The Bandit of Barbel Bay

Fantasy Sports 2

Publisher: Nobrow

Mage-in-training Wiz and her mentor, the muscle-bound Mug, find themselves on the shores of Barbel Bay, a peaceful and plentiful town before the Order of Mages arrived and took all its treasure, leaving it desolate and disordered. Yet, when their hard-won treasure is stolen as they sleep, Wiz and Mug find it’s been added to the vast pile of gold that will be won by one skilful volleyball player as part of Barbel Bay’s famous Yahm’s Tournament.

But Wiz and Mug can’t predict that they’ll have to play against more than a few fishy sports-creatures to win the treasure: Yahma and Yahmi, magical creatures of the Clam, demand a fair game from the wizards, too.

The second in the Fantasy Sports series starts to unfold a slightly more developed backstory and explore the idea that the Order of Mages and their constant quest for treasure may not be an entirely good thing. This gives Wiz pause for reflection about whose side she’s on and what stories she believes. With more epic sports battles and more tongue-in-cheek humour, this high-action tale of good sportsmanship and friendship is another gem from Sam Bosma. 

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