The 5 Misfits

Publisher: Lincoln Children’s Books

Five "misfits" live in a lopsided house, which is in danger of falling down any minute: the first has four big holes in his tummy, the second is folded in half, the third is always asleep, the fourth is upside down, and everything is wrong with the fifth one. However, they are completely happy.

One day, though, an apparently perfect creature arrives and tries to give the five misfits a sense of purpose, and is disgusted with their lack of enthusiasm for the plan. Yet when the misfits explain the benefits of being the way they are, it’s the Perfect One that looks silly.

Beatrice Alemagna’s highly original illustration style is a wonderful mix of collage and pencil, and her quirky, lovable story about the importance of being yourself –  especially when you might be regarded as odd by others –  is a jewel among children’s books. Though it will definitely appeal to fans of Jon Klassen and Carson Ellis for the more sophisticated art style, the short, amusing text will entertain younger listeners, too.

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