Trust Me

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Publisher: Corgi Children's

Seventeen-year-old Jayna is desperate to be allowed to go away on holiday with her boyfriend Andrew and is delighted when her Mum finally gives way and agrees to the backpacking trip. But their romantic trip is disrupted by a chance encounter in a foreign city, which leads to a terrifying experinece.

Waking up in the youth hostel the next morning alone, with only confused memories of the events of the night before, Jayna is devastated, assuming that Andrew has dumped her. But when she returns home she discovers that he still wants to be together, only something very strange has happened to him. Now he looks different - pale, with strangely cold eyes - and he has peculiar new abilities that make him unnaturally fast and strong. Andrew keeps telling Jayna that she can still trust him - but should she believe him?

Malorie Blackman puts her own thought-provoking twist on the vampire trend in this engaging teenage story told in a frank first person narrative voice. Yet as well as a punchy and direct dark romance with a difference, this is also a novel exploring the nature of first relationships, including sex, love and trust.

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