The Family From One End Street

Publisher: Puffin

Everyone on One End Street feels a bit sorry for Mr and Mrs Ruggles – their seven children are always getting into exciting escapades, from Jim’s daring adventure in an airborne drainpipe to Baby William’s narrow miss at the Baby Show! But no matter what their tearaway offspring get up to, Mr and Mrs Ruggles are always proud of them.

Eve Garnett’s short stories about the Ruggleses are gorgeously nostalgic and charming, and in places wryly tongue-in-cheek for their time, depicting a working class family’s everyday life in a small English town. Each member of the close-knit Ruggles family has their own adventure in The Family at One End Street, and every one of the Ruggles children is written so distinctly that the story in each self-contained chapter is as brilliant as the last.

An ideal bedtime book, or one to dip in and out of - each chapter makes its own entertaining light read for storytime.

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