Troll Swap

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Timothy Limpet isn't like the other trolls. They are messy, mucky creatures who love scaring people: Timothy is nice and polite and tidy. Meanwhile, Tabitha Lumpit is a little girl who is loud and loopy and messy - and who would rather pick her nose than a flower any day of the week.

When Timothy and Tabitha meet, they decide to swap places. At first they are delighted with their new identities - but after a while, they both begin to think about home.

This gorgeous picture book from Leigh Hodgkinson is bursting with colour, exuberance and fun. Hodgkinson's distinctively bold, scribbly illustrations fill the rainbow-bright page spreads, peopled with all kinds of quirky characters. Blending humour with tenderness and warmth, this is a beautiful book about celebrating difference and accepting ourselves and others for who they are. 

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