The Dress and the Girl

Publisher: Abrams

On a picturesque Greek island in a bygone era, a mother makes her daughter a dress, which she wears constantly. The girl and the dress do everything together: they go to school, play tag, sail on boats and gaze at the stars, but life is ordinary and they long for something sensational to occur.

When the family emigrates to America, the girl and the dress travel eagerly to their new life. Alas, on arrival, the girl is separated from the trunk that contains her beloved dress.

Although it waits patiently, nobody collects the lost luggage, so the dress embarks on an epic around-the-world journey to look for the girl. Meanwhile, the girl grows up and has a daughter of her own. After years of fruitless searching, the dress gives up hope, and ends up in a second-hand shop window, where finally, something truly remarkable happens.

This poetic tale of love, loss, the passing of time and the power of memory is enhanced by exquisite illustrations in deep, rich tones. A sophisticated picture book, which beautifully demonstrates the capacity of treasured objects to evoke powerful emotions.

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