Publisher: Walker Books

Twitch is a kind, sensitive 12-year-old boy, who always stands up for what is right. He adores birds and tenderly cares for his four pet pigeons, three hens and a family of swallows, who nest in his bedroom every year. Bullied at school, he makes an enemy out of Jack when he stops him from killing a pigeon, so is relieved when the summer holidays start.

Keen to spend his days at Aves Wood Nature Reserve, where he has constructed a secret birdwatching hide, Twitch intends to train his two youngest pigeons, Squeaker and Frazzle, to become homing birds. However, his peaceful retreat is teaming with police officers, on the hunt for an escaped prisoner who has been spotted in the area. Twitch’s bird-watching skills of patience, careful observation and a thorough knowledge of the terrain, make him the perfect detective. He is soon drawn into the search for Robber Ryan, along with his former tormentor, Jack, with whom he develops a tentative friendship.

This engaging and uplifting tale about friendship, trust and the wonder of nature is beautifully written. Seamlessly interwoven with an intriguing detective story, it has a thrilling finale and is an absolute joy to read. 

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