The Edge Chronicles: Stormchaser

Publisher: Corgi

The second instalment in the bestselling Twig Saga, Stormchaser continues to explore the young hero of the saga,Twig, who finally gets to fulfil his dream of exploring the skies of the Edge on the sky ship the Stormchaser.  However, the ship's quest is a perilous one which will test its crew to the limit - as they attempt to collect stormphrax - a valuable and magical ingredient which is produced inside the heart of a Great Storm, in order to save the floating city of Sanctaphrax from drifting away in the open sky when the chains attaching it to the Edge fail.

Paul Stewart's imaginative and original setting of the Edge is brought to life with lively illustrations by Chris Riddell, and packed with vivid and sometimes gruesome action which will keep readers of all ages captivated. Unusually for a children's story, there are also surprising moments of emotion at times, found in relationships such as between Twig and his sky pirate father, Cloud Wolf. Twig is a likeable protagonist who grows and develops throughout the story.  We also meet new and memorable characters during his adventure, with strong characterisation throughout. Stewart also writes with a strong focus on descriptions, and overall this enchanting tale will leave readers eagerly anticipating the concluding tale in the trilogy.

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