The Snow Goose

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Publisher: Random House Childrens Books

A lonely artist sets up home in an isolated lighthouse with only seabirds, boating and painting for distraction. Gradually he builds up a sanctuary where wild birds are safe from storms and hunters.

Philip Rhayader’s life changes when Fritha brings him a wounded snow goose. When the bird migrates to Canada, Fritha stops coming.

When the goose returns, her visits recommence. In May 1940, Fritha, now a young woman, finds Rhayader preparing to sail to Dunkirk to help rescue the army, trapped on the beach.

After weeks of doubt, she realises she loves him. The snow goose follows the boat to France, but tragically only the bird returns.

Hauntingly atmospheric illustrations accompany this inspiring tale of doomed love and bravery.

The book is over 60 years old and the terminology reflects this, for example its use of the terms 'cripple' and 'hunchback'.

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