Writer in Residence: Michelle Robinson

Every six months, BookTrust appoints a new Writer or Illustrator in Residence to write blogs, run competitions and give us their own unique perspective on the world of children's books.

Our current Writer in Residence is Michelle Robinson. 

Robinson’s core mission during her residency with BookTrust is to encourage children and grown-ups to “have fun reading together”. For the next six months, she will produce tips and activities for experiencing the pure joy of sharing picture books together. She will offer practical suggestions for making shared reading feel like something to look forward to, as an exciting opportunity to connect, laugh and make memories.

Michelle Robinson is the author of best-selling picture books that are perfect for sharing and reading aloud, including The World Made a Rainbow, She Rex, There's a Lion in my Cornflakes and the Goodnight Spaceman series. She has won several awards, including the Lollies Laugh Out Loud Book Awards in 2020.

Robinson’s books have been featured in BookTrust’s work in the heart of communities across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to engage families with the life-changing benefits that can come from regularly sharing stories together – including 1,2,3, Do the Dinosaur (illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw) and Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry (illustrated by Jez Tuya). The energy, rhythm and enticing concepts of Robinson’s picture books make them a powerful tool for sparking interest and enthusiasm for sharing stories – supporting BookTrust’s mission to getting every child reading regularly and by choice.

Michelle Robinson says: “I still remember how wonderful it felt to be read to as a child. Any worries or stresses were put away when a grown-up found five minutes to sit still, pick up a book and read me a story. I felt safe, loved and relaxed, because the books we shared made us laugh, together.

“I’m thrilled to be BookTrust’s Writer in Residence. I come from a low-income background so BookTrust's mission really strikes a chord with me. I'm living proof that books, libraries and the nurturing of literacy skills at an early age can take even the most unlikely child a very long way."

“I’ll be sharing tips and practical demos on how to make reading fun – for children and grown-ups. I hope you'll enjoy my ideas and that you have fun creating some happy reading memories of your own!” 

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Features from our Writer in Residence


Books by Michelle Robinson

1,2,3, Do the Robot

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Rosalind Beardshaw

Layla loves inventing new things in her bedroom science lab. One night, she decides to make a robot, and then she makes another. Together the three of them groove and do the robot dance but when a robot friend needs help, do they have the right moves to fix him?

Mae'n amser gwely, ond dydy Layla y dyfeisiwr ddim yn gysglyd o gwbl. Felly yn hytrach na chysgu…

Read more about 1,2,3, Do the Robot

The Thunk

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Deborah Allwright

This is a fabulously funny picture book by the author of Ten Fat Sausages, brimming full of Michelle Robinson’s trademark silly humour. 

Read more about The Thunk

When Cookie Crumbled

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Tom Knight

Michael the cookie loves standing out from the batch, but the other cookies disapprove. Can Michael find a way to be himself? Funny rhyming text and fabulous illustrations, with themes of friendship and acceptance.

Read more about When Cookie Crumbled

Trains, Boats and Planes

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Jez Tuya

Transport and dogs come together in this bright, joyful picture book which follows a train, boat and plane over the course of a busy day.

Read more about Trains, Boats and Planes

When Cucumber Lost His Cool

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Tom Knight

A super-chilled cucumber hands out confidence tips to his foody friends, but when he starts to feel left out, he totally loses his cool. Exploring anxiety and jealousy, this laugh-out-loud story is a super fun way for children to think about emotions. 

Read more about When Cucumber Lost His Cool

Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Jez Tuya

This colourful picture book features a fabulous array of vehicles, from a forklift truck to a cement mixer, all of which are driven by dogs. An entertaining book with enduring appeal.

Read more about Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry

1, 2, 3, Dawnsio Dawns y Deinosor / 1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur (bilingual)

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Rosalind Beardshaw adapted by Eurig Salisbury

Tyrd i ddysgu sut i fod yn ddeinosor gyda Tomi! Stompia dy draed a sigla dy gynffon - tyrd i gael hwyl yn y llyfr lluniau lliwgar hwn a'i stori sy'n odli.

Follow Tom as he teaches you how to be a dinosaur! Stomp your feet, swish your tail and join in the actions in this bouncy rhyming picture book. 

Read more about 1, 2, 3, Dawnsio Dawns y Deinosor / 1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur (bilingual)

Witch in Training

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Briony May Smith

This little witch sneezes whilst making a potion - can she correct her mistake or will her pets face an unexpected destiny? A delightfully cosy picture book for any child that has faced a tricky task.

Read more about Witch in Training

The Pawed Piper

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Chinlun Lee

This feline twist of the classic tale The Piped Piper is a sweet and playful story. A great book to share with little readers that will strike a chord with anyone who has ever yearned for a cuddly cute pet. 

Read more about The Pawed Piper

Tooth Fairy in Training

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Briony May Smith

This funny, bouncy rhyme is silly and surprising with twists that children really won’t see coming. But there is still enough sparkle and magic to keep little fairy fans happy! A perfect gift for someone who has just lost their first tooth. 

Read more about Tooth Fairy in Training

Ten Fat Sausages

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Tor Freeman

Everything in this sausagey counting book works perfectly: from the big, bold illustration to the satisfying rhyme that works well for preschoolers. It will also entertain adults and older children, who will really get the silly humour.

Read more about Ten Fat Sausages

Grandmas from Mars

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Fred Blunt

Martians hatch a cunning plan to invade the Earth disguised as grannies, so everyone will obey them and they can take over the world! Can Fred and Nell stop them and get their grandmother back? A wonderfully wacky tale. 

Read more about Grandmas from Mars

Goodnight Spaceman

Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Nick East

Opening with a special letter from the first British ESA astronaut Tim Peake, this rhyming picture book will inspire any child who gazes at the night sky, longing to explore space. Informative, exciting and beautifully illustrated.

Read more about Goodnight Spaceman

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