The Bewitching of Aveline Jones

Publisher: Usborne

Aveline Jones loves all things spooky, so is delighted when her mother rents a holiday cottage that overlooks an ancient stone circle, known locally as the Witch Stones.

While exploring the historic structure, she meets Hazel, a mysterious girl who is eager to befriend her. Although Hazel is funny, outgoing and generous, Aveline senses that there is something unusual about her new acquaintance and is sure she is hiding something. Where are her family, how does she seemingly disappear into thin air, and what is her relationship with Alice, the village’s eccentric vicar?

When Aveline’s friend Harold comes to stay for a few days, Hazel is extremely jealous, leaving Aveline feeling uneasy about the lengths to which Hazel will go to protect their friendship.

Convincing characters, an intriguing plot and just the right amount of spine-tingling chills make this a perfect Halloween tale for brave middle-grade readers. Atmospheric black-and-white illustrations are dotted throughout the chapters to help set the scene.

This exciting follow-up to Aveline’s debut adventure, The Haunting of Aveline Jones, can easily be enjoyed as a standalone novel.

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