Publisher: Nosy Crow

Sarah is not impressed when her mum buys her a state-of-the-art android best friend called Ivy - she'd rather have a dog.

Soon, though, she realises that taking Ivy to Bring Your Tech to School Day could really impress her classmates (and there are other upsides, too, like getting Ivy to tidy her room...)

But worrying reports soon start emerging from the TrooFriend factory that the androids might actually have feelings - and if Ivy is just a robot, then why is she scared of the dark, and why does she want to take some of Sarah's things for herself?

Told from Ivy's point of view, Troofriend is an original and fascinating exploration of artificial intelligence that feels all too relevant - it's easy to imagine TrooFriends being produced in the near future.

The novel manages to tackle tricky moral questions about human (and android) rights and what actually makes us human, but wears them lightly, weaving in highly relatable themes of friendship and fitting in at school.

Written in an entertaining, quirky and accessible way, Troofriend is a thought-provoking story that will have you hooked.

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