Tally & Squill: in a sticky situation

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Publisher: Little Brown

Tally can barely remember her mother. Since Mrs Sneed found her crying on the edge of a cliff more than eight years ago when she was only two, she has lived at Mollett Manor, where she works as a maid.

No-one else Tally's age works at the manor, so she befriends a cheeky red squirrel she calls Squill. When burglars steal some of Lord Mollett's most treasured possessions, and leave few clues behind, Tally and Squill must use all their ingenuity - and the secrets hidden in the manor for generations - to catch the thieves.

In this magical adventure story, a feisty heroine refuses to have her destiny decided by her humble circumstances. Tally is an engaging character who is brave, intelligent and determined to succeed.

Pen-and-ink illustrations complement the text in this first 'chapters' book, ideal for newly independent readers.

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