The Grunts All at Sea

Publisher: Nosy Crow

The Grunts are back and as disgusting as ever! This time they have to take a POGI (that's a Person Of Great Importance) to a specific person at a specific time. Of course it would be easier if that person didn't live on an island far away. With their (stolen) son Sunny, his friend Mimi, Clip and Clop the donkeys, and Fingers the elephant, the Grunts must take their sort-of-caravan across the sea to complete this all important delivery. Along the way they meet a host of people who may not be quite who they seem, leaving Sunny caught up in another adventure, this time sillier, smellier and stranger than ever.

With his trademark wit, brilliant use of language and absurd humour, The Grunts All at Sea is another wonderfully silly episode in Philip Ardagh's Grunts series. Wildly inventive and full of bizarre characters and ridiculous twists, this is sure to be a laugh-out-loud success.

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