The Bird Singers

Publisher: Hachette

Layah and her little sister Izzie aren’t best impressed when their Mum moves them to a lonely cottage in the countryside – without inviting their Dad. Things go from bad to worse when they meet Henry, Mum’s snooty friend from school and his rich son James, both of whom seem hellbent on making the sisters’ lives miserable.

But Layah and Izzie don’t have long to sulk. Strange happenings are going on in the sleepy village of Lowesdale – spooky figures in the garden, black feathers appearing from nowhere, the whispered rumours of a folktale come to life in the forest.
As they begin to investigate, Layah and Izzie find fairy tales from their babcia – or grandmother – beginning to intertwine with the mysteries of the village. Perhaps their childhood stories aren’t just stories after all…

This irresistible, spellbinding tale is full of supernatural twists and turns, ideal for confident readers looking for a juicy mystery. At its heart, this is a story about the power of sisterhood and family and the lengths we are willing to go to in order to protect the ones we love.

There are some quite frightening descriptions of monsters and mentions of death which could upset some more sensitive readers.

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