The Edge Chronicles: Doombringer

Publisher: Corgi

Having fled his murderous enemies in Great Glade, Cade Quarter has started a new life in the wilds of Farrow Ridges. But when the peace and serenity is disturbed by the arrival of unwanted mire-pearlers, Cade and his friends are forced into action to defend their beloved home. With the arrival of the terrifying skyship Doombringer, they must summon the combined forces of the Deadwoods to repel the force of their enemies.

Doombringer is the second book in The Cade Saga, part of Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell's hugely popular Edge Chronicles. It revisits Cade Quarter and his growing band of friends: Tug, the nameless one; Rumblix the prowlgrin; and the beautiful Celestia. Their fabulous adventures are breathlessly told, with a pace and energy that is infectious. Riddell's beautiful hand-drawn illustrations will help draw readers in to the wonderful weirdness of this fantasy world.

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