The Falconer

Publisher: Gollancz

Aileana Kameron is destined for a life of civility, of tea parties, dances and husband-hunting: then a faerie brutally rips out her mother's heart. Seeking revenge, she begins an undercover life hunting and killing faerie, tutored by charismatic, dangerous Kiaran MacKay.

Then Aileana discovers she's a Falconer, possessing the rare ability to kill faeries. Protecting Edinburgh from a horde of otherworldly beings intent on slaughter is a weakening seal; Aileana's destiny is to repair it. But should she trust the mercurial Kiaran to stand by her - or her childhood sweetheart, Gavin….

Eighteenth century Edinburgh and a dark faerie underworld collide in this fast-moving, gripping Steampunk fantasy romance, and Aileana's gutsy, characterful narrating voice controls both tone and pace - up until a somewhat abrupt cliff-hanger ending.

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