The Broken Leg of Doom

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Maisie's broken her leg doing some extreme dancing, and she's been taken to hospital! That would be bad enough, but there are some very strange things happening on the ward...

Who stole Maisie's humpback whale toy Francisco? Why did the sprinklers get set off? And why is there a mysterious figure walking around covered in bandages? Could it be a mummy?!

Maisie's fellow patient has an idea - Seb's been on Ward 13 for a while, and he's pretty sure there's a curse. What's more, it's got into Maisie's cast! Will Maisie and her friends be able to break the curse and vanquish the hospital's marauding mummy?

Told from the viewpoint of Maisie's friend Izzy, The Broken Leg of Doom is a fast-paced, hilarious tale of ghostly messages written on casts, spooky medical libraries and cursed tuna sandwiches.

Pamela Butchart expertly bottles the wild imagination of a group of children, making this a laugh-out-loud riot that will have the whole family giggling.

While The Broken Leg of Doom is the tenth instalment of the Baby Aliens series, it could easily be read as a standalone story - though it's so much fun that young readers will undoubtedly be seeking out the others afterwards.

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