The Dragon with the Blazing Bottom: A Very Fiery Fairy Tale

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Dragon and Sir Wayne are engaged in deadly battle atop the turrets of a castle on day when a problem occurs: Dragon tries to breathe fire, but nothing comes out. Disaster!

The remarkably helpful Sir Wayne suggests a number of solutions to Dragon’s embarrassing lack of blaze: frowning, howling, tail-thrashing and eating a really spicy fry-up, but nothing seems to work. How will Dragon ever be able to show his scaly snout around the castle if he can’t do the one thing people expect from him?
Yet, suddenly, a solution presents itself from an unexpected direction, and Dragon finds a new way to terrify knights far and wide…

A delightfully silly rhyming fairy tale story, The Dragon With the Blazing Bottom has plenty of laughs and zany illustrations, with an adorable dragon and his loyal adversary who is absolutely dedicated to helping out his friend. There’s a nice message here too about finding alternative solutions if your plans don’t work out exactly they way you thought they would, and about helping our friends in need.

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