Today I'm Strong

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books

A little girl loves to go to school and see her friends – but there are days when she really doesn’t. There are days when other children are mean, and school feels sad.

On those days, she wants to stay at home and play with her friend the tiger instead. She can tell the tiger anything, and she knows her friend will listen.

But one day, something wonderful happens. Molly is mean as usual, but the little girl remembers her strong, fierce friend the tiger. And she knows exactly what to do.

Told from the view of the little girl talking to her tiger friend, this is a poignant, gentle story about facing those seemingly insurmountable fears, written by The Great British Bake-Off winner Nadiya Hussain – a writer who is open about her own experience with anxiety. Bright, warm colours, sparse but emotive text and a truly adorable and expressive pair of best friends make this a lovely uplifting book.

Perfect for reading aloud to younger children who might have sad days at school themselves, with a subtle message about finding your voice, coping with bullying, and accepting that while some days might be tough, other days – like tomorrow – you might be on top of the world.

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