The Crossover

(2 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Andersen Press

Josh and his twin brother JB are mad about basketball. They’re stars of their school team and being on the court is everything. Although different from each other, the two brothers have always been as close as can be. But things are changing. JB’s more interested in spending time with the new girl at school than with Josh, and as the fractures in their brotherhood widens, Josh just isn’t sure where he fits anymore. Especially after he gets suspended from the team. Can he figure out how to fix things in time for the basketball championships final?

The Crossover is an outstanding novel. Written in verse, it’s instantly readable and has an incredible use of rhythm and language, particularly in the basketball scenes where the fast-paced action puts the reader right in the heart of both the game and Josh’s frame of mind. Emotional and with plenty of drama both on and off the court, it also packs a powerful punch. The story has something for everyone, from school and sport to the ups and downs of friendships and family relationships.

Perfect for readers who love all kinds of stories – but also for anyone who thinks they don’t like reading.

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