The Dragon’s Hoard: stories from the Viking Sagas

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

If Vikings make you think of violent warrior raiders, think again! Some of the Vikings in this collection of 11 stories are indeed hard, brutal north-men addicted to battle, but here you will also encounter sailors, traders and explorers easily terrified by magic and monsters.

Meet Fafnir, transformed into a dragon by his greed to safeguard his gold; Kara, the Swan Warrior protecting her beloved in battle; the Berserker Babysitter; sailor Bjarni Herjolfson, who discovered America, and then went back home; and Glam, the undead zombie. 

Elemental, unadorned and compelling, these stories of strong characters and emotions living closely alongside animals and nature are illuminated by earth-toned illustrations. These engaging retellings of the Viking Sagas bring their voices echoing down from the 13th and 14th centuries.

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