The Boy With Two Heads

Publisher: David Fickling

Richard Westlake is an altogether ordinary boy, until his beloved Grandad dies, bequeathing Richard his pilot's insignia and much unspoken grief. Then - inexplicably - Richard develops another head. This is Rikki, who's everything Richard isn't - insolent, rude, abusive, vindictive, alienating and upsetting to all Richard's friends. 

Crisis point arrives when Kidspeak, a TV debating show visits school: Rikki delivers a dark, excoriatingly honest speech. Instead of going to Wales on Adventure Camp, Richard/Rikki are despatched to sinister Dr Warren for 'treatment', but what exactly does this entail?

An unusual blend of fantasy, horror, comedy, school story and thriller, this is a complex and absorbing novel with vivid characters. Using its extraordinary premise to explore bereavement, friendship, fear, and the relationship between parents and children, it is both intriguing and addictive.

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