The Four Branches of the Mabinogi

Publisher: Rily

Ancient feuds, giants, magic spells, dramatic landscapes, revenge, betrayal and a plethora of kings, princesses and supernatural happenings teem onto every page of this prize-winning book of legends.

Revel in the stories of: Pwyll, a cheerful but foolhardy prince; Branwen, married to a foreign king in order to keep peace between nations; Manawydan, whose happiness is blighted by magic spells and a desire for revenge; and Blodeuwedd, who was conjured out of wild flowers by a well-meaning wizard.

This lavishly illustrated retelling of the four character-led branches of the Mabinogi successfully simplifies some very complex tales and is a great introduction to the ancient storytelling heritage of Wales.

The inclusion of Mabinogi maps and a useful guide to pronunciation for non-Welsh speakers add to the accessibility of this story collection and ensure it can be enjoyed by anybody.

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