The Enchanted Horse

Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books

Irina's parents can't understand why she'd want a moth-eaten old rocking horse for her Christmas present. But when Irina sees the sad old toy lying in the window of a junk shop, she's determined to rescue it.

The old man in the shop tells Irina a story of a beautiful horse named Bella and insists that she take the wooden horse home. Irina's Bella comes to life and they have magical rides together in the dead of night, but the old man warns her - a horse cannot be owned. The day will come when she must join the herd of wild horses that race across the horizon.

The old man's words come true - but it doesn't mean the end of things for Irina and Bella.

A gentle story of magic and love is repackaged in this pretty gift edition, which is perfect for Christmas. Irina's story will please young fans of Michael Morpurgo and recalls the wonder of the Christmas classic, The Snowman.
It has a traditional feel and a timeless quality that could make it a future family favourite. The sparkly cover is also bound to make little book lovers smile.

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