The Abominators

Publisher: Atom

It’s Cecil Trumpington-Potts first day in Year 4 at Grimely East Primary School. In fact, it’s his first day ever at school. That’s because Cecil’s eccentric father has lost the family fortune so Cecil’s tutor has to go.

Cecil decides that the four naughtiest children in Year 4 look jolly good fun and he asks to join their gang, The Abominators – but Boogster, Mucker, Cheesy and a girl called Bob don’t like the look of Cecil. When they hear about his shorty-worts and his panty-wanty-woos they decide to set him three impossible initiation challenges.

In this, the hilarious first book in a series, young readers are sure to be entertained by Cecil and his unlikely friends. But as well as plenty of fun, this book also offers an important lesson about the dangers of preconceptions, and not judging a book by its cover.

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