The Incredible Record Smashers

Publisher: Usborne

Lucy is very protective of her mum, who is sometimes so sad she can’t even get out of bed. If only she could fix things and help Mum be happy again.

Coming across an old photograph, Lucy becomes convinced that Paul Castellini, who hosts the hit TV show Record Smashers, can reignite Mum’s lust for life.

And so begins the quest to find out what Lucy Robertson is really good at so she can make a world record attempt live on TV, and get Paul Castellini to come to tea with her mum.

Lucy’s feelings and experiences will resonate with anyone who has a close relative with mental health issues. The guilt she carries because of her inability to "fix" her unhappy mum is an accurate portrayal of how depression doesn’t just affect the sufferer but also those who love and care about them.

Despite its challenging theme, the story is peppered with chaotic, slapstick comedy elements and the development of an unlikely but profound friendship.

Featuring an encounter with a pair of escaped robbers, some sparkly, gold catsuits and a lot of squashed kumquats, this is a book that really does have something for everyone.

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