The Boy Who Met A Whale

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Razi can’t resist an early-morning trip to the beach to watch the newly-hatched turtles battling their way towards the sea. But the calm of the day is disturbed when he spots a tiny boat bobbing towards the shore. And hanging over the side is a small, still hand.

The boy in the boat is clearly in a bad way so when he starts telling tales of murdered sailors, missing treasure and giant sea monsters, Razi and his sister can’t tell if he’s delusional, a very good liar or is truly in the midst of the most exciting story they’ve ever heard.   

But excitement turns to jeopardy as they find themselves pursued by dangerous, ruthless criminals.

Page one of this thrilling adventure throws readers into a violent storm at sea aboard a sinking ship. Page two adds a murderous first mate and a mysterious scroll. By page four, the ship and its crew are lost.

From then on, the story is one of contrasts: the beautiful serenity of a remote island nation, edge-of-seat thrills and nerve-jangling brushes with death and the quiet tragedy and triumphs of complicated personal experiences.

A great story with wide appeal for middle grade readers.

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