The Accidental Secret Agent

(3 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Kevin's just your everyday 13-year-old, obsessed with phones and becoming a secret agent. And then he meets Jake Pond, 006 and a half, who not only looks exactly like Kevin, but needs a break from MI7. There's only one obvious choice for them: to swap lives for a few weeks.

But they don't expect MI7 to put Kevin on a dangerous case to stop an evil supervillain. Soon enough, Kevin finds himself in over his head, and working with his horrible big sister Elle to save the world.

There's a laugh on every page from the mishaps and mixups in this book. Kevin is like a teenage Johnny English; despite his confidence, his plans never work out how he expects them - and 006 and a half isn't quite as convincing as he thinks.

The only reason readers will put down this book is because they're laughing too much to hold onto it.

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