The Dogs

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Publisher: Andersen Press

Cameron is moving for the fifth time in as many years. Constantly on the run from his dangerous father, he and his mother have found an empty farm house outside a small town that they hope will keep them safe. The house gives Cameron the creeps, he hears voices and howling dogs on the wind, he sees shadowy figures hiding in the corn rows, and the rumours of a death on the property do not help matters. As things start to go really wrong for him in school Cameron realises that the voices and visions might not be in his head, and that the house really could have a terrible secret to hide.

Spooky and atmospheric, The Dogs is everything you could want from a murder mystery and ghost story. Cameron is a great character, friendless, isolated and scared he is losing his mind, yet determined to solve the mystery that hovers so tantalisingly out of his reach. The threat Cameron feels from his father is palpable from the first page and will keep the reader engrossed until the dramatic climax. A highly recommended read.

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