The Funny Life of Teachers

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Publisher: Bloomsbury

You shouldn’t believe everything you read in this imaginative and inventive ‘guide’ to anything and (almost) everything related to school and teachers!

Packed with cartoon-style illustrations, this highly interactive book mixes together real and made-up facts about school and teachers, with hilarious results. Topics include the different types of teachers and what they might get up to in the staffroom, those supremely embarrassing moments of seeing your teacher outside of school, and other hilarious takes on subjects such as school toilets, the school hamster, lollipop ladies, dinner ladies, class names, accidentally calling your teacher mum, PE, how teachers try to motivate you and – obviously – emergencies you might need a banana for.

Plus this book can be read however you like – rather than reading from cover to cover, readers are encouraged to pick their own route through the book via the different options given to them at the end of each page. This zany and inventive format and the bite-sized chapters make it great for less confident readers, as well as lots of fun of course.

A book full of very silly things, but there are some real facts in there too if you can find them!

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