The Grindle Witch

Publisher: Orion

Jack Jolly misses city life. Talking to Leila on the school bus is the highlight of his day. The only other pupil from Grindle village, Paddy Rakhman, is downright scary - the result of living with a deranged father in the January Gallows pub, explains Leila.

But when the murders start in Deepfold Woods, life stops being boring and becomes downright petrifying. Old Tom Moore's body looks like it's been shredded. Jack and Paddy narrowly escape the stone claws of a monster - the Grindle Witch. But when a child is ripped apart, Jack, Paddy and Leila decide to destroy the Witch, by summoning a demon… with horrifying and unexpected consequences.

Bravery and loyalty take on ancient evil in this shocking, breath-taking thriller.

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