Trouble in Toadpool

Publisher: Doubleday Children's Books

A welcome return for Fine’s happy, hapless and immensely entertaining Mountfield family, who this time are commandeered by the dreaded Aunt Susan to drop everything and help with the show she’s organising.  The Mountfields are an interesting assortment of eccentric characters, from formidable Great-Granny to irrepressible Uncle Tristram, by way of Titania, the lisping show-off cousin, and Uncle Dudley, the disaster-waiting-to-happen. Ralph, our slightly insecure hero, perpetually wearing his beloved rabbit slippers, sets out to avoid his Aunt Susan-alloted fate, but ends in saving the show - whilst discovering some surprising strengths amongst the family along the way.

Perfectly illustrated by Kate Aldous, Trouble in Toadpool is enormous fun, giving a 21st century twist to the ever-popular genre of gentle domestic comedy.

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