Tanglewood Animal Park: Baby Zebra Rescue

Publisher: Usborne

Zoe Fox was so excited to be moving into her very own zoo. There was lots to be done before Tanglewood Animal Park had its grand re-opening, and she wanted to help out wherever she could, especially if it involved ring-tailed lemurs - her favourite animal.

But the zoo vet's son, Oliver, was determined to make things difficult. He blamed her when Fluff the guinea pig broke its leg, and he convinced little Rory there were ghosts in the walls. It's the final straw when Flash the baby zebra goes missing on the morning of the opening - Oliver tells everyone it is Zoe's fault. Can she find Flash in time and prove that she cares just as much about the zoo as he does?

An exciting animal adventure with lots of interesting facts - perfect for animal lovers, everywhere.

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