To Be A Cat

Publisher: Bodley Head

Barney Willow doesn’t think life could get much worse: his parents are divorced, he hates his new school, Gavin Needle bullies him ceaselessly and head-teacher, Miss Whipmire, persecutes him. Then his dad mysteriously disappears. A strange thought comes to him: wouldn’t life be easier as a cat; fed, pampered, free from bullies and crazy teachers?

But a transformed, feline Barney discovers a cat’s life is equally perilous. Miss Whipmire has a dastardly plot, Barney’s in danger and he realises his old life wasn’t quite so bad – but can he return to it?

There’s a darkly surreal humour to this morality tale of feline transformation and dastardly machinations; eccentric authorial interventions and family and friends save the day - but be careful what you wish for!

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