Travels with My Sketchbook

(1 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Templar

Master illustrator and author Michael Foreman takes us on a truly engrossing trip around the world with this gorgeous collection of sketches, drawings and stories. We get to accompany Michael around the world, right from the 1960s - and the reader truly feels they are alongside him.

The book is a subtle history, citizenship, geography and art lesson for children (and adults) all rolled into one wonderful book - and the illustrations are beautiful, of course.

Readers can dip in and out of Travels With My Sketchbook, or read it greedily in go. Either way, it will be inspirational to any child interested in drawing and the world. Ultimately, Michael's message is how much the people of the world have in common: the love of family and the bond between parent and child being two universal themes.

A book for expanding boundaries: 'Hopefully, children the world over, will feel no horizon is too far.'

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