolf

    Author: Mini Grey
    Publisher: Jonathan Cape

    The Last Wolf ranks alongside Mini Grey’s other picture book masterpieces, with all her trademark rich, characterful illustration, quirky humour and perfect pacing. The story has an environmental message but is in no way preachy or boring.

  • The Last Zoo

    Author: Sam Gayton
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Pia lives on the last zoo: a floating armada that houses the strangest collection of creatures the world’s ever seen, from genies to mirror-orangutans to hummingdragons. Collectively called ‘voilas’, they each have a special ability, and everyone hopes these will help save the world from environmental catastrophe.

  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    Publisher: DC Comics

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is comics scriptwriting supremo Alan Moore's incredible, reinvention of classic heroes and villains.

  • The League of Unexceptional Children

    Author: Gitty Daneshvari
    Publisher: Little Brown Books for Young Readers

    Jonathan and Shelley are surprised to be selected to join The League of Unexceptional Children. They are used to people forgetting them as soon as they've met them - so why are they about to be trained as spies?

  • The League of Unexceptional Children Get Smart-ish

    Author: Gitty Daneshvari Illustrator: James Lancett
    Publisher: Little Brown

    Jonathan and Shelley are unremarkable American twelve year olds, who also happen to be spies. Summoned to London by the Prime Minister, they must recover a dangerous virus which has been stolen by a rogue British agent before it is unleashed on an unsuspecting world. This is the second amusing title in this fast-paced, offbeat spy series, which contains plen…

  • The Legend of Captain Crow's Teeth

    Author: Eoin Colfer Illustrator: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Penguin

    With characters last seen in Colfer's The Legend of Spud Murphy, this is another light-hearted adventure for younger readers, in which the issue of sibling rivalry is deftly and humorously handled.

  • The Legend of Kevin

    Author: Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre
    Publisher: Oxford University Press

    Max longs for adventure in his life – then one day, a flying pony called Kevin crashes into his flat, blown in by a magical storm. Mayhem, friendship and a brilliant cast of characters combine in this fabulously funny tale.

  • The Legend of Sally Jones

    Author: Jakob Wegelius Translator: Peter Graves
    Publisher: Pushkin Press

    Jakob Wegelius’ graphic novel prequel to the novel The Murderer’s Ape tells the gorilla Sally Jones’ sad origin story with great compassion. It reminds us of the terrible ways humans have treated gorillas and orangutans.

  • The Legend of Spud Murphy

    Author: Eoin Colfer Illustrator: Tony Ross
    Publisher: Penguin

    Will and Marty are horrified when their parents decide to find them something educational to do during the holidays, condemning them to three afternoons a week at the library.

    How will they cope when they meet the librarian, the legendary Spud Murphy, for the first time? And will she use the gas-powered spud gun she keeps under her desk? When Marty steps …

  • The Legend of the Loch Ness Lilo: You, Me and Thing

    Author: Karen McCombie
    Publisher: Faber Children's

    The third in Kaen McCombie's series about Ruby and her next-door neighbour Jackson, who have a secret - at the end of their gardens they are hiding the small, cute but very troublesome ‘Thing’.

  • The Letter for the King

    Author: Tonke Dragt Translator: Laura Watkinson
    Publisher: Pushkin Children's Books

    A young squire named Tiuri has his meditation disturbed by a desperate cry for help.

  • The Lie Tree

    Author: Frances Hardinge
    Publisher: Macmillan

    This dark, exciting novel delves into the world of religion versus science in the late 1800s, and twists towards a thrilling climax.

  • The Lies We Tell Ourselves

    Author: Robin Talley
    Publisher: Mira Ink

    This exceptional novel of first love and sexual awakenings is set against a backdrop of shocking racism and prejudice.

  • The Light That Gets Lost

    Author: Natasha Carthew
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

    A powerful and moving tale of growing up and moving on.

