The 5th Wave

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Publisher: Penguin Children's Books

A few months ago Cassie's biggest problems were that she loved a boy who didn't know she was alive, and that she didn't like her hair. Now she is alone, fighting for survival in a world ravaged by an alien invasion. It came in stages; the first took out all the power, the second created the biggest tidal wave ever seen, the third was a horrific plague that wiped out four billion and in the fourth wave it became clear that not all of the survivors were actually human. As Cassie desperately searches for her younger brother, not knowing who she can trust, she crosses paths with Evan, a charming and enigmatic stranger. Uncertain if she should continue alone or accept the assistance from the mysterious boy she soon realises time is running out, because the fifth wave has already begun…

Set in the not-too-distant future, this fast-paced, gripping novel is filled with larger-than-life characters, each on a mission of their own. Cassie is a headstrong protagonist whose moments of self doubt make her endearing and believable. Thought-provoking as well as breathlessly exciting, this is the first of a trilogy, which is just as well, as young readers are certain to be hooked.

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