Publisher: Chronicle Books

A young girl plays contentedly with her toys, imagining they live happily in a crystal castle on a hill. Suddenly, in bursts her boisterous friend, who disrupts the game when he introduces a fire-breathing dragon that scares the toys and wrecks the castle.

The girl calmly changes the beast into a kind dragon with her magic wand and they fly off into the sunset. But then, the boy becomes a pirate and takes the girl prisoner…

And so it goes on, until eventually, the children go their separate ways to play their own games by themselves. They soon realise, however, that playing with a friend is much more enjoyable than playing alone, even if it does involve compromise.

This humorous picture book about imaginative play, collaboration and friendship will resonate with any child who may find it challenging to accommodate a friend or sibling’s ideas into their own carefully devised game. It demonstrates that – with a little give and take – a game shared can be double the fun.

A different typeface is used for each character, making it easy to identify their voices. The energetic illustrations in warm, earthy tones perfectly reflect the chaos of children at play.

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