The B on Your Thumb: 60 Poems to Boost Reading and Spelling

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

There should be a space reserved on every home and school bookshelf for this dynamic collection of 60 poems that can help boost reading and spelling. This isn’t some stuffy learning tool that is brought out when a child is having difficulty with a particular set of sounds or some tricky spellings, it stands alone as a funny, funky poetry book children will love.

Every poem is fully illustrated with great humour, vibrant colours and dynamic characterisation which brings all the letters and sounds to life so they practically leap off the page. Each poem is also cleverly constructed to be memorable and easily recalled and, whether it’s demonstrating the difference between ‘here’ and ‘hear’ or unlocking the mysteries of ‘silent’ letters it never feels like a lesson but just like a lot of fun.

With a range of material that spans the entirety of the primary school age range, this is a book to inspire an interest in, and love for, the English language but could also simply be a shared, joyful, bedtime reading experience.

Additional material is included to adapt the rhymes into games for individuals at home or for a whole class activity in school.

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