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Publisher: Hot Key Books

Zara lives in a world where magic means power and those without are forced to work as slaves. She is the daughter of the cruellest, most powerful mage in the land and is expected to despise the non-magic population but she cannot. As a child, her own personal slave, or Tribute, became her best friend and when the two were violently ripped apart Zara's loyalty shifted.

Now, protected by her father's status, she spies for the Knowledge Seekers, a rebel group determined to gather information and rise up against the magical ruling class. Caught up in a world of lies, mistrust and danger Zara meets Aiden, a handsome, non-magic boy imprisoned by her father, and suddenly the stakes are raised higher than she ever could have imagined.

This is a gripping, imaginative tale that draws you into a magical world from page one. The protagonist is spirited, flawed and endearing. Her inner conflict, when confronted with her own prejudices, is fantastically realistic and may resonate with some readers dealing with prejudices of their own. A great adventure story and, luckily, the first in a series.

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