The Boy Who Lost His Bumble

Publisher: Child's Play

A little boy loves everything in his garden, but nothing more so than the bees. He spends endless sunny days watching their busy-buzzy comings and goings and recording their different personalities in his diary.

Then one day, the rain comes. The bees are no longer anywhere to be seen. Then the weather turns icy-cold and it even snows. He really feels like he's lost his bumble. Will his bees ever return?

This delightful and gently engaging picture book tells a simple story, reminding children of the joy of nature and the cyclical quality of life. There are plenty of opportunities for deeper discussions too, around our feelings and how they can change. Happiness can sometimes come and go like the bees, and sometimes we all find we need a bit of time to retrieve our bumble!

At the end of the story, the book offers some valuable additional information about bees, the dangers they face and how we humans can help.

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