Tanglewood Animal Park: The Troublesome Tiger

Publisher: Usborne

Zoe is bursting with excitement – Tindu the tiger is arriving today at Tanglewood Animal Park, all the way from a zoo in Berlin. Once Tindu settles in, Koko, a female tiger from Chester Zoo, will join him. Everyone hopes that soon there will be the patter of tiny tiger feet. But Tindu won’t come out of his crate. Not for food, not for water, not even for ice-cubes made of frozen blood…

Zoe does some quick research. Everyone holds their breath to see if her spicy cinnamon scent trail and salmon-filled piñata will tempt Tindu to eat. Otherwise, her parents will have to cancel Tangelwood’s Terrific Tigers weekend...

Perfect for animal lovers, this appealing story also features squabbling guinea pigs and a mystery ginger tabby that captures Zoe’s heart.

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