  • The Lines on Nana's Face

    Author: Simona Ciraolo
    Publisher: Flying Eye Books

    A touching exploration of old age and the discovery that wrinkles are not just marks on the skin but also reminders of special moments in time.

  • The Lion and the Mouse

    Author: Jerry Pinkney
    Publisher: Walker Books

    This retelling of Aesop’s fable is told without text through pictures alone

  • The Lion and the Unicorn

    Author: Shirley Hughes
    Publisher: Random House

    Lenny is bullied by the children at his new school, but draws courage from a badge his father gave him, and comes to terms with his fear and loneliness when he befriends Mick.

  • The Lion Who Lost his Roar, but Learnt to Draw

    Author: Paula Knight and Daniel Howarth
    Publisher: QED

    Lionel the lion cub, like many of the book's readers, loves to make a lot of noise. But sometimes he scares the other animals with the noise he makes.

  • The Lion Who Stole My Arm

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Annabel Wright
    Publisher: Walker Books

    When a lion attacks Pedru and bites off his arm, he vows to find the lion and kill him. But as he learns more about these formidable creatures, he realises strength and courage come in different forms. An uplifting story in the excellent Heroes of the Wild series.

  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

    Author: C S Lewis
    Publisher: HarperCollins Children's

    When Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy - step through a wardrobe door in the strange country house where they are staying, they find themselves in the land of Narnia.

  • The Listener

    Author: Elizabeth Laird
    Publisher: A C Black

    A story about a young boy who is sent to stay with his Gran for the weekend when he would rather be at a football match with his friend watching his hero making his debut.

  • The Liszts

    Author: Kyo Maclear Illustrator: Julia Sarda
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Every member of the Liszt family makes lists - lists about ghastly illnesses, dreaded chores, cheeses, Bowie songs. But with all of their time spent categorising the world, what will they do when an unexpected visitor arrives?

  • The Little Book of Football Jokes

    Author: Joe King Illustrator: Nigel Baines
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    Featuring a whole host of football funnies and goalie gags, this collection of soccer silliness is a must for any young fan of the beautiful game.

  • The Little Fir Tree

    Author: Christopher Corr
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Books

    In this beautifully illustrated modern retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale, the values of appreciating what we already have and the cycles of nature are explored. The story of the little fir tree is brought to life with the vivid, folk-inspired artwork.

  • The Little Gardener

    Author: Emily Hughes
    Publisher: Flying Eye Books

    With diverse illustrations, and a clear story to follow, this wonderful book is the perfect read - especially when your own garden is full in bloom.

  • The Little Hen and the Great War

    Author: Jennifer Beck Illustrator: Robyn Belton
    Publisher: Scholastic

    A stunning picture book for older readers, about a soldier's friendship with a little hen during World War One.

  • The Little Island

    Author: Smriti Prasadam-Halls Illustrator: Robert Starling
    Publisher: Andersen Press

    The message here is that compassion for others and strength in togetherness is what makes us thrive. The Little Island may raise as many questions as it answers, but that’s precisely why global ideas should be introduced to children at such a young age.  

  • The Little Mermaid

    Author: Geraldine McCaughrean Illustrator: Laura Barrett
    Publisher: Orchard

    McCaughrean has written an alternative happy ending to Hans Christian Andersen’s tragic and bloody tale, so while this stunningly illustrated version is for the most part faithful, young readers and listeners won’t be too disturbed by Delphine’s story.

  • The Little Mistake

    Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Cathy Fisher
    Publisher: Graffeg

    Rose learns that not all mistakes are bad when she helps her mum watch over their sheepdog Trix and its litter of puppies – including one that definitely isn't going to be a prize-winning sheepdog. Another brilliant wildlife story from Nicola Davies. 

  • The Little Pioneer

    Author: Adam Hancher
    Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

    Inspired by letters and diaries from the 1800s, this enjoyable picture book explores the origins of modern-day America and the life and motivation of early pioneers.

  • The Little Prince

    Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupery Translator: Katherine Woods
    Publisher: Egmont

    An air pilot makes a forced lan