The Detective Dog

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

Detective Dog Nell is famed for her sleuthing skills. She always finds the culprit - and the things her untidy owner, Peter, mislays. Nell's also a keen bibliophile. She accompanies Peter to school and hears the children read. Nell adores stories and the smell of books. 

One Monday, school smells wrong. The books have vanished! A thief's been at work. Immediately, Nell's hot on the trail through town. The thief is caught red-handed - he only wanted to borrow some books. Luckily, Nell has the perfect solution.

Exuberant rhyming couplets propel Nell's story with a jauntiness that invites sharing and reading aloud. The fluid, energetic lines of witty, detail-packed illustrations encapsulate Nell's verve for detecting - and reading - in this joyful celebration of books and libraries.

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