The Art of Protest

Publisher: Big Picture Press

De Nichols, an arts-based organiser, “artivist”, lecturer and entrepreneur began creating art in her teens in response to events such as Hurricane Katrina and 9/11.

In 2014, she witnessed the Ferguson uprising in Missouri after a teenager, Michael Brown Jr, was killed by a police officer while walking along the street. Compelled to act, she created an art project called The Mirror Casket – a coffin covered in mirrors – which activists used as a focus for their protests against police brutality.

Explaining why art can be so powerful within social movements, and the different forms protest art can take, De Nichols introduces young readers to contemporary artists like Keith Haring and Jacob Lawrence and discusses some of the famous works of protest art such as the rainbow flag and Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement. There are also profiles of young climate activists and ideas for making your own protest art.

With contributions from artists Diana Dagadita, Molly Mendoza, Olivia Twist, Raul Oprea and Diego Becas, this fascinating and brilliantly designed book is a must for secondary school libraries, art rooms, and for any young person interested in protest art and how images are used in politics, culture and society.

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