The Best of Pippi Longstocking

Publisher: Oxford University Press

This bumper edition contains four stories and illustrations from the award-winning Tony Ross. Translated from Swedish and previously unpublished, ‘Pippi Celebrates Christmas’ focuses on the joy of giving, and ‘Pippi Longstocking’, ‘Pippi in the South Seas’ and ‘Pippi Goes Abroad’ all follow Pippi on her amazing adventures.

Starting school, arranging a picnic, encountering thieves, attending a tea party and travelling to Canny Canny Island – it’s all in a day’s work for Pippi and her friends Tommy and Anika.

Pippi is independent, funny and compassionate. She has long red pigtails, a hoard of gold and lives in Villekulla cottage with a horse and a monkey! In these enduring and exciting tales, Pippi is an empowering role model to all young girls; her resourcefulness will inspire all.

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