The Making of Mollie

Publisher: O’Brien

Mollie writes letters to her friend Frances, filled with all the usual things – annoying siblings, schoolwork and family dramas. (Her spoilt brother Harry is getting all the best bits of chicken and her older sister Phyllis is being very secretive about something.)

When Mollie discovers that Phyllis is part of the suffragette movement and witnesses an impressive speech, she’s determined to do something to help. Politics may not have interested her before, but this is the very reason that Harry always gets what he wants -and Mollie isn’t going to take it anymore!

A sweet epistolary novel set in Ireland in 1912. Young Mollie is likeable and her chatty letters are fun and easy to read, making the historical setting and context accessible to modern audiences. This would make great extra reading for pupils studying the suffragettes, and showing that it remains relevant today.

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