The Chicken Nugget Ambush

Publisher: Piccadilly Press

Roman has a lot of misadventures, and his latest escapade has resulted in a complete doughnut ban, which is Roman's favourite food. Instead he is on a strict chicken nugget-only diet, imposed by his well-meaning but over-protective mum.

When it is time for the school tour to a wilderness camp, not only does Roman have to contend with endless nuggets, he also has to survive his new friendship with the completely unhinged Darren Gamble, the impossibility of getting to know cool-girl Vanya and having to share a tent with Kevin 'The Pukelear Missile' for three full days.

The hapless Roman never seems to catch a break - whether it's because he is being bullied by the mean girl in class or dragged into dangerous situations by his 'best friend'. This book is a non-stop comical disaster ride. Ideal for kids who find bodily functions, scabs, bogeys and toilet humour hilarious.

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