The Case of the Good-Looking Corpse

Publisher: Orion Children's Books

P.K. Pinkerton, intrepid 12-year-old Private Eye who (almost) never sleeps, returns in the second book in this lively and original series from Caroline Lawrence, set in America's Wild West.

Picking up just hours after the first book left off, The Case of the Good-Looking Corpse finds P.K. embroiled in a new case to solve - the mysterious murder of Short Sally. Servant girl Martha begs for P.K.'s help to expose her mistress's killer, but then disappears herself, leaving P.K. to try and work out which of many possible suspects could be guilty. As usual, P.K.'s 'Thorn' - an inability to read people and difficulty in expressing emotions - complicates matters, but thankfully poker-player Jace is on hand to help with some useful advice, and P.K.'s new interest in collecting different types of tobacco proves unexpectedly helpful. 

With plenty of Wild West slang and an engaging cast of colourful gunslingers, gamblers and cowboys, Caroline Lawrence brings a mid-19th century frontier town vividly to life in this intricately-plotted and very funny page-turner. P.K. makes a compelling and unique hero and readers will delight in following all the entertaining twists and turns of this great fun adventure.

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