The Collector

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Publisher: Scholastic

There are three rules at Grandma Jeannie’s house: never leave the windows open; no dolls in the house; and never, ever go into the woods.

Josie’s grandma has always been a little quirky, with her warnings about monsters and the house in the woods, but now that Josie, her mum and her sister Anna have moved there permanently she seems even more paranoid. Josie’s mostly worried about fitting in and making friends at her new school, but when students start to go missing, she can’t help wondering what it is exactly that her grandma is so afraid of. Then, when the coolest girl in class invites Josie home for tea, she finds herself at the house her grandma’s been warning her about – the house that’s been showing up in her nightmares…

Uprooted from the city to a small town that doesn’t understand her, Josie must navigate family and friendship, whispering woods and the town’s deepest secrets. Ideal for readers in year 7 or 8 who enjoy tales about things that go bump in the night, it’s the kind of story that creeps up and jumps out at you from behind a closed door. Read on if you dare!

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